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Klasifikasi hotel :

Jumlah kamar: 57

Lokasi hotel:

Atraksi utama:
(4.20 km)

  • Check-in:14:00
  • Check-out:12:00
(kecuali jika ketentuan khusus lainnya berlaku)
  • Peserta

    Hotel ini berpartisipasi pada program Le Club AccorHotels.Nikmati semua manfaat yang ditawarkan untuk anggota dan miliki liburan tak terlupakan dengan Le Club AccorHotels.


  • WIFI di hotel 3
    Wi-Fi di kamar 3
    Akses WIFI 3
    Wi-Fi di area publik Wi-Fi di area publik 3
  • Pendingin udaraAC
  • ParkirParkir pribadi luar 3
    Parkir luar ruangan umum 3
    Parkiran luar tertutup pribadi 3
    Parkir dalam pribadi 2
    Parkiran bus/bus wisata 2
  • Akses kursi roda
    Fasilitas orangsulit gerak
    Kamar orang sulit gerak: 2
  • Piaraan boleh 2
  • 100% hotel bebas rokok
  • Pusat bisnis swalayan
  • Hair dryer kamar mandi
  • Pertemuan:4
  • Kontrol udara otomatis
  • Sweet Bed
  • Antar-jemput bandara2


Pierwszej Brygady 2A
  • Telp :

  • Fax :

Informasi umum:


Bagaimana menuju hotel

GPS: N 49° 36' 33.73'' E 20° 43' 26.16''

Peta akses

Peta akses
Hotel >Akses >
HotelLokasi hotel

Temukan hotel ibis Styles Nowy Sacz

Mr Kos KRZYSZTOF, manajer ibis Styles Nowy Sacz hotel, akan menyambut Anda.

The ibis Styles Nowy Sacz is a smart hotel combining unique design with user-friendly technology. The hotel's elegant interior recalls the alchemist Sendivogius and the history of Nowy Sacz. We offer a professional service, refined cuisine and comfortable, air-conditioned rooms. The hotel is an ideal place to hold special events, team-buildings meetings, conferences, banquets and training sessions. The hotel is ideally suited for business travelers as well as families with children and disabled guests.

The modern and stylish three-star ibis Styles Nowy Sacz features 57 rooms (3 of which are apartments), a conference center, restaurant, WIFI, satellite TV and a car park. The hotel's interior draws on the history of Nowy Sacz and the alchemist Sedziwoj.

Disain hotel ibis Styles Nowy Sacz

The Alchemist's Laboratory

    Welcome to the secret laboratory of ibis Styles Nowy Sacz hotel, where our scientists are working on a breakthrough formula to offer you an ultimate comfort. Shh, it's our secret! Join the team of researchers and test unique solutions introduced in the hotel. Discover the secrets of the famous Polish alchemist, Michal Sedziwoj, and the richness of local history and culture. An excellent location of the hotel on the crossing of transportation and tourist tracks enables you to visit health resorts, skiing slopes, and admire the beauty of Beksidy mountains. After a day full of experiments head to one of the 57 rooms to enjoy the magical Sweet Bed by ibis Styles.


    Crucial discoveries of Michal Sedziwoj, the alchemist known at the turn of the 16th and 17th centuries all over Europe, laid foundation for later discovery of oxygen and inspired us to create a unique place on the border of worlds of magic and science. At ibis Styles Nowy Sacz hotel alchemic formulas and accessories interweave with historical motifs, while the richness of colours characteristic for local culture of Lemkos brings a lively character to the interiors. Feel the inspiring power of a secret knowledge! Maybe it will be you who discovers the philosopher's stone or how to turn lead into gold.


    Flasks, test tubes, and alembic are compulsory elements in a true alchemist's laboratory, as well as in ibis Styles Nowy Sacz hotel interiors. Can you find them among the decorative details? Chemical bonds and parts of the periodic table adorn the walls. Hexagonal molecules symbolize the positive energy we distilled from the unique atmosphere of the hotel. Are you ready for experiments? Take the plunge! If you need the advice of master Sedziwoj look for him on the graphics illustrating the history of the city. To break the gloomy atmosphere of the laboratory, our interiors are teeming with colours. Maybe they will become the secret ingredient in your formula?


