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Klasifikasi hotel :

Jumlah kamar: 42

Lokasi hotel:

Atraksi utama:
(3.85 km)

  • Check-in:12:00
  • Check-out:12:00
(kecuali jika ketentuan khusus lainnya berlaku)
  • Peserta

    Hotel ini berpartisipasi pada program Le Club AccorHotels.Nikmati semua manfaat yang ditawarkan untuk anggota dan miliki liburan tak terlupakan dengan Le Club AccorHotels.


  • Pembangunan BerkelanjutanPlanet 21 Perunggu
  • WIFI di hotel 3
    Wi-Fi di kamar 3
    Wi-Fi di area publik Wi-Fi di area publik 3
  • ParkirParkir luar ruangan umum 3
    Parkiran luar tertutup pribadi 3
  • Akses kursi roda
    Fasilitas orangsulit gerak
    Rooms for guests with reduced mobility - Contact the hotel: 2
  • Piaraan boleh 2
  • 100% hotel bebas rokok
  • Kolam renangKolam 2  4
  • GolfGolf 2  4
    Mini golf 2  4
  • Lapangan tenisTenis 2  4
  • Hair dryer kamar mandi
  • Check-in Online / Check-out Cepat3


28630 - LE COUDRAYPrancis
  • Telp :

  • Fax :

  • Pemesanan lewat telepon :


Informasi umum:


Bagaimana menuju hotel

GPS: N 48° 25' 37.77'' E 1° 30' 49.32''

Peta akses

Peta akses
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HotelLokasi hotel

Temukan hotel ibis Styles Chartres

Mr Georges POUSSAIN, manajer ibis Styles Chartres hotel, akan menyambut Anda.

Breakfast and WIFI are included in all prices at the ibis Styles Chartres Métropole hotel. Located in Chartres, close to the A11 highway and the main highways to Orléans and Dreux, the hotel has 42 stylish rooms including 6 interconnecting rooms, 2 family rooms and 2 disabled access rooms. The hotel also has a free enclosed car park and a restaurant. The cathedral, Cosmetic Valley, the exhibition center and the Odyssée pool complex are 5 minutes away by car.

Disain hotel ibis Styles Chartres

A Trip to New York!

    The banks of the Eure River. A magnificent cathedral. This is... Chartres the Charming. Located on near the A11 motorway, close to the highways leading to Orléans and Dreux: Hotel Ibis Styles. And from here, you travel to yet another realm. Brick walls, industrial styling... welcome to a New York state of mind. You are transported!


    In the original hotel? Wood everywhere. Ski chalet ambiance. Rustic, yes, but top-quality materials. Folding the old into the new...that's what the designer was aiming for. Drawing inspiration from the source, the décor now has a new outlook: raw materials, neutral tones... welcome to the artist's studio! In this New York-style loft, you'll make the most of your stay.


    Goodbye partitions, hello open space! Generous volumes, large rooms...like an artist's loft. As for the décor: fifties-style armchairs and sofas, a mix of wood and metal... it's all there. You let yourself get swept away. Hungry? Head for the restaurant. Dig in and enjoy the rock n' roll atmosphere: a map of New York City, industrial hanging lamps...very arty! Now, time to top things off with a cocktail. Make a beeline for the bar. In the soft glow of old neon signs, head-to-head with the Statue of Liberty, you make a toast. New York may be the city that never sleeps, but you do! Tucked into a big, comfy bed, the evening reaches its end.


    A welcoming staff. A stylish setting. After a day of visiting the town, or on a business stopover, a welcome break. A night in New York at the gates of Chartres...Frankly, what could be better?


ibis Styles ChartresPeta lokasi dan akses

From Paris by highway, take exit no. 2 heading toward Dreux then turn right at the 2nd roundabout. From Mans by highway, take exit no. 3 toward Chartres, on the bypass turn right heading to Paris then left at the 1st roundabout. From Orléans (RN 154), at the roundabout opposite. From Dreux, heading toward Paris, turn left at the roundabout on the road to Orléans (RN 154).

Jarak dari hotel ke pusat kota:LE COUDRAY (2.00 km)
GPS: N 48° 25' 37.77'' E 1° 30' 49.32'' Lokasi hotel
    • Stasiun Kereta
    • CHARTRES (4.00 km / 2.49 mi)

    • Bandara
    • PARIS ORLY (70.00 km / 43.50 mi)

    • Parkir
    • Parkir luar ruangan umum
    • Parkiran luar tertutup pribadi
Transportasi Publik
Kamar >Layanan >

Kamar hotel ibis Styles Chartres

  • Jumlah kamar: 42
  • Jumlah kamar untuk orang dengan mobilitas yang kurang: 2
  • 100% hotel bebas rokok
  • Total jumlah suite: 2

Warm, welcoming and modern, with a comfortable bed and a practical bathroom, our rooms offer everything you need for an enjoyable stay.

Daftar kamar

    Standard Room with two single beds

    Twin beds (90 cm wide) with microfiber pillows, a soft duvet, a mattress topper (7 cm thick) for extra comfort, 26" LCD television, free unlimited WIFI access, air conditioning and a hairdryer

    Standard Room with 1 double bed

    1 double bed measuring 63" (160 cm) wide, microfiber pillows, soft duvet, a 3" (7 cm) thick mattress topper for greater comfort, 26" LCD television, free unlimited WIFI, air conditioning

    Standard family suite with 1 double bed and 1 sofa for 2

    Room for up to 2 adults and 2 children with microfiber pillows, soft duvets, mattress toppers (3" [7 cm] thick) for greater comfort, 26" LCD television, free unlimited WIFI, air conditioning and hairdryer

    Multi-room offer: 2 rooms close together

    Together is better! When travelling with friends or family, get a preferential rate when you book 2 rooms: with the multi-room offer enjoy up to 50% off the second room. Connecting rooms or rooms opposite one another subject to availability at the hotel.

