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  • Air Conditioning
  • Air conditioning
  • Automatic wake up call
  • High speed transmission line
  • High-speed Internet in your room
  • Manual temperature control
  • Operator wake up call
  • RJ 11 outlet
  • RJ 45 outlet
  • Safe deposit box in room
  • Sweet Bed
  • WiFi in your room
  • Work desk in all rooms

Bathroom amenities

  • Hair dryer in bathroom
  • Shower


  • Audible smoke alarms in rooms
  • Deadbolts and/or locks in rooms
  • Emergency info in rooms
  • Keycard-operated door locks
  • Security peephole
  • Smoke alarm in room
  • Sprinkler in room


Around the Hotel

Business stays

  • Business & financial district

    SUN WAH TOWER&npsb;(8km / 4.97mi)
  • Company

    3M&npsb;(0.2km / 0.12mi)
    FURUKAWA&npsb;(0.5km / 0.31mi)
    IKEA&npsb;(0.5km / 0.31mi)
    KPMG&npsb;(0.24km / 0.15mi)
    LOTTE MART&npsb;(1.5km / 0.93mi)
    MANULIFE&npsb;(0.1km / 0.06mi)
    MSC&npsb;(0.24km / 0.15mi)
    PARKSON PARAGON&npsb;(0.1km / 0.06mi)
    PMH CORPORATION&npsb;(0.2km / 0.12mi)
    RMIT&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    SYNGENTA&npsb;(0.1km / 0.06mi)
    UNILEVER&npsb;(0.1km / 0.06mi)
    VINAMILK&npsb;(0.1km / 0.06mi)

Culture & Theatre

  • Cinema district

    CGV&npsb;(0.24km / 0.15mi)
  • Museums

    ART MUSEUM&npsb;(10km / 6.21mi)
    WAR MUSEUM&npsb;(10km / 6.21mi)

History & Nation heritage

  • Historic monument

    CENTRAL POST OFFICE&npsb;(9.5km / 5.9mi)
    REUNIFICATION&npsb;(9km / 5.59mi)

Parks & Leisure

  • Concert hall

    OPERA HOUSE&npsb;(8km / 4.97mi)
  • Mall and Shopping Centre

    BEN THANH MARKET&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    DIAMOND PLAZA&npsb;(10km / 6.21mi)
    THE CRESCENT&npsb;(0.2km / 0.12mi)
  • Movie theatre

    MEGASTAR&npsb;(0.5km / 0.31mi)


  • Golf course

    SAIGON SOUTH GOLF&npsb;(2km / 1.24mi)


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  • Bus/coach parking area
  • Public outdoor parking


  • Reduced mobility facilities
  • Wheelchair access

Business Services

  • High-speed Internet
  • Internet connectivity
  • WIFI in the communal areas
  • WiFi access
  • WiFi at the hotel
  • WiFi in your room


  • Boat excursions (nearby)
  • Golf (nearby)
  • Golf lessons (nearby)
  • Outdoor tennis court (nearby)
  • Pool (nearby)


  • Jacuzzi (nearby)
  • Massage (nearby)
  • Sauna (nearby)

Business Services

  • Fax machine


Customer Reviews

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I booked 2 nights at Ibis Saigon South for 2 nights for 21 & 22 Dec 2017. My Vietnamese girlfriend was turned away, despite registering and our good track record of over 30 days at all other 5 Saigon Accor hotels between 2015-2017, alongside more stays together at other countries' Accor hotels. The customer service attitude and tone was not too polite, especially towards my girlfriend. I was told the hotel manager may consider our case appeal, but we never saw or heard from the person except through a post-stay email survey. The issue was resolved immediately when I wanted to book another room through Accor member app. I was asked by reception staff to book the extra room for 2 nights through them which was cheaper, though it turned out not-to-be, and the booking's points/nights were not credited into my member account either. We returned the welcome-drink coupon meant for 1. We did not feel welcomed at Ibis Saigon South. Rooms were clean and fairly well maintained likely other Ibis hotels. We left to stay at Accor Sofitel Saigon Plaza, and treatment we received there was so contrasting better.



Very poor service, rooms were very small and not very good amenities if any at all in the room. Location is very good next to secc and mall the only plus point to the hotel. Breakfast is mediocre at the best.



Very disappointing Hotel. Junior Staffs Management from the last Century Very low quality, even compared with IBIS Airport which is much better in term of services and Management. We came here because all Accor Hotels were busy at that time in the downtown.. Really Zero Never come back. To absolutely avoid.



My main complaints were the following, there were many other smaller issues however. Key complaint... people smoking in their rooms or the corridor, I told management about it and they did come and burn some oils in the hallway, the following night I was awoken at midnight by a very strong odour of cigarette smoke permeating my room. I rang reception about it and they said it was not the hotels fault as they had told people not to smoke... you needed to do more than that. The breakfast and service was terrible, there was little to choose from from a western food perspective which I understand in an Asian country however nearly everything was empty and rarely stocked, out of 6 breakfasts there was only bread for toast actually available twice and only once was there any butter to put on it, when you asked for restock it was always another 5 minutes but never got stocked. Due to a family medical illness I needed to extend my stay and happily moved to another hotel. On checkout they did not give me back my credit card, when i got to the next hotel it was discovered and they said they'd being it over, we chased again 20 minutes later ( it was 2 km away) and they said oh no we won't bring it over for a few hours, i was actually ok to go back for it so don't say you will bring it in the first place. I obviously caught a cab back and got it myself. Oh and by the way don't take a cat into your room as you won't be able to swing it... smallest room I have ever been in. The hotel I moved to was 30% cheaper, the breakfast was good and the service excellent and the room was excellent and much higher.



