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All amenities

Room amenities

  • Air conditioning
  • Automatic wake up call
  • Iron at reception
  • Manual temperature control
  • Operator wake up call
  • Safe deposit box in room
  • Satellite/cable colour TV
  • Sweet Bed
  • WiFi in your room
  • Work desk in all rooms

Bathroom amenities

  • Accessible bathroom
  • Shower
  • Toilets


  • Audible smoke alarms in rooms
  • Emergency info in rooms
  • Keycard-operated door locks
  • Sprinkler in room


Around the Hotel

Business stays

  • Company

    CARGIL&npsb;(2.5km / 1.55mi)
    DELOITTE&npsb;(2km / 1.24mi)
    HONDA&npsb;(0.6km / 0.37mi)
    LG&npsb;(0.5km / 0.31mi)
    MICROSOFT&npsb;(1.9km / 1.18mi)
    MONSANTO&npsb;(2.2km / 1.37mi)
    NESTLE&npsb;(0.8km / 0.5mi)
    NOVARTIS&npsb;(1.1km / 0.68mi)
    TV GLOBO&npsb;(1.2km / 0.75mi)
    VIVO&npsb;(0.6km / 0.37mi)
  • Convention centre

    ANHEMBI&npsb;(20km / 12.43mi)
    CENTER NORTE&npsb;(15km / 9.32mi)
    EXPO TRANSAMERICA&npsb;(3.5km / 2.17mi)
    WTC SHERATON&npsb;(2km / 1.24mi)

History & Nation heritage

  • Historic monument

    BORBAGATO&npsb;(2km / 1.24mi)
    MEMORIAL DA AMERICA LATINA&npsb;(15km / 9.32mi)


  • Sports centre

    AUTODROMO INTERLAGO&npsb;(14.8km / 9.2mi)
  • Stadium

    ESTADIO DO MORUMBI&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    ESTADIO DO PACAEMBU&npsb;(12km / 7.46mi)

Surrounding area

  • Beach area

    GUARUJA&npsb;(94km / 58.41mi)
    SANTOS&npsb;(75km / 46.61mi)


All hotel services

Offered Services
Paying Services


  • Bus/coach parking area (nearby)


  • Ramp access
  • Reduced mobility facilities
  • Wheelchair access

Car rental

  • Car hire service desk (nearby)


  • Babysitting on request (nearby)
  • Indoor playground for children (nearby)
  • Video game area (nearby)

Business Services

  • Internet connectivity
  • WIFI in the communal areas
  • WiFi access
  • WiFi at the hotel
  • WiFi in your room


  • Private indoor parking
  • Public indoor parking (nearby)

Business Services

  • Fax machine


Customer Reviews

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I stay in this hotel several times with absolutely no problem. This time I found a bug on my bed when I was leaving. I took a picture and showed at the front desk, but left with the impression that they would not doing anything about.

Flávia B


Nice and compact room, providing every facility a guest needs. Very good location, near excelent malls and great avenues. Nice and polite staff at reception desk. Excelletn rain shower in the bathroom.



The WI-FI "courtesy service" has no guarantee from the hotel that it will work. And it did not. The "why-fi" only worked the first time of access. After the notebook turned off an on again, it never connected again. Three days without connection. Two days to get the technical assistance that told me I was disconnected by time-out. And could not connect again. If you want to go to the hotel to disconnect from the world and sleep, it is a great option. Of course, if they fix the bed noise that appears when you seat in. You´ll got fright with the loose toilet seat, that moves and makes a sudden broken sound. There is no space to completely hang your clothes in the closet, it has low height and the shirts get folded. No TV kids channel in English.

Fábio B


Good quality, the rooms are cleanliness and the value is very attractive. In front of a shopping and near restaurants and all structure that you need. The service is prestative and if you need, they have a bar in the lobby.



ITs a standard hotel, without luxury, with a really good location in Morumbi area at Sao Paulo. The room is realle simple, a small lcd screem a standard double bed and a empty frigobar, you need buy everything you will consume to fill the frigobar. They sell at lobby bar.



The problem is that they don't clean as well. The bedrooms are durty and things don't work. The good thing is that it's really close to a big mall, where you can find really good restaurants, stores, and cinemas.



The localization is very good, in front f morumbi mall, with taxi and bus services very easy. To get. The breakfast is very good. Good cost x benefits. The bed is very good. The TV is small, could be bigger.



Staying at Ibis is always a pleasure. Good bed, clean room and bathroom, attentive staff, good location near Morumbi mall. They now have a campaing in which the solve your needs in 15 minutes. It worked! I asked for more shampoo and I received the shaampoo.Thank you!



The very same room. Nothing special. The shower didn't work properly. Why just one soap when we need a soap for the shower and another one for the sink? The breakfast was reasonable. The location is good.

Raquel P


Very well located, near shopping malls and main avenues. . It's the Ibis pattern of all over the world, the price and room are nice for short stays. The service was average, the bar was not good at all.



IBIS is a very good hotel and I would recommend this hotel to anyone who is looking for a hotel in Sao Paulo Brazil. The service is very good and the quality is very good, Thanks to received me IBIS !



Me and my family was there for 3 days and enjoy stayed there. We have fun and drink in the restaurant. We recommend the Ibis São Paulo Morumbi for any type of clients. It's very security and calm. Congonhas airport it's not so far.



Excellent location! Just some steps from Morumbi Shopping Center and Market Place Mall, and close to some important global companies' offices in SP. Accommodations and services are also a very good deal for the daily rate they offered me.



I stayed in a room with my wife but they only put a small soap and a tube of shampoo, the correct one would be at least two soaps and two tubes of shampoo. There was no face towel, only the bath towel that, after being used, was wet and unpleasant to wipe the face, this disappointed me a bit.



The hotel is what was expected from a IBIS hotel. Wherever you stay IBIS hotels will be the same. Because of that it was clean, silent and the room was what was meant to be for a two nights hotel. The only negative point is the toilet amenities could be a little bit better.

Rogerio P


The hotel localization have a excellent to business in the SP South nearby Berrini Av. There are some issues on the water temperature of the bath. This occurs in peak times when a lot of guest are using their bath rooms at the same time . The water becomes suddenly too hot or freeze during the bath turning the bath in a hide and seek game waiting for a tolerable temperature.

Elisabete M


It is an affordable hotel considering the location. The breakfast offers many items but not for a fussy person very concerned about food quality. Yet during lunch time, the shrimps smelled bad. Anyway people were eating the dish. Maybe because the kitchen is back to back tsome elevators, the smell of food can be smelled inside them. Also the bathroom smelled bad.

Paulo E


I had a grat experiente in the hotel. It's close to Morumbi and Market Place shopping malls. The team of the hotel was very polite and friendly. The room was good and clean. When I arrive there, I recived a welcome drink in Hotel's bar. It was nice!! The price is also OK.



i loved that place! I recommend everyone Ibis Morumbi! I had a great experience with my girlfriend. just missed a brush in the bathroom ... msa everything was perfect! already thought back as quickly as possible! I loved it, I loved it.



Clean, quiet place. Near Morumbi Shopping and Market Place Shopping, just cross the street. If you have to go to US Consulate to take your visa it is 12 minutes waking. Parking inside the hotel with discoun


Ibis Hotel

ibis São Paulo Morumbi



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