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Jumlah kamar: 96

Lokasi hotel:
*Pusat kota

Atraksi utama:
(0.10 km)

  • Check-in:15:00
  • Check-out:12:00
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  • Peserta

    Hotel ini berpartisipasi pada program Le Club AccorHotels.Nikmati semua manfaat yang ditawarkan untuk anggota dan miliki liburan tak terlupakan dengan Le Club AccorHotels.


  • WIFI di hotel 3
    Wi-Fi di kamar 3
    Akses WIFI 3
    Wi-Fi di area publik Wi-Fi di area publik 3
  • Pendingin udaraAC
  • ParkirParkir pribadi luar 2
    Parkir dalam pribadi 2
  • Akses kursi roda
    Fasilitas orangsulit gerak
  • Piaraan boleh 2
    8.00 EUR per day
  • 100% hotel bebas rokok
  • Pusat bisnis swalayan
  • Hair dryer kamar mandi
  • Pertemuan:1
  • Kontrol udara otomatis
  • Check-in Online / Check-out Cepat3


Zingel 26
  • Telp :

  • Fax :


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Bagaimana menuju hotel

GPS: N 52° 9' 15.93'' E 9° 57' 25.11''

Peta akses

Peta akses
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HotelLokasi hotel

Temukan hotel ibis Styles Hildesheim

Mrs Meike HARMEIER, manajer ibis Styles Hildesheim hotel, akan menyambut Anda.

Breakfast and WIFI access are provided free of charge at the ibis Styles Hildesheim hotel and at every ibis Styles hotel. Hildesheim is full of surprises: The city is characterized by a refreshing blend of historic splendor and a young, vibrant feel ? every visit is an experience. The 96-room ibis Styles Hildesheim hotel is the ideal starting point for exploring: After a relaxing night and delicious breakfast, the old town can be reached on foot.

The central location of our hotel makes arrival and departure particularly easy. The main train station is a few minutes' walk away. The regional capital of Hanover is only 20 minutes away on the S-Bahn.

Disain hotel ibis Styles Hildesheim

Simply fabulous: Hildesheim and the miracle of the thousand-year-old rose bush

    The history of the city of Hildesheim begins with a truly fabulous event. 1200 years ago the Emperor Louis the Pious lost his way during a hunting expedition. According to legend, as he prayed to the Holy Mother Maria in his desperation and begged for help he experienced a miracle: a shrub transformed into a blossoming rose bush, and immediately afterwards the sovereign was saved by his men. Out of gratitude the Emperor had a chapel built on that very spot where the miracle had occurred. Today's St. Mary's Cathedral originates from his chapel. An ancient rose vine still blooms on its walls ... no wonder that the rose is the symbol of Hildesheim - and that it characterizes the unique design of the ibis Styles Hildesheim.


    What their Bear is to the Berliners and their Kindl to the inhabitants of Munich, that is the rose for the citizens of Hildesheim! The motif of the noble flower is ever-present in the cityscape, representing the heavenly miracle that led to the founding of Hildesheim 1,200 years ago. Our designers were taken with the fabulous story of Emperor Louis' rescue and the miracle of the rose ? and were inspired by the tale for the unique rose design of the ibis Styles Hildesheim.


    Roses as far as the eye can see. The noble flower is the leitmotif of the unique design of our ibis Styles Hildesheim. This has a good, even fabulous reason: the miraculous rescue of the Emperor Louis and the appearance of the rose bush as a heavenly sign marking the founding of the Hildesheim's history. So it is clear that the rose is the symbol of the Lower Saxon city ? and can be found in wall decorations, carpets, furniture, room interiors, and even on the breakfast buffet of the ibis Styles Hildesheim!


