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  • Air Conditioning
  • High speed transmission line
  • RJ 45 outlet
  • Satellite/cable colour TV
  • Sweet Bed
  • Web TV
  • WiFi in your room
  • Work desk in all rooms

Bathroom amenities

  • Accessible bathroom
  • Hair dryer in bathroom
  • Toilets


  • Audible smoke alarms in rooms
  • Deadbolts and/or locks in rooms
  • Emergency info in rooms
  • Keycard-operated door locks
  • Smoke alarm in room


Around the Hotel

Business stays

  • Convention centre

    PARC DES EXPO - VERSAILLES&npsb;(12km / 7.46mi)
  • Events centre

    BERCY POPB&npsb;(12km / 7.46mi)
    ESPACE JEAN MONNET&npsb;(2km / 1.24mi)

History & Nation heritage

  • Historic monument

    CHATEAU DE VERSAILLES&npsb;(24km / 14.91mi)

Parks & Leisure

  • Amusement park

    DISNEYLAND PARIS&npsb;(45km / 28.13mi)


  • Stadium

    PARC DES PRINCES&npsb;(18km / 11.19mi)
    STADE DE FRANCE&npsb;(35km / 21.75mi)


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Business Services

  • Safe deposit box at reception
  • WiFi access
  • WiFi in your room
  • Wireless Internet connection


  • Bus/coach parking area
  • Private indoor parking


Customer Reviews

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Carlos S


Arrived at the restaurant around 21:30h Asked for my meal - at around 10:20h nothing, no one even looked. Called someone that apologized for the delay and finally brought my meal - "re-heated" without a doubt. After a long working day, had half of it, paid and left.



Second time at Ibis Paris Orly, conveniently by the terminal through a new walking bridge. The check-in this time was a bit hassly as the first room allocation was to a room already occupied. The rooms was of course changed (after having three times asked if we were sure there was somebody in the room... how can't you be sure if someone is clearly snoring on the bed and there is luggage and clothes in the room.... Quite odd to ask it three times?). The second room was unfortunately a smoking room and we needed to change it immediately as well. The third room was allocated by another person at the reception and she seemed to understand the problems and made sure that the next room meets all criteria stated in our booking: a non-smoking twin room. Finally we got ourselves in a correct room which was just as it should. The overnight itself and the breakfast buffet were good Ibis standard, everything fine with it. Will definitely stay again on our next trip through Orly. I am just wondering how well the staff is trained or are they often using temporary personnel as it sometimes feels like you are not take very seriously as a client or the person is just doing the minimum without too much concentration. This happens more rarely than the good experiences though. The only thing which is scaring is that the system allows double allocation of room which enables giving strangers a valid key to a room already occupied by other client. This does not increase the feeling of security, especially if you happened to be the one sleeping in your room when somebody enters your room with a valid key....



Good place to stay before flight (or arriving). Good breakfast, including REAL French cheese. Fast check out. Diner could be improved, especially the buffet. Good bar. Room was quiet (no plane noise). very large shower

Cd M


I booked my room 5 months in advance to get a good price of £68. We arrived at 10am after a trip from the US and just wanted to sleep from the jet lag. But we have been told that if we wanted the room from 10am, we would have to pay €14/h more because rooms are only available from midday. So we ended up paying €28 extra. We had to wait 20 min at the desk before being served because there was only 1 desk in the morning. The room was very small and with our three big luggages we could almost not open the doors. We have been used to better service at Ibis hotel.



Very average. A/c in room didn't work so room like a sweatbox even with a cool outside air temp. Extractor fan in bathroom didn't work, if there was one fitted? Two people booked in a twin room and only one bath towel provided. Reception was crazy busy, so a long wait to check in & again be provided with a second towel.



Simple room, good wifi, no water bottle or minibar or coffee machine, no kettle for making tea. Good location near the airport hall, in distance of walking. Good for sleeping one night, ideal for late flights.



