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    DEUTSCHES MUSEUM&npsb;(8km / 4.97mi)

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    OKTOBERFEST&npsb;(13km / 8.08mi)


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    ALLIANZ ARENA&npsb;(12km / 7.46mi)

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    MARIENPLATZ / CITY&npsb;(9km / 5.59mi)


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Im staying here for 13N. Room and breakfast was above average. However the security was not good. I lost my money while went for breakfast. When came back the room was clean as well as my money. So go figure who stole it! I told the reception about it buy nothing was said or done about it. So be carefull not to leave valuebles even for very short time!!



I stayed here for one night, while at a recent conference. Booking system was easy online. Check-in was easy online before I left the UK. My only issue was that my card wasn't accepted, but I paid with little fuss when I got there. Key was a keypad with a pin number on a sheet of paper. I took a photo of it so that I didn't lose the paper and get locked out of my room. What to expect from an Ibis room? Not alot other than a clean, comfortable room, which is exactly what I got. It was semi modern, with a small flat screen TV. The toilet was spotless with a nice powerful and hot shower. All the lights worked and the linen was clean. It was as basic as they come, but thats exactly what I paid for.



Good hotel which is located several minutes from S-Bahn Munchen Riem. Just 15 minutes and you are in the city center without transport changes. Facilities inside are very good. Sound isolation is normal, so nobody from neighbours disturbed me



Hotel located at 3 min by Bus from Messe Munchen, very useful for business purpose, Rooms are very clean and people are gentle for late arrival must be notified to the reception by phone or online checking



I was in here for a quick business trip during the peak Oktober fest season , all though all the hotels had extraordinary prices , I didnt find IBIS expensive . Very easy process of check in and out . conviniently located near the S bahn and the bus stop



The most important fact of our days in Munich was an good hotel for fair price! The room are clean and nice, position of a hotel is very good. I would like to recommend such an hotel to every one who need a good place to sleep, when he or she is visiting cities.

Gergo E


I have wide experience with Ibis Budget hotels in many places around Europe, and basically the price-value add ration is very good. The only thing I noticed after checking in is tat I was unable to select whether I wanted smoking or non-smoking room. During, the receptionist did not ask either, so we finally got smoking room. I am not quite sure why this annoying thing happened since the majority of the hotel room were empty.



its a bit disappointing to kknow that staying for 2 months or staying two days is the same no point or awards at all, please do not write me back explaing the program, i know that ibis budget is not part of it, but again, 2 months....

Ivica M


Everything was fine. excellent balance between price and comfort. fg gggg f dgdg dgffdas gldgkćlk ggfgfd gfrzht kkkk rztzztht vffdef hhzjzr casvfdsa fdafdsa gasg jzjhz aFDGFF JHJH fdshfdshhd s gfgf gfdh hfdh



I paid 130 EUR per night to stay at this hotel, supposedly at walking distance from Munich Fair. You better get a bus to reach the fair if you don't want to walk along a motorway, it's just one stop but you cannot really walk to the fair. The room was the clean but stinked of cigarette smoke and when I arrived at 11 pm the window was open. Don't choose this hotel if you are arriving alone at night, it is an industrial area and there's nobody around. The hotel reception is closed after around 8 pm and everything is automated, there is no bar or restaurant at the hotel and the surroundings are mainly office buildings. The room is also very uncomfortable for working if you are on a business trip.



My wife and I stayed here for 4 nights and everything was perfect. The room was clean and so was the toilet. For free they offer you low speed WiFi (excellent to read email and take a look at the the local attractions opening times) and free park. Great location to visit Munchen, you can walk to the train station (S2 line) and in less than 15minutes you'll be in MarienPlatz, for less than 45€ per room per night!!! A great choice for the money.



The positives is the train is 6-8 minute walk and the hotel was very clean. The negatives is there is no blow dryer (first time ever), flat pillows and uncomfortable beds, the breakfast is not worth the price and very small.

Omolaja Adesina B


The staff were humble and kind, the room was fairly clean but the bathroom would be better if it is separate from the toilet and a lock is fixed on the door to the bathroom for privacy. The hoetl is very close to Munch city and it is an ideal budget hotel



If you are looking for a hotel in the heart of the city - then this is not the place for you. There is nothing around but businesses and 1 Indian restaurant. It is however every close to railway line and with a 20 minute trip you can be in the hub of the city. A friend and I booked very early as we assumed places would book up for oktoberfest quite quickly - and thought this was a "great deal" but when you do the conversion from the Euro to CAD we paid nearly $200 per night for 2 single beds - for a "budget" hotel we didn't expect much but got even less, not even those mini shampoos in the showers. Overall it was not a big deal, as we didn't spend much time in the room. My biggest complaint was the cleaning staff. The morning after our first night, we placed the do no disturb sign on our door and went to tour the city, leaving some of our belongings on the beds. When we returned back about 2 hours later, the do not disturb sign was back in the room and our room was cleaned and our things moved to accommodate making the bed. The next morning around 9:30 or 10 am while in the room (a later start as oktoberfest got the better of us) - the cleaning staff entered the room WITHOUT EVEN KNOCKING. About 20 minutes later, someone else came in, again without knocking. This happened 4 times all before 11am. And again, the same thing happened that day- left the room with the do not disturb sign and they went in a cleaned anyways. They clearly do not have respect for peoples privacy. Since we were so far away from Oktoberfest, I tried to inquire if we could be move to another budget ibis closer to the festivities, but since I had booked so early and got a "deal" they were unable to move my reservation which was super disappointing. As a Club Le Accor member I didn't really feel the benefits of this loyalty program during this stay. As a side note: For those that don't like to keep much cash on hand and prefer to use credit for most transactions - We had to cab back from the city 1 night and it cost 40 Euros, the cab company didn't take credit and didn't notify us beforehand, the hotel doesn't have an ATM we had to be driven elsewhere to pay and got charged for the extra trip. We left the next morning, and since we had spent all our money on taxi we didn't have enough to buy a ticket to the airport on the railway line - and had to take a $75 Euro (credit accepted) taxi.



I choose IBIS BUDGET all times because i think it's a great price/quality deal. But, a "business" hotel, on sunday morning, with the "do not disturb" sign on the door ( on the sign it's written "PSSST!" ), could you imagine at 8 a.m. the cleaning staff talking continuosly for hours (yes, HOURS) very loud in front of your room and slamming all the doors ?? Sometimes it takes so little to have an almost perfect week-end in this it so difficult to clean a room without talking ??



You pay what you have. Ibis is Ibis everywhere, simple, clean, practical, functional. The location is not the best for those who wants to be in center, but if you are by car, its no problem. Nice München!!



The hotel itself is good value for money in Munich, offers decent sleep and is conveniently close to the train station. The rooms offer ample sleeping space (a single room I occupied could have offered slept 3 adults), but not much else except the bathroom. Unfortunately, at the time of my stay the hotel was also undergoing some renovation, so the lift and some floors looked like a building site.

Mahmudur R S


We found it pretty good. The hotel is very neat and clean, room was precious and clean, the stuff was helpful. Its around 700 meters from the Train station. The train station is covered in the day ticket. Tkaes 20 minutes to reach the center. We didnt like the breakfast though. Another thing we didnt like is the pillow - which could have been replaced if we tried.

Mohamed A


What can be worse than a room that smells!!! Check in process was smooth, parking is for free and easy to find a spot. But the rooms smells really bad. I even opened the windows for an hour or so, but the smell didn't go away.


The hotel are very nice, the people in front desk help me and give me all the information I need. the room are very comfortable. the metro station is about 10 min. walking distance. you take about 20 min to be in the downtown.


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