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Room amenities

  • Air Conditioning
  • Automatic air control
  • Flat screen TV
  • High-speed Internet in your room (paying)
  • Manual temperature control
  • Operator wake up call
  • Safe deposit box in room
  • Satellite/cable colour TV
  • Sweet Bed
  • WiFi in your room
  • Work desk in all rooms

Bathroom amenities

  • Accessible bathroom
  • Hair dryer in bathroom
  • Shower


  • Audible smoke alarms in rooms
  • Deadbolts and/or locks in rooms
  • Emergency info in rooms
  • Keycard-operated door locks
  • Security peephole
  • Smoke alarm in room
  • Sprinkler in room


Around the Hotel

Business stays

  • Company

    ACCENTURE&npsb;(8km / 4.97mi)
    AIRBUS&npsb;(0.55km / 0.34mi)
    ALCATEL LUCENT&npsb;(6.3km / 3.91mi)
    AMERICAN EXPRESS&npsb;(18km / 11.18mi)
    ARCHER & ANGEL&npsb;(0.3km / 0.19mi)
    AUSTRALIAN EMBASSY&npsb;(11.5km / 7.15mi)
    BANK OF TOKYO&npsb;(0.55km / 0.34mi)
    BELTECH HOSPITALITY&npsb;(0.3km / 0.19mi)
    BHARTI AIRTEL&npsb;(8km / 4.97mi)
    BHARTI REALTY&npsb;(0.55km / 0.34mi)
    BOEING&npsb;(12km / 7.46mi)
    BOMBARDIER&npsb;(10.4km / 6.46mi)
    CARGO PATNERS&npsb;(0.3km / 0.19mi)
    CELEBI&npsb;(10km / 6.21mi)
    CII&npsb;(17km / 10.56mi)
    DASSAULT&npsb;(18km / 11.18mi)
    DELOITTE&npsb;(8.1km / 5.03mi)
    EMBASSIES&npsb;(10.8km / 6.71mi)
    ENERGON&npsb;(0.55km / 0.34mi)
    ERICSSON&npsb;(8.6km / 5.34mi)
    ERNST & YOUNG&npsb;(0.5km / 0.31mi)
    ERNST AND YOUNG&npsb;(0.55km / 0.34mi)
    FICCI&npsb;(17.1km / 10.63mi)
    FIEM INSUSTRIES&npsb;(0.3km / 0.19mi)
    FROST INTERNATIONAL&npsb;(0.3km / 0.19mi)
    FUTURE LIFESTYLE&npsb;(0.55km / 0.34mi)
    GERMAN EMBASSY&npsb;(10.8km / 6.71mi)
    GMR GROUP&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    GMR SPORTS&npsb;(0.3km / 0.19mi)
    GOOGLE&npsb;(18km / 11.18mi)
    HALLIBURTON&npsb;(0.55km / 0.34mi)
    HANMI GLOBAL&npsb;(0.55km / 0.34mi)
    HANWA&npsb;(0.55km / 0.34mi)
    HEWLETT PACKARD&npsb;(18km / 11.18mi)
    HIKE&npsb;(0.5km / 0.31mi)
    IBM&npsb;(6.5km / 4.04mi)
    JAPANESE EMBASSY&npsb;(12.1km / 7.52mi)
    JASOLA&npsb;(22.3km / 13.86mi)
    LEICA&npsb;(0.25km / 0.16mi)
    MEP INDIA PVT. LTD.&npsb;(0.55km / 0.34mi)
    MICROSOFT&npsb;(9.6km / 5.97mi)
    MINISTERIES&npsb;(12km / 7.46mi)
    MINISTRY EX AFFAIRS&npsb;(14.5km / 9.01mi)
    MOSER BAER&npsb;(14.1km / 8.76mi)
    NESTLE&npsb;(7km / 4.35mi)
    NOIDA&npsb;(35.3km / 21.93mi)
    NOKIA&npsb;(18km / 11.18mi)
    ORACLE&npsb;(6.3km / 3.91mi)
    PHILIPS&npsb;(6.5km / 4.04mi)
    PIZZA EXPRESS&npsb;(0.55km / 0.34mi)
    PRAGATI MAIDAN&npsb;(18.4km / 11.43mi)
    PWC&npsb;(6.3km / 3.91mi)
    RATTAN INDIA&npsb;(0.55km / 0.34mi)
    RELIANCE HEALTH&npsb;(0.3km / 0.19mi)
    SARTTAC&npsb;(0.55km / 0.34mi)
    SEAWAYS SHIPPING&npsb;(0.55km / 0.34mi)
    SOFT BANK&npsb;(0.55km / 0.34mi)
    SUMITOMO&npsb;(0.55km / 0.34mi)
    TCS&npsb;(14.4km / 8.95mi)
    TORM SHIPPING&npsb;(0.25km / 0.16mi)
    TW HOSUING&npsb;(0.55km / 0.34mi)
    US EMBASSY&npsb;(9km / 5.59mi)
    VALUE QUEST CAPITAL&npsb;(0.55km / 0.34mi)
    WALLMART&npsb;(13.3km / 8.26mi)