Despite having checked in online to save time, on arrival there was a 'free for all' at Reception. No queuing system in place (but of course this is France) and no separate queue for those who had checked in online (a good idea, no?). Once with the Receptionist, it took over 10 minutes to hand me my key. She could not find my name in the system because apparently I had mispronounced my own name which caused confusion (no question that she had misheard of mistyped). Then I got stuck in the lift because it was not clear which of the two sets of identical buttons to press. Despite pressing the alarm, no one came. I was finally 'rescued' by another customer who opened the doors. Whilst the (superior) room was decorated very nicely and the bed was very comfortable, there was no hot water in the shower, it was not even tepid. I was simply told that there were probably a number of people using the shower at the same time so 'tant pis' for me. So no shower, having travelled all day and with a scheduled 5am wake up. On seeking respite at the bar (where I ordered a mint tea), I was astounded to be ignored by the barmen who served three individual men, who arrived after me, before even acknowledging me. Flabbergasting! When I noticed that my tea bag was Green Tea rather than the Mint I had requested, he simply replied that he didn't have any mint! No apology, no question to find out whether Green Tea would be ok or not. Despite the comfy bed and proximity to Orly Sud I would not stay here again. The staff were awful.



The hotel is the same for any other Ibis. The employees are the best on this hotel. They are receptive and always solve your problems. The room (as other Ibis rooms) was small for me, as well, the bathroom. The access to the airport is about 5-10 minutes by foot, and from Paris you can get RER B and T4 easily.

Jane C


This hotel is only a short level walk from Orly Terminal Sud. It is as most Ibis hotels with small bedrooms with very little storage space. But what more do you need for an overnight with a very early morning check in? Our bedroom overlooked a building site but the sound proofing is excellent and we couldn't hear noise from that or the planes landing and taking off. The bathroom is small but adequate. We were happy with the restaurant and had the buffet lunch which had plenty of choice and nice fresh salads. We also had a very light evening meal in the bar. We found the bar staff to be pleasant but rather slow in serving. There is a nice terrace off the bar with grass and trees. Pity there were so many smokers out there! We would return to this hotel if we have another Orly flight. The hotel is under some renovation too - but again we were not inconvenienced in anyway by this. The staff speak English but were willing let me try and speak French!



I had a wonderful stay nearby the Orly airport sleeping for one night between international flights. the location is great and easy access, the organization, the room, the facilities were in fact really great. The only problem I have had (and that goes to the entire trip while in Paris) was with the guest service of the receptionist at the restaurant of the hotel. There was no sign indicating how to proceed on ordering food so we sat in a table and none of the waiters that walked by took our orders. When I went to the counter the hostess got really pissed off with me because I didn't speak french and tried to talk in English. In a very rude manner she started talking in French and simply walked off on me. My guest advice to Ibis: make sure all of your employees have the same approach on providing client satisfaction. That includes accepting your guest's language barriers and having on your team people willing to make it happen. If you have employees pissed off with guests because they don't speak french right next to an international airport you have a serious communication problem as a host.



Convenient location close to Orly Sud terminal. Check in fine, but couldn't get the air conditioning to warm the room at all.Too tired to complain after a flight from Havana. Miserable offering for buffet dinner so didn't bother. Had a drink and went to bed. No one on the desk in the morning for check out.



I spent here one night because I had an early flight the next day. Hotel is conveniently located, about 10 minutes walking to the South-terminal. As an alternative, also the shuttle bus between the south- and west terminal has a stop near the hotel entrance. The hotel itself is like any other IBIS hotel on this planet. Only in this hotel I noticed that the room was much smaller than I'm used to at IBIS. Although the hotel is near the airport, you don't here any noise from the arriving or departing airplanes because of the double windows.


