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Delicate structures of leaves and subtle shapes of petals will accompany you through the entire stay at the ibis Styles Siedlce hotel. From hand-painted wall graphics, through the shape of lamps and carpeting patterns, to subtle embroideries on furniture, can you record them all in your herbarium? The variety of materials reflects the natural textures of herbs and flowers and contrasting elements of concrete and raw wood introduce the modern air to the interiors. Do you like surprises? In your cosy room a flowery gift awaits you that will put you in a joyful mood from the very beginning of your stay. Harmony and comfort? Mmm... Sounds fantastic!

Healing properties of herbs accompanied humans since the ancient times. At the ibis Styles Siedlce hotel you can use this ancient knowledge to regain your internal balance and peace of mind. The hotel interiors draw the inspiration from the richness of Podlasie region's natural resources, that's why the hotel is harmoniously joint with the surrounding nature. Natural colours, paired with modern design, create an ambience perfect for relax after a journey. Close your eyes. Take a deep breath. Feel how the soothing effect of herbs brings you relaxation and peace.

The soothing effect of herbs and flowers will put you in a state of deep relaxation. In the interiors of ibis Styles Siedlce hotel you will feel the unity with nature and the surge of positive energy. The "Lukrecja" (Liquorice) restaurant will provide the energizing nutrition to your body, while the special attention of the hotel staff will ensure a wonderful mood for your entire stay. Explore the world of unique experience. Discover the special tea blends composed for your well-being. All your worries will go away when herbs and flowers will fill you with the power of nature. Believe in the green magic!


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