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All amenities

Room amenities

  • Automatic wake up call
  • Iron at reception
  • Operator wake up call
  • RJ 11 outlet
  • Satellite/cable colour TV
  • Sweet Bed
  • WiFi in your room
  • Work desk in all rooms

Bathroom amenities

  • Accessible bathroom
  • Hair dryer in bathroom
  • Shower
  • Toilets


  • Emergency info in rooms
  • Smoke alarm in room


Around the Hotel

Business stays

  • Convention centre

    PALAIS DES ARTS&npsb;(22km / 13.67mi)
    VANNES&npsb;(15km / 9.32mi)
  • Events centre

    HARAS HENNEBONT&npsb;(15km / 9.32mi)
    SITE MEGALITHIQUE&npsb;(10km / 6.21mi)
  • Exhibition centre

    PARC DES EXPOS "CHORUS" VANNES&npsb;(20km / 12.43mi)
    PARC EXPOS LORIENT&npsb;(30km / 18.64mi)

Culture & Theatre

  • Cultural centre

    ATHENA&npsb;(2km / 1.24mi)
  • Museums

    COSTUME BRETON&npsb;(10km / 6.21mi)
    ECO MUSEE ST DEGAN&npsb;(7km / 4.35mi)
    L' HISTORIAL&npsb;(10km / 6.21mi)
  • Opera/symphony/concert hall

    C CULTUREL ATHENA&npsb;(3km / 1.86mi)

History & Nation heritage

  • Historic monument

    AURAY&npsb;(3km / 1.86mi)
    BASILIQUE STE ANNE&npsb;(10km / 6.21mi)
    ECOMUSE ST DEGAN&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    PORT DE ST GOUSTAN&npsb;(3km / 1.86mi)

Parks & Leisure

  • Amusement park

    CAMORS ADVENTURE&npsb;(15km / 9.32mi)
    FORET ADRENALINE&npsb;(10km / 6.21mi)
    LE PETIT DELIRE&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
  • Aquarium

    AQUARIUM DE VANNES&npsb;(20km / 12.43mi)
  • Casino

    CASINO BARRIERE&npsb;(12km / 7.46mi)
  • Other attractions

    ZA & ZC KERFONTAINE&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    ZA DE KERBOIS&npsb;(2km / 1.24mi)
    ZA DE KERLAN&npsb;(20km / 12.43mi)
    ZA DE LUSCANEN&npsb;(20km / 12.43mi)
    ZA DU MOUSTOIR&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    ZA PORTE OCEANE&npsb;(2km / 1.24mi)


  • Golf course

    BADEN&npsb;(10km / 6.21mi)
    ST LAURENT PLOEMEL&npsb;(10km / 6.21mi)
  • Sports centre

    VITAL TONIC/AURAY&npsb;(2km / 1.24mi)

Surrounding area

  • Beach area

    CARNAC&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
  • On the beach

    PLAGES D ERDEVEN&npsb;(11km / 6.84mi)

Tourist info

  • Special tourist area

    CARNAC SITE MEGALITE&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    LA MER LES PLAGES&npsb;(10km / 6.21mi)
    LA TRINITE/MER CARNAC&npsb;(11km / 6.84mi)
    QUIBERON-COTE SAUVAGE&npsb;(30km / 18.64mi)
    BELLE ILE EN MER&npsb;(30km / 18.64mi)
    LA COTE SAUVAGE&npsb;(20km / 12.43mi)
    QUIBERON&npsb;(20km / 12.43mi)
    REMPARTS DE VANNES&npsb;(20km / 12.43mi)
    SITE MEGALITHIQUE&npsb;(11km / 6.84mi)


All hotel services

Offered Services
Paying Services


  • Bus/coach parking area
  • Private outdoor parking


  • Athletics stadium (nearby)
  • Bowling (nearby)
  • Clay tennis court (nearby)
  • Indoor tennis court (nearby)

Business Services

  • Fax machine
  • Safe deposit box at reception
  • WiFi access
  • WiFi in your room
  • Wireless Internet connection


  • Gift shop/newspaper shop


  • Boat excursions (nearby)
  • Bodybuilding equipment/gym (nearby)
  • Deep sea fishing/Sea fishing (nearby)
  • Golf course 18 holes (nearby)
  • Golf course 9 holes (nearby)
  • Golf practice facilities (nearby)
  • Jet skiing (nearby)
  • Kayaking (nearby)
  • Mini golf (nearby)
  • Outdoor tennis court (nearby)
  • Sailing facilities (nearby)
  • Snorkelling/Scuba diving center (nearby)
  • Wind surfing facilities (nearby)


  • Fitness centre (nearby)


Customer Reviews

Partnership with

Thomas S


Brilliant lbis hotel with good transport links too,staff were excellent rooms were spotless. Situated close to the coast and Carnac,In summary a very good hotel and we are looking forward to our next visit.



The hotel is in a good location and the accommodation was kept clean with excellent room service. One day we arrived for breakfast at 8.30 to find no bread. Some burnt loaves and baguettes were brought out but they were inedible. Despite two staff on duty, the cornflakes and English Breakfast tea bags had run out and were not refilled. The egg machine was topped up with cold water and failed to boil. The only choice of fresh fruit was apples. We also stayed at the Ibis Red in Honfleur, where there were 8 different choices of fresh fruit and they topped up the egg machine from a kettle. Service there was excellent - as soon as something ran out, it was refilled. Such a difference.

Philip Edward H


Very convenient for touring the area. Helpful and friendly staff,who have very good english.. Excellent restaurant near, ask at the hotel reception for a discount voucher. We obviously liked our stay with the dog and will use this hotel again.

Marge S


This hotel was excellent. Brand new and sparkling. Bar food only available but there is a restaurant opposite within 200 metres. We opted for the in house food which was very good. The room was good and very clean. The area outside was nicely landscaped. It was close to main road but no noise. Staff very pleasant and helpful.



We had a good stay at IBIS Auray. The room in terms of cleanliness and comfort was well up to IBIS standard as was the breakfast. The reception area staff were very helpful. Whilst I accept that IBIS hotels can be out of town this one is quite isolated by busy roads and it's not feasable to walk into Auray. There is a restaurant within 50 yards but it closes at weekends! If it was not for this isolation it would've had an 'excellent' rating.



I am not sure of the benefits of an Accor Membership and prebooking and pre paying for rooms.We checked in to the hotel on a Sunday evening and although there were probably no more than a dozrn guests we had been allocated the room with probably the worst view over a builder's yard. it appears to be policy to allocate the worst rooms first (to pre-payers). We did get the room changed after much persistence. The location is not good with no nearby services or restaurants.



Shabby & dated hotel.Uncommunicative staff. Threadbare carpets, especially on stairs. Dank smell. Wobbly WC seat (obviously present for a long time} No Restaurant. No BBC TV channels. Receptionist said that was a policy decision from Accor HQ. The hotel had to provide at least 12 French channels and that meant that we could not have BBC news. He said that Germans had also complained about lack of German TV. The Ibis at Auray is not like any other Ibis that we have used. it has the appearance of an old hotel that has been acquired by Accor and never updated.


Ibis Hotel

ibis Auray



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