  • Embassy

    AUSTRALIA&npsb;(8km / 4.97mi)
    EMBASSIES&npsb;(10.8km / 6.71mi)
    EMBASSY OF FRANCE&npsb;(9km / 5.59mi)
    QATAR&npsb;(8km / 4.97mi)
    ROYAL THAILAND&npsb;(8.7km / 5.41mi)
    SOUTH AFRICA&npsb;(8.9km / 5.53mi)
    UNITED KINGDOM&npsb;(8km / 4.97mi)
    US EMBASSY&npsb;(9km / 5.59mi)

Culture & Theatre

  • Art and Culture

    DILLI HAAT&npsb;(10km / 6.21mi)
  • Cinema district

    DLF PROMENADE&npsb;(8km / 4.97mi)
  • Museums

    NATIONAL MUSEUM&npsb;(15km / 9.32mi)

History & Nation heritage

  • Historic monument

    DELHI ART GALLERY&npsb;(13.7km / 8.51mi)
    HUMAYUNS TOMB&npsb;(20.1km / 12.49mi)
    INDIA GATE&npsb;(15.8km / 9.82mi)
    JAMA MASJID&npsb;(19.2km / 11.93mi)
    JANTAR MANTAR&npsb;(17.5km / 10.87mi)
    LOTUS TEMPLE&npsb;(18.5km / 11.5mi)
    OLD FORT&npsb;(18km / 11.18mi)
    PARLIAMENT&npsb;(24.4km / 15.16mi)
    QUTUB MINAR&npsb;(10.7km / 6.65mi)
    RED FORT&npsb;(21.7km / 13.48mi)

Parks & Leisure

  • Entertainment centre

    CYBER HUB&npsb;(9.9km / 6.15mi)
    KOD&npsb;(13.7km / 8.51mi)
  • Mall and Shopping Centre

    AMBIENCE MALL&npsb;(7.8km / 4.85mi)
    PROMENADE, EMPORIO&npsb;(8km / 4.97mi)
  • Other attractions

    LODHI GARDENS&npsb;(14.8km / 9.2mi)
    RAJPATH&npsb;(15.3km / 9.51mi)
  • Tourist attraction

    QUTUB MINAR&npsb;(8km / 4.97mi)


  • Golf course

    QUTUB GOLF COURSE&npsb;(11km / 6.84mi)


All hotel services

Offered Services
Paying Services


  • Bus/coach parking area
  • Private indoor parking
  • Public indoor parking


  • Ramp access
  • Reduced mobility facilities
  • Wheelchair access

Car rental

  • Car hire service desk

Business Services

  • High-speed Internet
  • Internet connectivity
  • WIFI in the communal areas
  • WiFi at the hotel
  • WiFi in your room

Business Services

  • Fax machine
  • WiFi access


Customer Reviews

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in this hotel they told me that my Accor hôtels Business Plus doesnt work in India (contrary to Ahmedabad, Pune and Mumbai where they accept the card), no offered drinks for welcome and no special treatment for members...



It was pleasant stay convenient and easily accessible to Airport. Nice ambience. Smiling and helpful staff. Impressed with on arrival welcome staff by NAMASTE. We liked tasty and long hours breakfasts and



We booked the IBIS aerocity to stay for about till our next flight. It was pleasant and good value for money. The B fast was wonderful. We will definitely stay again.The room was small but very clean , Bathroom was clean too. And we booked directly from hotel site and it was as good as the travel sites and very user friendly.

Marisa C


I stay here every few months and this hotel is now like my home in New Delhi. After a 12 hour flight I am there within ten minutes to a comfortable room with great service. The buffet breakfast is amazing and I love the fresh eggs and pancakes. I always look forward to my stay here.



The hotel shuttle pick up service was very unorganised. Room and toilets needs severe renovation. The room table had mugs mark and paint was coming out of the rooms. Bar staff is off the worst I have called come across. And this is after my 17th visit to this same IBIS.



Clean, compact, efficient, close to airport, functional. Just right for a couple of night stay particularly related to in and out from the airport. Breakfast is excellent with all the various options. Staff courteous all across.



