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  • Sweet Bed
  • WiFi in your room
  • Work desk in all rooms

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  • Full-length mirror
  • Toilets


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Around the Hotel

Business stays

  • Business & financial district

    BERNEXPO&npsb;(0.3km / 0.19mi)
  • Convention centre

    BERNEXPO&npsb;(0.1km / 0.06mi)
  • Events centre

    Wankdorf Center&npsb;(0.3km / 0.19mi)
  • Exhibition centre

    BERNEXPO&npsb;(0.1km / 0.06mi)


  • Military base

    Miliärdepartement&npsb;(0.2km / 0.12mi)

Culture & Theatre

  • Museums

    PAUL KLEE MUSEUM&npsb;(1.3km / 0.81mi)
    SWISS HISTORICAL&npsb;(1.4km / 0.87mi)
    Zentrum Paul Klee&npsb;(1.3km / 0.81mi)
  • Opera/symphony/concert hall

    Kultur Casino&npsb;(1.8km / 1.12mi)

History & Nation heritage

  • Historic monument

    BARENGRABEN&npsb;(0.8km / 0.5mi)
    BÄRENPARK&npsb;(1.3km / 0.81mi)
    BERN OLD TOWN&npsb;(0.8km / 0.5mi)
    CLOCKTOWER&npsb;(1.59km / 0.99mi)
    PARLAMENT&npsb;(1.59km / 0.99mi)
    UNESCO BERN OLD TOWN&npsb;(1.71km / 1.06mi)

Parks & Leisure

  • Botanical gardens

    Botanischer Garten&npsb;(1.5km / 0.93mi)
  • Casino

    Grand Casino Bern&npsb;(1.3km / 0.81mi)
  • Entertainment and theatre

    Stadttheater&npsb;(1.6km / 0.99mi)
  • Entertainment centre

    Bern Zentrum&npsb;(1.7km / 1.06mi)
  • Movie theatre

    Bern Zentrum&npsb;(1.7km / 1.06mi)
  • Other attractions

    Wankdorf Football Station&npsb;(0.3km / 0.19mi)
  • Tourist attraction

    Lido Marzili&npsb;(1.6km / 0.99mi)


  • Sports centre

    Wankdorf Center/Arena Fitness&npsb;(0.3km / 0.19mi)
  • Stadium

    STADE WANKDORF&npsb;(0.3km / 0.19mi)
    Wankdorf Station&npsb;(0.3km / 0.19mi)

Surrounding area

  • Beach area

    Lido Marzili&npsb;(1.6km / 0.99mi)

Tourist info

  • Special tourist area

    Lido Marzili&npsb;(1.6km / 0.99mi)
    Baernpark&npsb;(1.3km / 0.81mi)
  • Tourist information

    Wankdorf Center&npsb;(0.3km / 0.19mi)


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  • Reduced mobility facilities

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  • WIFI in the communal areas
  • WIFI paying in the room's office, with a reception code free
  • WiFi in your room


  • Private outdoor parking
  • Public indoor parking
  • Public outdoor parking


Customer Reviews

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We reached this hotel by night and was welcomed by the staff at checkin. They had good knowledge of the tourist attractions around and offered a map too to help us. Tram 9 stops right in front of the hotel and very close to the centre. Food was very good.

Leandro C


Hotel Ibis Budget pattern: small but usefull rooms, no extra pillows available (ridiculous...), no ice cubes at the bar (ridiculous II...) - you get what you've payed for! Excellent location, quite near to the Bern Expo tram station.



You basically get what you paid for, the rooms make good use of space but they are not entirely spacious, it's clean and comfortable enough though. Toilet lacks efficient ventilation system and the almost transparent shower room glass door might make it unsuitable for certain guests. The receptionist Jamil (hope I spelled his name right) is extremely helpful and friendly, very admirable working attitude too, bless him. Very good effort by the hotel on the Planet 21 programme too, keep it up and plant more trees!

Jennifer T


Excellent location for the free public transport.Better than we predicted but still outrageously expensive for what it is.Staff were very helpful.Pillows were dreadful and towels like sandpaper ,surely Accor could afford better!



Location was found easily by car Price quality was okay-ish compared to Switzerland but could have found an aparthotel at a better price than just a budget hotel Personnel at desk reception were quick, efficient and welcoming However, we had a terrible night sleep due to the housekeeping staff. They were not just having a conversation at 7-8am they were shouting out loud their conversation although we had put a slip "do jot disturb" at the door because we needed our full sleep before we'd hit the road again.

