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Klasifikasi hotel :

Jumlah kamar: 112

Lokasi hotel:

Atraksi utama:
(48.28 km)

  • Check-in:14:00
  • Check-out:12:00
(kecuali jika ketentuan khusus lainnya berlaku)
  • Peserta

    Hotel ini berpartisipasi pada program Le Club AccorHotels.Nikmati semua manfaat yang ditawarkan untuk anggota dan miliki liburan tak terlupakan dengan Le Club AccorHotels.


  • WIFI di hotel 3
    Wi-Fi di kamar 3
    Akses WIFI 3
    Wi-Fi di area publik Wi-Fi di area publik 3
  • ParkirParkir pribadi luar 3
    Parkiran bus/bus wisata 3
    Parkir luar ruangan umum 2
  • Akses kursi roda
    Fasilitas orangsulit gerak
    Kamar orang sulit gerak: 3
  • Piaraan boleh 2
  • 100% hotel bebas rokok
  • Pusat bisnis swalayan
  • Pertemuan:6
  • Antar-jemput bandara2


Emperor Way
Crewe Business Park
  • Telp :

  • Fax :


Informasi umum:


Bagaimana menuju hotel

GPS: N 53° 5' 31.67'' W 2° 25' 6.97''

Peta akses

Peta akses
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HotelLokasi hotel

Temukan hotel ibis Styles Crewe

Mr David TUCKER, manajer ibis Styles Crewe hotel, akan menyambut Anda.

Welcome to ibis Styles Crewe. For you business travellers, we have 7 conference and event rooms which are modern, engaging and inspiring. And when the serious stuff is over we have some treats for you. We're ideally located in the Crewe Business Park in Cheshire and a short trip from the Lyceum Theatre. Or why not stay in and relax in our travel inspired room, or kick back in the bar with a variety of beers, wines and spirits.

Disain hotel ibis Styles Crewe

The hotel that travels in style

    You may not be arriving by steam train or silver ghost, but a pit stop at ibis Styles Crewe lets you glimpse the golden age of travel. This hotel is a modern tribute to the classic car and vintage steam heritage of Crewe. With leather seats and a walnut dashboard inspired front desk, the only thing missing from your journey into yesteryear is a chauffeur and ticket inspector. And just like those old elegant forms of travel, everything inside the hotel is meticulously crafted to help you travel in style.


    Crewe was once a thriving centre for the transport industry. Home to the world's most revered car manufacturers: Bentley and Rolls Royce; nearby, workmen were also bolting together many of the great steam locomotives that would gently pull passengers around Great Britain. Travel on these vehicles was a treat for every sense: the smell of wood and leather; the sound of engines purring or chimney's chugging; and beautiful craftsmanship on display throughout. Our designer has brought this experience to life in the hotel, with carefully selected materials and little details waiting to be discovered.


    Art deco runs throughout the chassis of this hotel. The hotel uses a bold palette of sleek blacks and industrial greys which are combined with vivid yellow and decadent gold highlights. Fabrics are decorated with punchy patterns and geometric shapes that could once have belonged in train carriages. The lighting is a mix of old style pieces and modern angular fittings made from deco-like shapes and colours. Little details like stacks of weathered travel suitcases and bright yellow factory stools complete the look.


    Gently ease yourself into one of our big leather chesterfield sofas, grab a mint julep to sip on, and let yourself unwind. On the wall, old train carriage lights illuminate a big canvas scene from the Rolls Royce factory in the 1940s. But don't worry, no hard graft for you! Instead you can head to the bar and sit in leather seats sourced from real vintage cars. Or cruise upstairs to your room,where you'll see train murals, and a railway inspired panelled headboard. And if you've got any Railway Children with you, they can let off steam by getting onto our vintage toy cars in the kid's zone. Just like the glorious old days of golden travel, you might just find yourself stretching out your trip a little longer than expected.


ibis Styles CrewePeta lokasi dan akses

Ibis Styles Crewe is located on the front of the Crewe Business Park, Electra Way off the A534. Crewe Central Station is located just short of a mile away. Crewe, an increasingly up and coming Business & Leisure Destination, lays midway between Junctions 16 and 17 off the M6 motorway, with easy links to Manchester, Manchester Airport, Chester City Centre, Liverpool, Stoke on Trent and the Midlands.

Jarak dari hotel ke pusat kota:MANCHESTER (48.28 km)
GPS: N 53° 5' 31.67'' W 2° 25' 6.97'' Lokasi hotel
    • Stasiun Kereta
    • CREWE (1.61 km / 1.00 mi)

    • CREWE (1.61 km / 1.00 mi)

    • Bandara
    • MANCHESTER (48.28 km / 30.00 mi)

    • Parkir
    • Parkir pribadi luar
    • Parkiran bus/bus wisata
    • Parkir luar ruangan umum 2
Transportasi Publik
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Kamar hotel ibis Styles Crewe

  • Jumlah kamar: 112
  • Jumlah kamar untuk orang dengan mobilitas yang kurang: 3
  • 100% hotel bebas rokok
  • Total jumlah suite: 12

Warm, welcoming and modern, with a comfortable bed and a practical bathroom, our rooms offer everything you need for an enjoyable stay.

Daftar kamar

    The Queen

    A double room with, funnily enough, a queen size double-bed. Ideal for cosying up to the one you love, someone you quite like, or spreading out by yourself. A comfortable bed, a practical bathroom, a flatscreen TV and complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi.