    Spacious interiors saturated with local tradition and enriched with a pinch of intriguing alchemy are our formula for an ultimate comfort. Joyful character of the hotel, spiced up with the secret ingredient, the happy mood of hotel staff, will provide you with new energy, while the unique atmosphere will make you come back to our hotel more than once. This is how magic works! Ibis Styles Nowy Sacz hotel will inspire you to experiment during your travels: early breakfast and a day of adventures or a long lie-in and a leisurely stroll in the city? Join the group of master Sedziwoj students and use the achievements of alchemy to develop your own recipe for a perfect journey!


ibis Styles Nowy SaczPeta lokasi dan akses

The ibis Styles hotel is situated in a quiet and peaceful neighborhood on I Brygady street in the Wojska Polskiego district of Nowy Sacz, 2.5 miles (4 km) from the city center, 10 minutes from the Nowy Sacz train and bus station, near road 75 (Nowy Sacz to Krynica). A church and gas station can be found 1.2 miles (2 km) away. Nowy Sacz is 70 miles (113 km) from Krakow and 84 miles (135 km) from Rzeszow. GPS coordinates: 49°36'33.7"N 20°43'25.8"E

Jarak dari hotel ke pusat kota:KRAKOW (150.00 km)
GPS: N 49° 36' 33.73'' E 20° 43' 26.16'' Lokasi hotel
    • Stasiun Kereta
    • NOWY SACZ (2.10 km / 1.30 mi)

    • DWORZEC KOLEJOWY (2.10 km / 1.30 mi)

    • Bandara
    • P L KRAKOW BALICE (150.00 km / 93.21 mi)

    • Parkir
    • Parkir pribadi luar
    • Parkir luar ruangan umum
    • Parkiran luar tertutup pribadi
    • Parkir dalam pribadi 2
    • Parkiran bus/bus wisata 2
Transportasi Publik
Kamar >Layanan >
new design

Kamar hotel ibis Styles Nowy Sacz

  • Jumlah kamar: 57
  • Jumlah kamar untuk orang dengan mobilitas yang kurang: 2
  • 100% hotel bebas rokok
  • Total jumlah suite: 3

Daftar kamar

    2 bed Sg Std Kamar Standar dengan 2 bed single

    Comfortable room measuring 269 sq. ft. (25 m²), ideal for business travelers. With twin beds measuring 47 x 79 inches (120 x 200 cm), desk, bathroom with shower and hair dryer, 39-inch satellite LED TV with touch panel, phone and welcome pack.

    1 bed Gd Std Kamar Standar 1 bed ganda

    Suite bed 1Db + 2Sg Std Suite Standar 1 bed ganda dan 2 single

    1 bed Sg Std Kamar Standar 1 bed single

    1 bed Kg + Sofa Sup Kamar Superior 1 bed king dan sofa

Fitting Kamar

  • AC
  • AC
  • 220/240 V AC
  • Brankas di kamar
  • Telepon
  • Wi-Fi di kamar
  • Cermin seluruh tubuh
  • Alarm bangun operator
  • Alarm bangun otomatis
  • Lini transmisi sangat cepat
  • Outlet RJ 45
  • Fasilitas penyeduh kopi/teh
  • Internet sangat cepat di kamar

Fitting Kamar Mandi

  • Pancuran
  • Bak mandi
  • Hair dryer kamar mandi

Layanan & aktivitas di ibis Styles Nowy Sacz

  • WIFI di hotel 3
    Wi-Fi di kamar 3
    Akses WIFI 3
    Wi-Fi di area publik Wi-Fi di area publik 3
  • Akses kursi roda
    Fasilitas orangsulit gerak
    Kamar orang sulit gerak: 2
  • Binatang peliharaan dibolehkanPiaraan boleh 2
  • ParkirParkir pribadi luar 3
    Parkir luar ruangan umum 3
    Parkiran luar tertutup pribadi 3
    Parkir dalam pribadi 2
    Parkiran bus/bus wisata 2
  • Pusat bisnis swalayan
  • Sarapan pagiSarapan 2
  • Pendingin udaraAC
  • 100% hotel bebas rokok
  • PertemuanPertemuan:4
  • Kontrol udara otomatis
  • Antar-jemput bandara2


  • Parkir pribadi luar 3
  • Parkir luar ruangan umum 3
  • Parkiran luar tertutup pribadi 3
  • Parkir dalam pribadi 2
  • Parkiran bus/bus wisata 2

Fasilitas untuk penyandang cacat

  • Akses kursi roda
  • Fasilitas orangsulit gerak
  • Kamar orang sulit gerak: 2

Layanan untuk anak-anak

  • Penghangat Botol

Info dan layanan bisnis

  • Akses multimedia
  • WIFI di hotel 3
  • Wi-Fi di kamar 3
  • Akses WIFI 3
  • Wi-Fi di area publik Wi-Fi di area publik 3
  • Layanan bisnis di hotel
  • Internet sangat cepat
  • Mesin faks
  • Koneksi internet
  • Brankas resepsionis

Berbelanja dan layanan

  • Layanan lain
  • Antar-jemput bandara 2

Fitur keamanan

  • Alarm asap suara
  • Alarm asap di kamar
Sarapan pagi >Katering >

Sarapan ibis Styles Nowy Sacz hotel


Buffet breakfast served from 6:30am to 10.00am on weekdays and from 7:00am to 11:00 on weekends. Wide range of vegetables, dairy produce, traditional cold cuts, freshly baked bread, juices and aromatic coffee. Tasty, nutritious and included in the price.