    The ibis Styles Hildesheim revolves around the rose in every detail. The noble flower appoints not only the design of the walls, carpets, furniture, and decorations. Thanks to the refined interpretation of the rose motif even the sense of smell and excite your sense of taste with the wonderful delicacies - perhaps at breakfast in the morning. The enticing aroma and delicious taste of the rosehip tea reminds our guests of their own childhood and is a sensual way of remembering an event that lies much further back: the rose miracle that led to the rescue of Emperor Louis some 1200 years ago. Our designers have created an interior that speaks to all the senses, is both relaxing and stimulating, and gives our guests a holistic experience in the truest sense of the word!


ibis Styles HildesheimPeta lokasi dan akses

The ibis Styles Hildesheim hotel is easy to reach by car, located approx. 0.9 miles (1.5 km) from exit 62 Hildesheim on the A7. You can park in the hotel's indoor car park or in a public parking space. If arriving by train: The main train station is approx. 711 yards (650 m) from the hotel and a short walk or bus ride away. Take bus number 1 toward Himmelsthür and get off at Ostertor bus stop, which is just a stone's throw from the hotel. Hanover Airport is 31 miles (50 km) away.

Jarak dari hotel ke pusat kota:HILDESHEIM (0.10 km)
GPS: N 52° 9' 15.93'' E 9° 57' 25.11'' Lokasi hotel
    • Stasiun Kereta
    • BAHNHOF HILDESHEIM (0.70 km / 0.43 mi)

    • Bandara
    • FLUGHAFEN HANNOVER (50.00 km / 31.07 mi)

    • Parkir
    • Parkir pribadi luar 2
    • Parkir dalam pribadi 2
Transportasi Publik
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Kamar hotel ibis Styles Hildesheim

  • Jumlah kamar: 96
  • 100% hotel bebas rokok
  • Total jumlah suite: 3

Warm, welcoming and modern, with a comfortable bed and a practical bathroom, our rooms offer everything you need for an enjoyable stay."At the ibis Styles Hildesheim, a wide range of services are provided free of charge, including: 24/7 WIFI access, flat-screen TV with a large choice of channels and phone calls to German landlines. All bathrooms have a shower, WC and hairdryer.

Daftar kamar

    All Comfort Double Rooms: 1 double bed (71" x 79" [180 x 200 cm]).

    Fresh ideas, functional and comfortable, and a Sweet Bed by ibis Styles double bed for 1 or 2 people. Your non-smoking room features a convenient desk, 40-inch flatscreen TV and radio. WIFI and telephone calls to German landlines are free

    All Comfort Twin Rooms: twin beds

    Your All Comfort Twin Room has Sweet Bed by ibis Styles twin beds for a relaxing night's sleep. The room features a desk, and WIFI and calls to German landlines are free of charge. 40-inch flat-screen TV and radio. Non-smoking room.

    All Comfort Single: 1 single bed

    Your All Comfort Single Room features a Sweet Bed by ibis Styles for a good night's sleep. Your room includes a desk, flat-screen TV and radio. Free WIFI and telephone calls to the German fixed-line network. Non-smoking room.

    All Comfort Space

    There is plenty of space for families in our spacious Family Rooms. A Sweet Bed by ibis Styles double bed (71" x 79") guarantees you'll enjoy a relaxing stay, as do the comfortable fold-up bed, flat-screen TV and bathroom.

    All Comfort Triple

    Your All Comfort Triple Room has two separate Sweet Bed by ibis Styles beds measuring 35 x 79 inches (90 x 200 cm) and a fold-up single bed. Amenities include a desk, flat-screen TV and a bathroom.

Fitting Kamar

  • AC
  • AC
  • 220/240 V AC
  • Telepon
  • Wi-Fi di kamar
  • Hub Multimedia
  • Cermin seluruh tubuh
  • Alarm bangun operator
  • Alarm bangun otomatis
  • Lini transmisi sangat cepat
  • Outlet RJ 11
  • Outlet RJ 45
  • Internet sangat cepat di kamar

