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  • Convention centre

    KONGRESSZ. WEIMARHALLE&npsb;(6km / 3.73mi)
  • Exhibition centre

    MESSEHALLE ERFURT&npsb;(25km / 15.54mi)

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    IN WEIMAR&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
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    NATIONALTHEATER&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)

History & Nation heritage

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    GEDENKS. BUCHENWALD&npsb;(12km / 7.46mi)


  • Stadium

    STEIGERWALDSTADION&npsb;(20km / 12.43mi)

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    INNENSTADT WEIMAR&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)


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Alexandre T


No much to say - just needed a place to stay overnight - was good enough for me. The hotel is "old" Etap style but no real issue as far as I am concerned. Good value proposition, in the middle of an industrial zone. Definitely utilitarian.



Very good to stay for a 1 night stop. Breakfast was OK. Beds are definitely not comfortable. SInk is in the bedroom (no separation). Toilet and shower together in a kind of plastic box. Close to the motorway in a business park - easy to find. Very calm at night.



After all the staff had left the building at 22.00, a car turned up with 4 German "thugs" in it and 2 girls who may well have been prostitutes. They then self checked in and as I was sat outside I heard one of the guys say "we just get one room OK?". Later I had to help one of the girls get back into the building as she was evidently "high". Unfortunately they got the room next to us (we were in 213) and created all sorts of noise all night. Consequently I did not get any sleep whatsoever ahead of a long drive, which was the whole point of stopping there. In my opinion the whole Ibis Budget self check in process is now flawed in view of the security situation in Europe. Rather than ending up in a quasi-brothel we could easily have ended up in a building full of terrorists. I will be avoiding Ibis Budget hotels in the future based on these concerns



Very efficient, friendly stay. Recommend for a short stay, pragmatic value for money night-over. The reception was working well, service in English. Room was simple, but clean, and had a good number of towels. Window was however not so good, there was some noise from outside.

Ruslan B


I am travelling quite a lot. For instance, this Autumn I will spend over 7 weeks travelling abroad in total. Ibis budget brand specifically attracts as it is located far from the noises of a city, with all the basic amenities (at least you only sleep there). This time for the first time ever I saw worker at my room, when I went out of the shower, and the local personnel did not even allow us to enter the hotel for three hours, though we paid reservation in advance. Attitude is the worst I have even ever seen! Maybe this is the Buchenwald style hotel? Accor must think many times before allowing someone to use their brand name. If I meet such attitude next time, will definitely switch to another hotel network. Angry and disapointed.



Old building needing work to be done urgently. Toilet seat withou lid??????? Rooms also needing to be renewed urgently - old carpets... Didn't knew na Íbis budget could be like that. No bottled water at Breakfast???



Stayed one night, The hotel Is not far from the highway. The room is simple, but clean, matras is confortable. good breakfast, good price/quality. Didn't use the wifi, seems have to register first before use it, and it seems the free wifi is only for didn't want to go through the trouble.



this property is very quiet but secluded, hard to find, signage is too small and not easy to find from the autobahn, very clean property, staff was forthcoming, but they had increased in one year from 25 euro a night to 31, this increase is too much, too much greed., in a country where the inflation is supposed to be 2 percent or less a year ! otherwise to be recommended.



Very nice owner. location is in the middle of nowhere but easy to access. Very quiet. Perfect to visit Ertfurt and surroundings for cheap. Clean and great Internet. However it's time to replace the mini-tube TV with aN LCD TV. Willing to pay $2/night extra for this!



this hotel is very hard to find, it s hidden off the street and the connecting alley to the hotel is filled with bushes, but it can be done, very clean, nice, good price, would recommend, very quiet !

Volkan S


I like staying in Ibis Budget hotels. They are cheap and clean and do perfectly if you are looking for a place to sleep. However this one in Nohra wasn't worth the dime. Ok, it's really cheap, no discussion about that. But I have another definition of "clean". When I got in my room there were quite some insects in there. While trying to catch or kill them I saw that there were many dead moskitos on the floor. Disgusting. Later, when I went to bed, the bedding was clean, but the mattress smelled like smoke. For a non-smoker not so pleasant.



Nice hotel and fair price! An overall good experience! If I have to go to this part of Germany again then I will without doubt be coming back! Everything was fine and the staff was very friendly! I often travel with my dogs so it is important to me that they are welcome too!



Cannot recommend. There's nothing worse than arriving to your hotel at 2:45AM only to find that the code that was supposed to let you in and open the door does not work. IBIS should really fix that. It's the 2nd and last time I tried IBIS. Room was very worn and dirty. I realize that for a 29 Euro special you shouldn't expect much but IBIS is simply unacceptable.


If you have a car, you can stay in this hotel. It took about 10 min to town of Weimar.. I could see very good scene while driving to hotel. It is far a little from town, but good price and good location, most of all very clean and kind staff...


Ibis Budget

ibis budget Weimar Nohra



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