    The Duet

    Two single beds. For when your travelling companion isn't quite you're companion. A comfortable bed, a practical bathroom, a flatscreen TV and complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi.

    The Family

    A double bed and a sofa bed. Who gets what is up to you! A comfortable bed, a practical bathroom, a flatscreen TV and complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi.

Fitting Kamar

  • 110/120 V AC
  • 220/240 V AC
  • Telepon
  • Wi-Fi di kamar
  • Hub Multimedia
  • Cermin seluruh tubuh
  • Alarm bangun operator
  • Fasilitas penyeduh kopi/teh
  • Internet sangat cepat di kamar

Fitting Kamar Mandi

  • Pancuran

Layanan & aktivitas di ibis Styles Crewe

  • WIFI di hotel 3
    Wi-Fi di kamar 3
    Akses WIFI 3
    Wi-Fi di area publik Wi-Fi di area publik 3
  • Akses kursi roda
    Fasilitas orangsulit gerak
    Kamar orang sulit gerak: 3
  • Binatang peliharaan dibolehkanPiaraan boleh 2
  • ParkirParkir pribadi luar 3
    Parkiran bus/bus wisata 3
    Parkir luar ruangan umum 2
  • Pusat bisnis swalayan
  • Sarapan pagiBreakfast 2
  • 100% hotel bebas rokok
  • PertemuanPertemuan:6
  • Antar-jemput bandara2


  • Parkir pribadi luar 3
  • Parkiran bus/bus wisata 3
  • Parkir luar ruangan umum 2

Fasilitas untuk penyandang cacat

  • Akses kursi roda
  • Fasilitas orangsulit gerak
  • Kamar orang sulit gerak: 3

Layanan untuk anak-anak

  • Penghangat Botol

Info dan layanan bisnis

  • Akses multimedia
  • WIFI di hotel 3
  • Wi-Fi di kamar 3
  • Akses WIFI 3
  • Wi-Fi di area publik Wi-Fi di area publik 3
  • Layanan bisnis di hotel
  • Internet sangat cepat
  • Mesin faks
  • Koneksi internet
  • Brankas resepsionis

Berbelanja dan layanan

  • Layanan lain
  • Antar-jemput bandara 2

Fitur keamanan

  • Alarm asap suara
  • Alarm asap di kamar
Sarapan pagi >Katering >

Sarapan ibis Styles Crewe hotel


Hearty continental spreads with a twist: perk yourself up with endless tea and coffee, sink your teeth into buttery croissants and go nuts on the muesli. It's all unlimited and the cost is included in your room rate

Katering dari ibis Styles Crewe hotel


  • TerasTeras
  • Pendingin udaraPendingin udara
  • Area bebas rokokArea bebas rokok

Jenis kuliner : Brasserie

Jam buka : 06:30-22:00 / 06:30-22:00

Hari beroperasiSeninSelasaRabuKamisJumatSabtuMinggu
Makan siangbukabukabukabukabukabukabuka
Makan malambukabukabukabukabukabukabuka


  • Binatang peliharaan dibolehkanBinatang peliharaan dibolehkan

Jam buka : 11:00-23:00 / 11:00-23:00

Hari beroperasiSeninSelasaRabuKamisJumatSabtuMinggu
Tengah haribukabukabukabukabukabukabuka


Jam buka : 10:00-23:00

Hari beroperasiSeninSelasaRabuKamisJumatSabtuMinggu
Tengah haribukabukabukabukabukabukabuka
Seminar dan pertemuan >

Ruang pertemuan di ibis Styles Crewe hotel

Kapasitas ruang menurut tata ruang

Nama ruangTeaterU-shapeBoardroomRuang kelasBanquetTinggiPermukaan
MEETING ROOM 180304040602.56 m102 m²
MEETING ROOM 3250121202.56 m18 m²
MEETING ROOM 41815181502.56 m24 m²
MEETING ROOM 540242527202.56 m42 m²
MEETING ROOM 64018201802.56 m36 m²
MEETING ROOM ONE/TWO120457045702.56 m90 m²

Perlengkapan tersedia berdasarkan permintaan

  • Konferensi video
  • Proyektor
  • Akses WIFI
  • Peralatan video
  • Jumlah ruang pertemuan
Info turis >
Cuaca di Crewe
image meteonews

Info turis di ibis Styles Crewe

  • Atraksi utama
  • MANCHESTER (48.28 km)
  • Jarak dari hotel ke pusat kota
  • MANCHESTER (48.28 km)
  • Jarak dari hotel ke stasiun kereta
  • CREWE (1.61 km)
  • Jarak dari hotel ke bandara
  • MANCHESTER (48.28 km)

Budaya dan teater

    • Gedung opera/simfoni/pertunjukan
    • LYCEUM THEATRE (3.22 km / 2.00 mi)

Taman dan Waktu Luang

    • Kebun binatang
    • CHESTER ZOO (40.23 km / 25.00 mi)


    • Lapangan golf
    • MALKINS BANK (6.44 km / 4.00 mi)
    • Pusat olahraga
    • BANNATYNES (1.61 km / 1.00 mi)

Pengelola acara dan pusat kegiatan terdekat

    • Rumah sakit
    • LEIGHTON HOSPITAL (3.22 km / 2.00 mi)

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