Fitting Kamar Mandi

  • Pancuran
  • Hair dryer kamar mandi

Layanan & aktivitas di ibis Styles Hildesheim

  • WIFI di hotel 3
    Wi-Fi di kamar 3
    Akses WIFI 3
    Wi-Fi di area publik Wi-Fi di area publik 3
  • Akses kursi roda
    Fasilitas orangsulit gerak
  • Binatang peliharaan dibolehkanPiaraan boleh 2
    8.00 EUR per day
  • ParkirParkir pribadi luar 2
    Parkir dalam pribadi 2
  • Pusat bisnis swalayan
  • Sarapan pagiBreakfast 2
  • Pendingin udaraAC
  • 100% hotel bebas rokok
  • PertemuanPertemuan:1
  • Kontrol udara otomatis
  • Check-in Online / Check-out Cepat3


  • Parkir pribadi luar 2
  • Parkir dalam pribadi 2

Fasilitas untuk penyandang cacat

  • Akses kursi roda
  • Fasilitas orangsulit gerak

Info dan layanan bisnis

  • Akses multimedia
  • WIFI di hotel 3
  • Wi-Fi di kamar 3
  • Akses WIFI 3
  • Wi-Fi di area publik Wi-Fi di area publik 3
  • Layanan bisnis di hotel
  • Internet sangat cepat
  • Koneksi internet
  • Brankas resepsionis

Berbelanja dan layanan

  • Layanan lain
  • Binatu
  • Mesin semir sepatu

Fitur keamanan

  • Alarm asap suara
  • Alarm asap di kamar
Sarapan pagi >Katering >

Sarapan ibis Styles Hildesheim hotel


Get your day off to a delicious?and healthy?start at ibis Styles! Our varied buffet breakfast is free of charge. Enjoy fair-trade tea and coffee, fresh fruit, cheese, yogurt and muesli as well as many other sweet and savory delights.

Katering dari ibis Styles Hildesheim hotel


Jam buka : 24 hours

Hari beroperasiSeninSelasaRabuKamisJumatSabtuMinggu
Tengah haribukabukabukabukabukabukabuka
Are you one of those people who hate clock-watching? Then this is the perfect hotel for you: The ibis Styles Hildesheim hotel bar is open around the clock every day, serving drinks, refreshments and tasty snacks.
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Ruang pertemuan di ibis Styles Hildesheim hotel

Kapasitas ruang menurut tata ruang

Nama ruangTeaterU-shapeBoardroomRuang kelasBanquetTinggiPermukaan
SKY LOUNGE20100120 m48 m²

Perlengkapan tersedia berdasarkan permintaan

  • Akses WIFI
  • Peralatan video
  • Jumlah ruang pertemuan
Info turis >
image meteonews

Info turis di ibis Styles Hildesheim

There is a lot to discover in Hildesheim: The historic center boasts meticulously restored buildings from the Middle Ages, and the thousand-year-old St. Mary's Cathedral and the Church of St. Michael are UNESCO World Heritage sites.

  • Atraksi utama
  • MARKTPLATZ (0.10 km)
  • Jarak dari hotel ke pusat kota
  • HILDESHEIM (0.10 km)
  • Jarak dari hotel ke stasiun kereta
  • Jarak dari hotel ke bandara

Sejarah dan warisan nasional

    • Museum
    • STADTMUSEUM (0.50 km / 0.31 mi)

Budaya dan teater

    • Daerah bioskop
    • THEGA FILMPALAST (0.20 km / 0.12 mi)

Taman dan Waktu Luang

    • Kebun binatang
    • ZOO HANNOVER (34.00 km / 21.13 mi)

Pengelola acara dan pusat kegiatan terdekat

    • Pusat pameran
    • MESSE HANNOVER (25.00 km / 15.53 mi)
    • Rumah sakit
    • KLINIKUM HILDESHEIM (2.30 km / 1.43 mi)


    • Obyek wisata
    • KNOCHENHAUER HAUS (0.50 km / 0.31 mi)
    • MARIENDOM (1.30 km / 0.81 mi)
    • SCHLOSS MARIENBURG (19.00 km / 11.81 mi)
    • ST.MICHAELIS (1.00 km / 0.62 mi)

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