I stayed with my mother who suffers from limited mobility. We were easily provided the room with accessible bathrooms, which made a huge difference to mum's stay and we extended the stay by 2 days while I dealt with things to be done in Delhi. However, what made the biggest difference was the staff who were ready to peep into the room to say hello to mum and ask her for any requirements while I was away for 4 to 5 hour spurts on work. The food was good, the waiters were professional, the ambiance was fine and the location was of course very convenient. All in all a good and comfortable stay



IBIS New Delhi provides comfortable, modern facilities close to the airport, with price to match global aspirations. If you are used to cost per night at the lower end of high and have no interest in local color or flavor, apart from some food- or if you just need a night's sleep between flights- this IBIS will be fine for you. Wifi connection is good, and restaurant will supply you with decent food. But if you like India, you'd be better off paying half the price for a real Delhi hotel. Might be some rough edges, and Internet will be slower, but you'll get more cheerful service and enjoy what makes Delhi and India worth coming to.



The reception's staff was very supportive, particularly one guy, Aarashe was very helpful and friendly. The restaurant's staff could be more friendly and attentive. However, the food's variety and quality was good.

Dr K K S


Everything from airport transfer service to room cleanliness, restaurant and front desk is excellent. Two big minus points - 1. No toiletries - you have to probably ask for it - very embarrassing, 2. The central air-conditioning will freeze you in winter. The options are cool / ventilate and there is no way you can heat the room above the outside temperature. I have been pointing this out since one year but no response.



Good for those who would have work in the Airport Vicinity.. The Metro offers quick movement towards the Central part of the City. Breakfast is a busy time for the Hotel. Guests would do well to come early.



This property doesnt deserve to carry the IBIS Label-the luggage screening machine at entrance didnt function, two of the computers at reception were out of order and the restaurant billing system malfunctioned taking 30 minutes for billing. On top of which the staff at reception checking in guests were slow and rude and didnt have the competence to recognise genuine Govt IDs from eminent national institutions such as IIM Ahmedabad which dont carry the Ashoka Lion symbol having nationally distinct identity and logo under the Ministry of HRD, GOI.



Hi, Greetings, Please note my feedback having as a Le Club Silver Member during my stay in IBIS new Delhi Aerocity from 06-12-2017 to 08-12-2107. I generally always enjoy my stay with my family at this hotel because of front desk staff MR. Prince who are really attentive, approachable, very supporting and keen in finding solutions to smooth our staying. The welcome at the hotel on arrival was the best i have ever experienced and treated like royalty from the moment we arrived due to him. His dedication on his profession made a huge difference to make simply incredible hotel and a service worth 7 stars. What a wonderful experience and truly enjoyed my stay. Wish i could have stayed longer. Always happy returning to this property and highly recommended to business and family both. All in all, i would stay here again as well as once again special thanks to Mr. Prince. Regards, Manil Kumar Sharma Le Club Silver Member



I was on a short business trip to New Delhi. The location of this hotel is a BIG PLUS. Check-in was nice and easy. Room though small, was good. Bed was a bit too soft. But the room was quiet. Breakfast spread was elaborate. The best part was, when I requested for a late check out, the Front office staff was kind enough to extend till 17.00 hrs. It was perfect because I had to take a late night flight. Overall it was a pleasant stay.

John R


Good property, close to the metro station, access to the city and airport much easy, courteous staff but unfortunately the air conditioning does not meet my standards. Always found them warmer than my requirement.



Close to the airport which made it ideal for a long layover. Good shower and hot water, wifi worked. Staff were efficient though not overly welcoming. I was told they could call me a cab in the morning to airport which is true---however as I didn't have a local phone number this 'service' cost 600+ rupees instead of the normal 150-250 rupees. An extra annoyance was that the cab driver was right there waiting for passengers to drive, but to use him I had to pay this extra money to the hotel. A very unnecessary and annoying extra cost. I will choose a different hotel next time.

Francois G


The hotel is conveniently located In Delhi Aerocity which is perfect to rest just before or after a flight. The shuttle service is perfectly well organised at a reasonable price. The rooms are small but cosy and the beds are very comfortable. The staff is very friendly and helpful.



Well located and safe to stay. Bathrooms need a bit of improvement. Breakfast had options and It was good that starts at 4am. A mall its just a couple minutes walking with some western food, and an ATM it's basically at the door.

Mohammed A


Hotel is nice and clean staff friendly and helpful at the reception but no one at the X-ray machine when I checked in on 19 Oct 2017 to help, will suggest some one should be there at X Rey to help the guest, breakfast was good nice and clean area.



quicker from the Airport and the facility is well maintained. Yet the cleaning staff used very much worn-out mop and tray when cleaning a spillage at the reception and it took longer than it should be and no wet floor sign placed even though the Front house staff all present and no attention paid in detail


Ibis Hotel

ibis New Delhi Aerocity



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