This Ibis hotel is very efficient run check in counter with only 2 female staff when I checked in, they even help to unload and bring luggage to the room. The twin bed room is pretty small but it has all the things one needs. Hotel is very quiet, with quite a few eating places around it, there are 2 Japanese restaurant by the side. Robins shopping center is about 700 meters away with a good supermarket "Giant".



Returned to this familiar hotel again after a month but was disappointed due to 2 bad experiences. The 1st was the reluctance of giving 2 welcome drink vouchers when there are 2 guest in my booking left a taste of stingy and feeling if the staff had kept the other for herself? The 2nd experience was at breakfast when I was given a unusually small serving of beef noodles. When queried, the staff said they need to keep some for other guest since there is another hour of breakfast. Since when early breakfast guest need to be rationed so that late comers can have breakfast in a hotel!!??



This hotel may indeed only be 5.5km from central Saigon, as the crow flies. But in practical terms it is quite isolated and there aren't many amenities in the immediate area. Also, the in-house amenities are very limited, with many functions such as bar and catering being provided by an unrelated hotel next door. The quality of the breakfast was bloody terrible. Excessive gristle in the meat, bad coffee and non-existent black tea. And sometimes no bread! SABENA = Such A Bloody Experience Never Again! P.S. The hotel should not be called 'Saigon South' because this exaggerates the proximity to Saigon.



It may be a mistake to stay here at District 7, far from Ben Tanh market, Saigon Sq etc as it takes 45 minutes to reach District 1 area. The hotel condition is up to its Ibis standard. Clean and comfortable. But service of the front office really needs improvement. I was checking out from the hotel, and without asking me, the bellboy just put all my luggage in a taxi when I have already booked a car to send me to the airport. He didn't even say sorry, and even after I got really upset, he just drag my luggage out from the taxi and into the car with a sour face!! Because of that, it tarnished the reputation I have of Ibis.



Excellent help and information provided by the friendly receptionist staff. The room was in good condition. Just the location is a bit far from the city town area, but you still can take a taxi just infront of the hotel. Not much activities can be done around the hotel.



Returned to this familiar hotel and found that they are renovating their restaurant and converting it into a Japanese theme restaurant. I hope it is a good move as there is another sushi restaurant next door and also many Koreans are staying here too. I did not book my stay with breakfast and chose to pay with my Accor Adv Plus card. I was given a discount of 50% for 1 day and when I dined again the next morning, I was told it was a mistake and make to pay a full rate the next day!! What a disappointment. Not a good way to recover a small meagre sum.



Go there if you have business in the area. Otherwise, choose a more central location. Very little life in this part of town, and with expensive taxis, any activity becomes all the more expensive. Apart from that, the hotel is as expected from Ibis, no frills, efficient, cost effective hospitality.



the hotel is clean, breakfeast and dinner are good. good value. However the big cons is the noise in the room - i was staying at floor 12 and there was a constant turbine noise (air con on the roof??) that was pretty loud and very annoying at night,

Shishir L


Ibis is great stay with decent food. District 7 area looks so premium that once you have stayed there, you would never want to go elsewhere. IBIS with gives service and takes care of the cleanliness a.



The management team has done very good job to keep the hotel well kept. Customer service agents are warm and well spoken in English. The restaurant is good to provide quick meals for somebody on the go.



Very good hotel except the location is very far from the airport and Downtown. Because of that, the price is relatively affordable but given the room size, it was a fairly small room. I would rather stay Downtown and pay more as access to CBD is easier and faster. Because of the traffic in HCMC, staying out in D7 is not really ideal for someone who has meeting in Downtown.

Petra M


the staff was very very helpful and friendly , specially at the reception. The hotel is a bit far from the Center, but you can get a free ride to the city center, and there are 2 Shopping malls in walking distance. Actually I did like this area better than staying in the City, because it is less hectic.



I just stayed at Ibis South Saigon for 1 nite to celebrate the count down at Crescent Mall. Hotel is new and at Ibis standard, small but quite comfortable. Hotel is located near SECC, Crescent Mall and some office building. There is also a Family Mart just behind the hotel. Japanese, Western and Vietnamese restaurants are also within walking distance. Overall, this hotel is good and recommended.



The room and services quite good, just the location only near to Saigon exhibition convention center (SECC) and a little bit too far from the city and the dining place. Overall is an ideal place to stay if business trip and have function in SECC.

Yutien C


1. The sound insulation is not good. I could hear the sound from the next room easily. 2. From the website saying, there is a swimming pool and a gym, but actually there is no such swimming pool and the gym facility is very simple. 3. I have a platinum card and according to your policy, i should have some free up grade, but the reply i got is that IBIS can only offer me a free fruit plate. It is hilarious!



It was my first visit to Vietnam and i booked the hotel cab to take me there. I hence paid more than double the price inclusive of taxes. Instead my recommendation would be to take a taxi from Malinh or Vinasun, which are equally good and safe. The hotel itself had the usual warm cosy ibis feeling and i had booked the hotel via the net. The room, bed, linen, minibar, closet, safe, TV, A/C and the lighting as usual in an accor hotel was impeccable. The tea and coffee got replenished daily. The staff was very warm. I would eat out as i found the restaurant expensive because close to the hotel there is a food court in the basement of the Parksons mall. A little ahead is the crescent mall which also has a food court. There are restaurants on the river front but are priced as much as the ibis restuarant. The other place to eat is Vietnam's very famous food chain serving authentic vietnamese Pho pronnounced (fur) called Pho24. The laundry service and housekeeping in the hotel was very efficient. The only thing that put me off was toad's in the footpath probably because of dampness around, but that was only in the foodpath around the Ibis, nothing inside. The check-in and check-out was excellent and the front office manager, whose name was Tu was exceptional


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