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Jumlah kamar: 101

Lokasi hotel:

Atraksi utama:
(0.20 km)

  • Check-in:14:00
  • Check-out:12:00
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  • Pendingin udaraAC
  • Akses kursi roda
    Fasilitas orangsulit gerak
    Kamar orang sulit gerak: 7
  • 100% hotel bebas rokok
  • Pusat bisnis swalayan


74 Miller Street
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GPS: N 55° 51' 34.03'' W 4° 15' 1.67''

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Peta akses
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Temukan hotel ibis Styles Glasgow Centre George Square

Mr Rory MACALEECE, manajer ibis Styles Glasgow Centre George Square hotel, akan menyambut Anda.

Welcome to ibis Styles Glasgow Centre George Square. We're ideally located at the heart of Glasgow city centre. Just a short walk away from iconic attractions such as Buchanan Galleries, The Glasgow Concert Hall and the Hydro Arena or head to the merchant city for some arts and culture. Wake up next to the infamous Duke of Wellington in his traffic cone hat and enjoy all the city has to offer. Kick back in the bar with a variety of beers, wines and spirits before an epic Glaswegian night out.

Disain hotel ibis Styles Glasgow Centre George Square

A delicate rose with big banana feet

    ibis Styles Glasgow is wholly inspired by the beating heart of Glasgow itself - its landmarks, its culture and its people. Celebrating the city's proud past, current coups and future feats, emblems of Glasgow adorn the hotel transporting you on a whistle-stop tour of the cultural milestones that have helped shape this 'dear green place'. From the grit of the Clydeside shipyards and the creative genius of Glasgow's most famous sons to the hilarious traits of "The Big Yin" himself, Billy Connolly, it really couldn't be easier to get your big banana feet in the door of this stylish hotel in the heart of the Merchant City.


    A city where visitors are welcomed with a warm hug, a wee dram and a supply of banter that will keep them on their toes, Glasgow's sense of humour seeps into the walls and fabrics of the hotel. In fact, if you look carefully, you'll spot more than a few wry icons of the city surrounding your stay - from the Duke of Wellington statue sporting the obligatory traffic cone atop his head, to local hero Billy Connolly's outrageous big banana boots and killer one liners. Add to that several definite nods to Glasgow's proud industrial past - from the cranes that still stand sentinel over the city to the rivets, timber and steel of the shipyards.


    Style meets substance, with bold design features and subtle touches combining to echo the city's own intricacies. The carpet detail comes alive with quotations from the local shipyard workers and each floor has a colour theme that is reflected throughout every bedroom. Stencilled crane illustrations feature on the bathroom mirrors and on the bedroom walls giving the impression the TVs are suspended from a height. Digital print headboards featuring iconic images of the city frame the entire room and traffic cone lights ensure one night's stay in this hotel will make you feel as if you have soaked in Glasgow's many highlights.


    Visitors to Scotland's largest city could have no better introduction to Glasgow than ibis Styles. It has pulled out all the stops to transport Glasgow into the hotel itself, making it the perfect partner for your journey. World renowned Glaswegian architect, designer and artist Charles Rennie Mackintosh's beloved rose emblems weave their way through the carpets, while his unmistakable lines and angles seep into side tables, reminding guests of the artistic flair that lights up Glasgow. Kick back, relax and enjoy the fun filled personality that radiates from this dynamic, Glasgow-inspired hotel, after a day of exploring the great city itself.


ibis Styles Glasgow Centre George SquarePeta lokasi dan akses

The hotel is ideally located in the city centre a 10 minute walk from Glasgow Central Station and within 5 minutes of Argyle Street Station. The hotel is 10 miles from the main Glasgow Airport.

Jarak dari hotel ke pusat kota:GLASGOW (0.60 km)
GPS: N 55° 51' 34.03'' W 4° 15' 1.67'' Lokasi hotel
    • Stasiun Kereta
    • ARGYLE STREET (0.10 km / 0.06 mi)

    • GLASGOW CENTRAL (1.00 km / 0.62 mi)

    • GLASGOW QUEENS ST (0.20 km / 0.12 mi)

    • GLASGOW CENTRAL (0.80 km / 0.50 mi)

    • Bandara
    • GLASGOW AIRPORT (16.09 km / 10.00 mi)

    • GLASGOW INT APORT (14.48 km / 9.00 mi)

Transportasi Publik
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Kamar hotel ibis Styles Glasgow Centre George Square

  • Jumlah kamar: 101
  • Jumlah kamar untuk orang dengan mobilitas yang kurang: 7
  • 100% hotel bebas rokok

Warm, welcoming and modern, with a comfortable bed and a practical bathroom, our rooms offer everything you need for a great stay.

Daftar kamar

    The Queen

    A double room with, funnily enough, a queen size double-bed. Ideal for cosying up to the one you love, someone you quite like, or spreading out by yourself. A comfortable bed, a practical bathroom, a flatscreen TV and complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi.

    The Duet

    Two single beds. For when your travelling companion isn't quite you're companion. A comfortable bed, a practical bathroom, a flatscreen TV and complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi.