Fitting Kamar

  • AC
  • 220/240 V AC
  • Telepon
  • Wi-Fi di kamar
  • Cermin seluruh tubuh
  • Alarm bangun operator
  • Lini transmisi sangat cepat
  • Outlet RJ 11
  • Outlet RJ 45
  • Internet sangat cepat di kamar

Fitting Kamar Mandi

  • Pancuran
  • Hair dryer kamar mandi
  • Hair dryer resepsionis

Layanan & aktivitas di ibis Styles Chartres

  • WIFI di hotel 3
    Wi-Fi di kamar 3
    Wi-Fi di area publik Wi-Fi di area publik 3
  • Kolam renangKolam 2  4
  • Akses kursi roda
    Fasilitas orangsulit gerak
    Rooms for guests with reduced mobility - Contact the hotel: 2
  • Binatang peliharaan dibolehkanPiaraan boleh 2
  • ParkirParkir luar ruangan umum 3
    Parkiran luar tertutup pribadi 3
  • Sarapan pagiBreakfast included in the price 2
  • 100% hotel bebas rokok
  • Check-in Online / Check-out Cepat3


  • Parkir luar ruangan umum 3
  • Parkiran luar tertutup pribadi 3

Fasilitas untuk penyandang cacat

  • Akses kursi roda
  • Fasilitas orangsulit gerak
  • Rooms for guests with reduced mobility - Contact the hotel: 2

Fasilitas olahraga

  • Kolam renang
  • Kolam 2  4
  • Kesehatan
  • Pusat kebugaran  4
  • Golf
  • Golf 2  4
  • Mini golf 2  4
  • Lapangan tenis
  • Tenis 2  4
  • Kegiatan olahraga lain
  • Perahu pedal 2  4


  • Pusat kebugaran  4

Info dan layanan bisnis

  • Akses multimedia
  • WIFI di hotel 3
  • Wi-Fi di kamar 3
  • Wi-Fi di area publik Wi-Fi di area publik 3
  • Layanan bisnis di hotel
  • Internet sangat cepat
  • Mesin faks
  • Koneksi internet
  • Brankas resepsionis

Berbelanja dan layanan

  • Layanan lain

Fitur keamanan

  • Alarm asap suara
  • Alarm asap di kamar


  • Fitness center
  • Pusat kebugaran  4
  • Jacuzzi 2  4
  • Solarium 2  4
Sarapan pagi >Katering >

Sarapan ibis Styles Chartres hotel

Breakfast included in the price

Breakfast included in the price

Katering dari ibis Styles Chartres hotel


  • TerasTeras
  • Binatang peliharaan dibolehkanBinatang peliharaan dibolehkan
  • Area bebas rokokArea bebas rokok

Jenis kuliner : Prancis

Jam buka : 12:00-14:00/19:00-21:30

Hari beroperasiSeninSelasaRabuKamisJumatSabtuMinggu
Makan siangbukabukabukabukabukatutuptutup
Makan malambukabukabukabukatutuptutuptutup
Our restaurant offers buffet-style or set menu lunches and dinners.


  • Binatang peliharaan dibolehkanBinatang peliharaan dibolehkan

Jam buka : 24 / 24 hrs

Hari beroperasiSeninSelasaRabuKamisJumatSabtuMinggu
Tengah haribukabukabukabukabukabukabuka
Info turis >
Cuaca di Le Coudray
image meteonews

Info turis di ibis Styles Chartres

  • Atraksi utama
  • CATHEDRALE (3.85 km)
  • Jarak dari hotel ke pusat kota
  • LE COUDRAY (2.00 km)
  • Jarak dari hotel ke stasiun kereta
  • CHARTRES (4.00 km)
  • Jarak dari hotel ke bandara
  • PARIS ORLY (70.00 km)

Sejarah dan warisan nasional

    • Monumen bersejarah
    • CATHEDRALE (4.00 km / 2.49 mi)

Budaya dan teater

    • Daerah bioskop
    • ENFANTS DU PARADIS (4.00 km / 2.49 mi)
    • Kawasan hiburan/teater
    • THEATRE DE CHARTRES (4.00 km / 2.49 mi)


    • Lapangan golf
    • MAINTENON (20.00 km / 12.43 mi)

Pengelola acara dan pusat kegiatan terdekat

    • Perusahaan
    • AG2R (2.00 km / 1.24 mi)
    • AGRAM (2.50 km / 1.55 mi)
    • CINQ SUR CINQ (3.00 km / 1.86 mi)
    • EVERIAL (3.00 km / 1.86 mi)
    • GUERLAIN (1.50 km / 0.93 mi)
    • LEGENDRE (2.50 km / 1.55 mi)
    • LORILLARD (2.00 km / 1.24 mi)
    • MAFLOW (2.00 km / 1.24 mi)
    • MMA (3.00 km / 1.86 mi)
    • NOVO NORDISH (1.50 km / 0.93 mi)
    • PACO RABANNE (1.50 km / 0.93 mi)
    • RECKITT BENCKISER (2.50 km / 1.55 mi)

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