Katering dari ibis Styles Nowy Sacz hotel


  • TerasTeras
  • Pendingin udaraPendingin udara
  • Area bebas rokokArea bebas rokok

Jenis kuliner : Internasional

Jam buka : 13:00-23:00

Hari beroperasiSeninSelasaRabuKamisJumatSabtuMinggu
Makan siangbukabukabukabukabukabukabuka
Makan malambukabukabukabukabukabukabuka
The Atelier Sedziwoja restaurant is an elegant venue with professional staff serving exquisite cuisine prepared by our chef. We offer Polish, regional and Mediterranean cuisine with a special mini-menu for our youngest guests.


Jam buka : 06:00-02:00

Hari beroperasiSeninSelasaRabuKamisJumatSabtuMinggu
Tengah haribukabukabukabukabukabukabuka
The Lobby Bar is the perfect place to relax and enjoy delicious coffee and cake. We offer you a feel-good atmosphere plus snacks and spirits from all around the world.


Hari beroperasiSeninSelasaRabuKamisJumatSabtuMinggu
Tengah haritutuptutuptutuptutuptutuptutuptutup
The OXYGEN club boasts great music and fun till dawn. Occasionally, during holidays and long weekends, we organize performances by artists, cabaret performances, concerts, dances, etc.
Seminar dan pertemuan >

Ruang pertemuan di ibis Styles Nowy Sacz hotel

Kapasitas ruang menurut tata ruang

Nama ruangTeaterU-shapeBoardroomRuang kelasBanquetTinggiPermukaan
BRILLANT30020002501703.50 m400 m²
CRYSTAL1501200120903.50 m250 m²
DIAMOND7550060503.50 m140 m²
SAPPHIRE10075090603.50 m150 m²

Perlengkapan tersedia berdasarkan permintaan

  • Konferensi video
  • Proyektor
  • Akses WIFI
  • Peralatan video
  • Jumlah ruang pertemuan
Info turis >
Cuaca di Nowy Sacz
image meteonews

Info turis di ibis Styles Nowy Sacz

  • Atraksi utama
  • NOWY SACZ RYNEK (4.20 km)
  • Jarak dari hotel ke pusat kota
  • KRAKOW (150.00 km)
  • Jarak dari hotel ke stasiun kereta
  • NOWY SACZ (2.10 km)
  • Jarak dari hotel ke bandara
  • P L KRAKOW BALICE (150.00 km)

Sejarah dan warisan nasional

    • Museum
    • KOSCIOL (2.10 km / 1.30 mi)
    • SKANSEN (3.40 km / 2.11 mi)

Budaya dan teater

    • Daerah bioskop
    • KINO HELIOS (3.30 km / 2.05 mi)

Taman dan Waktu Luang

    • Mal dan Pusat Perbelanjaan
    • CENTRUM HANDLOWE (3.50 km / 2.17 mi)
    • Taman bermain
    • PUMPTRACK (2.00 km / 1.24 mi)

Pengelola acara dan pusat kegiatan terdekat

    • Bisnis lainnya khusus
    • DWORZEC AUTOBUSOWY (3.00 km / 1.86 mi)
    • NOWY SACZ (40.00 km / 24.85 mi)
    • STACJA PALIW (2.00 km / 1.24 mi)
    • Perusahaan
    • BOGDANSKI (1.80 km / 1.12 mi)
    • DAKO FABRYKA OKIEN (3.00 km / 1.86 mi)
    • FAKRO (5.00 km / 3.11 mi)
    • KONSPOL HOLDING (4.00 km / 2.49 mi)
    • NEWAG S A (3.00 km / 1.86 mi)
    • SGL CARBON GROUP (7.00 km / 4.35 mi)
    • SZUBRYT (7.20 km / 4.47 mi)
    • WISNIOWSKI SP ZOO (9.00 km / 5.59 mi)
    • Rumah sakit
    • SZPITAL (3.00 km / 1.86 mi)


    • Mal dan Pusat Perbelanjaan
    • CENTRUM HANDLOWE (3.50 km / 2.17 mi)
    • Taman bermain
    • PUMPTRACK (2.00 km / 1.24 mi)

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