Sandie C


Business trip stayed at the Ibis Budget for 6 nights, because all other hotels were booked. Paid extra for breakfast quote "all you can eat breakfast" which consisted of a bread roll, one type of ham and cheese. Very little breakfast available and I was one of the first in the breakfast room. I had to buy extra food to keep my energy levels up for my working day despite it costing my £12 per day for breakfast at the hotel. No air conditioning and room very hot. Arrived the first day at 12pm after a long journey from the UK and had to wait until 4.30pm to check in when check-in says 12pm. No one on reception in the morning to allow me to discuss issues. Terrible, terrible service and a complete and utter swindle.



Unnecessarily spartan rooms. It felt like they removed features just so they could justify higher prices for their other properties. - Unpleasant check in after completing the online check in - inadequate fixtures (doors to toilet and shower) - unpleasant cleaning fluid smell



Many amenities has to pay extra money. It looks like the room do not have air-conditioning. Unless there is no choice nearby at all, or unless you are really just looking for a place to sleep, it is not recommend to use this facility.



The view of the mountains and horses at the back was very nice. For the budget price one gets a nice warm comfortable bed to sleep in, good shower, some space to put clothes and luggage. Breakfast buffet and parking is also available, costs extra but not expensive. It was easy to park just outside the hotel. The location is good because the restaurants and old town can be reached by walking. The metro is just across the hotel.



I satisfied with everything actually. Just it was bit unusual for me when I checked in in the same reception desk but I suggested to go to other staff who was handling other guest. He didn't have any guest waiting to handle. One main entrance and two different directions and in the end ended up in one reception desk. ;-) I was Front Office Supervisor at Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts.



An average ibis budget though a little bit far from city but easily reached w tram.the tram stop is at the opposite of the hotel, in front of the expo.Moreover we can get free pass for transport from the hotel.



Because I did not know this is very bad hotel, booking at this hotel was the direct cause of that I did not enjoy the trip, too bad smell I could not sleep comfortably, not clean Switzerland was the name means high prices compared to the quality, as well as no longer possible.



Very basic hotel, but very good indeed. Very close to train/tram/bus stand. Staff was very good. convenient parking place. reasonably priced food and bar/ drinks. reasonably priced parking lot and best of all- complementary train/tram full day ticket- made the travel in the town super easy.



Despite the fact is located outside the downtown area, it is not too far. Besides, there is a bus stop right in front of the hotel. Very clean and quite hotel. Breakfast ok, could be better, however there are the essentials to start the morning. Staff very kind and helpful.



If you've not won the lotto and don't require 5 star accommodations (and like close company with your travel companions) you could hardly do better than budget Bern Expo. 20 minutes scenic walk to Old City Bern or a 10 minute tram ride, the location is excellent. Rooms are spartan, well laid out. My room was presented as usable by three people. All three could not stand in the room unless one was in the shower but who wants to stand around in a room with so much to see. For one or for two friendly people or two and a third non-snoring third, it would be fine. The immediate area is rather sparse for dining but many options begin only 10-12 minutes walk away. Staff all multi-lingual, which helped a whole lot too.



Easily accessible and meeting all requirements of budget hotel. Tram service is just outside hotel. Provided Bern city tickets. No door lock for WC and shower hence suitable for couples or solo travellers



As an Ibis Budget hotel we knew what to expect as we had stayed in several Ibis Budget hotels. In fact we were not let down because checking in was smooth and the receptionist was very helpful. Breakfast was the usual one would expect from this type of hotel which, for us, was quite adequate. The location is very good. It is slightly outside the city centre but there is a good connection by tram no 9 which is very frequent. Our room was on the 12th floor from where we enjoyed excellent views of the mountains.



1. i had to wait 2 hrs plus to check-in after 2pm even though i can after 12 2. the receptionist was rude 3. officials i met gives an impression that they dont respect guests of budget hotels 4. receptionist argues that it's okay to keep guests wait until rooms are clean as they some times allow early check-in before 12 noon 5. room has no fan or air-condition 6. even though it's ibis budget all their budget hotels seems not to have same service and infra; this' what the recep told me 7. a couple of other receptionist were good; may be they are new



First time in an Ibis Budget, didn;t know what to expect .... but pleasantly surprised, rooms are bright, cheery, clean, tidy ... can't really ask for a lot more if you're only after a place to put your head down to sleep. Room was hot and lacking air conditioning, but it was a very hot week and most establishments seemed to be lacking air-con .



It is very Clean room and bathroom facilities. We love it so much !, the hotel is not exactly in central city, the tram right in front of it, and take about 10 minutes to the city . The hotel really great for the price.


Ibis Budget

ibis budget Bern Expo



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