Fitting Kamar

  • AC
  • AC
  • 220/240 V AC
  • Telepon
  • Cermin seluruh tubuh
  • Alarm bangun operator
  • Alarm bangun otomatis
  • Outlet RJ 45
  • Fasilitas penyeduh kopi/teh

Fitting Kamar Mandi

  • Pancuran

Layanan & aktivitas di ibis Styles Glasgow Centre George Square

  • Akses kursi roda
    Fasilitas orangsulit gerak
    Kamar orang sulit gerak: 7
  • Pusat bisnis swalayan
  • Sarapan pagiBreakfast 2
  • Pendingin udaraAC
  • 100% hotel bebas rokok

Fasilitas untuk penyandang cacat

  • Akses kursi roda
  • Fasilitas orangsulit gerak
  • Kamar orang sulit gerak: 7

Info dan layanan bisnis

  • Layanan bisnis di hotel
  • Koneksi internet
  • Brankas resepsionis

Berbelanja dan layanan

  • Layanan lain

Fitur keamanan

  • Alarm asap suara
  • Alarm asap di kamar
Sarapan pagi >Katering >

Sarapan ibis Styles Glasgow Centre George Square hotel


Hearty continental spreads with a twist: perk yourself up with endless tea and coffee, sink your teeth into buttery croissants and go nuts on the muesli. It's all unlimited and the cost is included in your room rate

Katering dari ibis Styles Glasgow Centre George Square hotel


  • Pendingin udaraPendingin udara
  • Area bebas rokokArea bebas rokok

Jenis kuliner : Internasional

Jam buka : 18:00 - 22:00

Hari beroperasiSeninSelasaRabuKamisJumatSabtuMinggu
Makan siangtutuptutuptutuptutuptutuptutuptutup
Makan malambukabukabukabukabukabukabuka


Jenis kuliner : Gaya masakan lain

Jam buka : 07:00-10:00 / 18:00-22:00

Hari beroperasiSeninSelasaRabuKamisJumatSabtuMinggu
Makan siangbukabukabukabukabukabukabuka
Makan malambukabukabukabukabukabukabuka
The ibis Styles Glasgow Restuarant is a nice and cosy place in which to relax, while enjoying a coffee, snacks or meals in the evening.


Jam buka : 12:00-23:59

Hari beroperasiSeninSelasaRabuKamisJumatSabtuMinggu
Tengah haribukabukabukabukabukabukabuka
Info turis >
Cuaca di GLASGOW
image meteonews

Info turis di ibis Styles Glasgow Centre George Square

  • Atraksi utama
  • GEORGE SQUARE (0.20 km)
  • Jarak dari hotel ke pusat kota
  • GLASGOW (0.60 km)
  • Jarak dari hotel ke stasiun kereta
  • ARGYLE STREET (0.10 km)
  • GLASGOW QUEENS ST (0.20 km)
  • GLASGOW CENTRAL (1.00 km)
  • Jarak dari hotel ke bandara
  • GLASGOW AIRPORT (16.09 km)

Sejarah dan warisan nasional

    • Museum
    • GALLERY MODERN ART (1.29 km / 0.80 mi)
    • TALL SHIP RIVERSIDE (3.22 km / 2.00 mi)

Budaya dan teater

    • Gedung pertunjukan
    • GLASGOW CONC HALL (0.16 km / 0.10 mi)
    • HYDRO ARENA (1.61 km / 1.00 mi)
    • Seni dan Budaya
    • MERCHANT CITY (1.61 km / 1.00 mi)

Taman dan Waktu Luang

    • Mal dan Pusat Perbelanjaan
    • BUCHANAN GALLERIES (0.97 km / 0.60 mi)


    • Pusat olahraga
    • SIR CHRIS HOY VELO (3.22 km / 2.00 mi)
    • Stadion
    • HAMPDEN PARK STAD (4.83 km / 3.00 mi)

Pengelola acara dan pusat kegiatan terdekat

    • Perusahaan
    • CITI GROUP (1.29 km / 0.80 mi)
    • DELL GROUP (3.22 km / 2.00 mi)
    • ERNST YOUNG (1.29 km / 0.80 mi)
    • GLAXO SMITHKINE (4.83 km / 3.00 mi)
    • HONEYWELL MWELL (20.92 km / 13.00 mi)
    • HP ERSKINE (22.53 km / 14.00 mi)
    • IBM GRN PROJ (45.06 km / 28.00 mi)
    • JP MORGAN CHASE (1.61 km / 1.00 mi)
    • MARSH MCLENNAN (1.29 km / 0.80 mi)
    • PFIZER (1.61 km / 1.00 mi)
    • PWC (1.61 km / 1.00 mi)
    • ROYAL DUTCH SHELL (1.61 km / 1.00 mi)
    • RSA (1.61 km / 1.00 mi)
    • SPX (9.66 km / 6.00 mi)
    • THE ACE GROUP (1.61 km / 1.00 mi)

Di area sekitar

    • Kawasan restoran dan kafe
    • PRINCES SQUARE (1.29 km / 0.80 mi)


    • Gedung pertunjukan
    • GLASGOW CONC HALL (0.16 km / 0.10 mi)
    • HYDRO ARENA (1.61 km / 1.00 mi)
    • Mal dan Pusat Perbelanjaan
    • BUCHANAN GALLERIES (0.97 km / 0.60 mi)

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