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All amenities

Room amenities

  • Air conditioning
  • Satellite/cable colour TV
  • WiFi in your room
  • Work desk in all rooms

Bathroom amenities

  • Accessible bathroom


  • Audible smoke alarms in rooms
  • Emergency info in rooms
  • Security peephole


Around the Hotel

Business stays

  • Company

    3M&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    ABA SEGUROS&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    ACCENTURE&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    ALCATEL&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    AXA SEGUROS&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    BANAMEX&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    BANK OF AMERICA&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    BAYER&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    BP MEXICO&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    BRITISH TABACCO&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    COCA COLA COMPANY&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    DELOITTE&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    ERICSSON&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    ERNST AND YOUNG&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    FEMSA&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    FIAT&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    FINSA&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    FIRA&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    FIRST NATIONAL BANK&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    GAMESA&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    GRUMA MASECA&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    HUAWEI&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    ING&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    JOHNSON AND JOHNSON&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    L OREAL&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    MASTERLEASE&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    MICROSOFT&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    MONEX&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    ORACLE&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    PEPSICO&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    PRICE WATER COOPERS&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    PROCTER AND GAMBLE&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    SABRITAS&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    SEGUROS MONTERREY&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    SIGMA&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    SORIANA&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    SYMANTEC&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    TELEVISA&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    TELMEX&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    TYSON&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    VITRO&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
  • Convention centre

    CINEMAS SAN AGUSTIN&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    CINEMAS SAN PEDRO&npsb;(2km / 1.24mi)
    CINEPOLIS S AGUSTIN&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    CINEPOLIS V ORIENTE&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    CL PALESTINO LIBANE&npsb;(2km / 1.24mi)
    CLUB DE L MONTERREY&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    CLUB EJECUTIVO&npsb;(2km / 1.24mi)
    CLUB EMPRESARIAL&npsb;(2.5km / 1.55mi)
    CLUB INDUSTRIAL&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
  • Exhibition centre

    CINTERMEX&npsb;(4.9km / 3.04mi)
    CONVEX&npsb;(1.9km / 1.18mi)

Culture & Theatre

  • Museums

    ARTE CONTEMPORANEO&npsb;(2.6km / 1.62mi)
    CENTRO DE LAS ARTES&npsb;(5.6km / 3.48mi)
    MEXICAN HISTORY&npsb;(3.3km / 2.05mi)
    MUSEO METROPOLITANO&npsb;(2.6km / 1.62mi)
    NUEVO LEON REGIONAL&npsb;(3.3km / 2.05mi)
    PLANETARIO ALFA&npsb;(3.2km / 1.99mi)
  • Opera/symphony/concert hall

    ARENA MONTERREY&npsb;(4.5km / 2.8mi)

History & Nation heritage

  • Historic monument

    FARO DEL COMERCIO&npsb;(2.7km / 1.68mi)
    INDEPENDENCE ARC&npsb;(4.2km / 2.61mi)
    MACROPLAZA&npsb;(2.7km / 1.68mi)
    MONTERREY CATHEDRAL&npsb;(2.7km / 1.68mi)
    OBISPADO CATHEDRAL&npsb;(3.6km / 2.24mi)
    PALACIO DE GOBIERNO&npsb;(3.3km / 2.05mi)

Parks & Leisure

  • Amusement park

    SESAME STREET PARK&npsb;(6.2km / 3.85mi)


  • Stadium

    ESTADIO DE BEISBOL&npsb;(8km / 4.97mi)
    ESTADIO TECNOLOGICO&npsb;(4.1km / 2.55mi)
    ESTADIO UNIVERSITAR&npsb;(8.5km / 5.28mi)

Tourist info

  • Special tourist area

    COLA DE CABALLO&npsb;(30km / 18.64mi)
    ECOLOGICAL PARK&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    GRUTAS DE GARCIA&npsb;(50km / 31.07mi)
    LA HUASTECA&npsb;(15km / 9.32mi)
    PASEO SANTA LUCIA&npsb;(3km / 1.86mi)


All hotel services

Offered Services
Paying Services


  • Bus/coach parking area


  • Reduced mobility facilities
  • Wheelchair access


  • Golf course 18 holes (nearby)

Car rental

  • Car hire service desk


  • Babysitting on request
  • Connecting rooms available

Business Services

  • Fax machine
  • Internet connectivity
  • Safe deposit box at reception
  • WIFI in the communal areas
  • WiFi access
  • WiFi at the hotel
  • WiFi in your room


  • Private indoor parking


Customer Reviews

Partnership with



Service and location are perfect, the bathroom area in rooms can be better, for example the bath door has no lock and glasses are made of plastic. I would also like more space for clothing. Everything else was just great!

Alain M P


The hotel is a low tier level, but it is clean and has the amenities for having a good night of rest. Close to Valle/ Las torres areas (MTY business center), about 40 minutes from the airport (350 MXN or about 14 USD). Nice area to stay, walking distance from a jogging park, next door of a wings restaurant, one block from a gas station with convenience store and within minutes of 3 high-tier Monterrey malls, located in front of a highway, I would recommend to ask for a room in the back side In the back side: Although clean, the rooms look a bit used, everything was working but I don't see myself staying there for more than 2 nights (as any Ibis, the rooms are small and it does not have any commodities)



I would recommend this hotel and probably be back. I stayed 5 night and one time they forgot to put two towels. Trr breakfast was absolutely wonderful. Freshly squeezed orange juice and many other natural juices! Delicious breakfasts!

Ian K


I recently stayed at the IBIS Valle for three night and on the first night I was checked-in to Room 120. Immediately upon entering the room I could hear music and what sounded like clanging pots. Sure enough the room was directly above the kitchen. I asked to be moved to another room but the night manager said nothing was available so I asked that he have the music turned off. He was very unhelpful and only did something when I got quite angry. Sure enough the music was back on within 5 minutes and the manager tried again to turn it down. This happened four times until I finally passed out from exhaustion at 1:30am. At 6:30 am I was awakened to even louder clanging and louder music. This hotel has suited my needs in the past but I am very afraid to book it again unless I can be certain I won't be on the first floor.



Well located property and easy check-in and check-out process. Staff friendliness and a warm welcome. Very good deal for the price. Like other Ibis hotels, rooms transmit a little bit of sadness. Despite this, it's a very good hotel deal.

Marcelo S


Great hotel, clean, good internet. Only thing that was not good was breakfast, too few "normal" options (there were tacos, nachos, meat, but no cheese or ham for example) for a person like me (from Brazil). Also no safe on the room.

Gerardo V


perfect for business, and excellent price, also it's in a very good location in the city. the breakfast was good enough. the room was little but it had everything for a short stay. i recomend this hotel for business.

Joe U


This hotel is located perfectly within the San Pedro area, easy access, Hotel personnel are very accommodating, they have fulfilled request for early check-in after long flights etc... there is an OXXO store across the street and a large mall 1 block away, Plaza Fiesta San Agustin has movie theaters, supermarkets, brand name clothing and even a best buy. The hotel is nothing fancy, but you can't beat the quality/price ratio.



Excellent location, is a very nice area, close to Plaza Fiesta San agustin and Paseo San pedro and many beautiful places! Great staff members, they are very kind and aware of your needs! Very clean and cozy. I have stayed here a couple of times and I really recommended!

Koen P


Ibis can be recommended if you're searching for an economic alternative in the generally expensive San Pedro district. It's nothing special, but there is nothing to complain about, a good place to stay considering what you pay for it.


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