I am reporting this problem because I travel on business some 25 times a year, often using Ibis Hotels, and very rarely do I warn other travellers about information sent by a hotel which is meant to help you to reach the hotel safely and conveniently, but I am repeating here my comments to the Reception Desk of the Ibis Orly Aeroport Hotel which I made to them on my arrival. I checked in in advance because I was arriving late - by 23.00 hours - and leaving early the next morning - by 04.30. I paid fully in advance. When I checked in in advance, I asked for information about the possibility of some form of early breakfast, information about getting to the Airport Terminal, and at which Terminal should I get off Les Cars by which I would be travelling from Paris Montparnasse. I received no response to these enquiries so I rang the hotel from Gare Montparnasse. I was told to get off the bus at Terminal S, but the situation had been confused by then by the sms which the hotel sends out to all arrivals - this does not, despite what it seems to say, refer to the Airport Terminal Welcome Desk but to the Hotel 'Welcome' Reception Area. At 11.00 at night, I finished up walking from the Terminal to the Hotel, around the various road works. Pointing out to the Hotel Reception that the messages I had received from Ibis were confusing, did not respond directly to my queries, and that my phone call seemed to muddy the waters even more, the Reception Staff offered neither an apology nor an explanation - except to say that they had not seen my sms's seeking clarification. Because Ibis on this occasion sent confusing and inaccurate information, and they failed to apologise. I am worried that they will not have corrected their information and advice wording and systems.



Good reception and helpful service in a hotel which structure is old fashioned. Situated near the airport's carparks in an industrial zone. Conveniently situated in front of the tram and some buses. The food was ordinary at dinner but breakfast was good.



There are some good points and some not so good points about this hotel. I booked the hotel back in May and then tried twice to contact reservations by email, but no response. I then rang the hotel directly in July to ask for a room that over looked the runway. I was there to follow my hobby of plane sptting. I asked for certain rooms on the top floor, 4th, and was told that room 434 had been reserved for me. As a member of there reward scheme I checked in online and was told that before I arrived I would receive an SMS message about transportation etc. on my phone. No details arrived. I had to go to the airport information desk and ask how to get to the Ibis. On arrival I was checked into a room on the second floor, 290 I think. I produced the email showing that in July I was reserved room 434. This was not available and was given room 356. The room was a good size, spotless and with a large comfortable bed on which I had 2 pleasant nights sleep. The bathroom was tiny. I could not wash my hair in the sink as the bathroom was not wide to be able to bend over the sink. I had to sit sideways on the toilet because the side wall comes out at an angle so preventing you from sitting normally. The air conditioning is only for cold air even though it is marked up to 25 degrees. Standard Wifi is free but I paid for 2 days unlimited super fast broadband. I signed up on Thursday about 15.30 and lost connection at 20.00 on Friday. As I was leaving the next day I did not complain. The restaurant I found really good for both breakfast and dinner. Staff were friendly and efficient and the food was good. The hotel corridors are in need of a touch of fresh paint. The bottom of the service doors and skirting boards had paint missing. So the good points were the room size and cleanliness, the bed, and the restaurant.



For some years now, I have stayed at the Ibis Hotel near Orly Sud Airport. I am thoroughly satisfied with the facilities provided by this 3-Star hotel. Additional bonus - their new 'dream' mattresses are s-o-o comfortable that a good night's sleep is guaranteed!



This is exactly what we needed for our very early flight out of Orly-Sud: Quiet, very clean room. Comfortable bed. Five minutes walk from the terminal and from the T7 tramway stop. Discounted price was reasonable.

Gabriel B


Typical Ibis hotel, good beds, clean enough rooms, 5 minutes walk from airport. Food expensive and average but at least available 24 hours per day. No problems as always with pets. Staff at reception and at the hotel bar rather rude. They first server didn't apply the meal deal and tried to overcharge us; pretty sure it was a mistake, which was fixed by another worker but neither of them were friendly nor did they find it necessary to apologize. The Arabic guy at reception was efficient but not very welcoming. These staff members should be re-trained (or dealt with in other ways). Other than that, solid Ibis hotel with good location for the airport. A pick up or shuttle service would be the only thing missing, apart from the staff.



The check-in was excellent, due to the attendant Sonia. The bedroom didn't have a minibar and the air conditioning didn't work (in summer time). The beverages in the machines were expensive. Breakfast was not good (there were no eggs) and there should be more variety of cheeses when it comes to France. I have already stayed in other Ibis hotels in French speaking countries and there were more types of cheeses and hams.

severine w


We did struggle to find the hotel itself as not very very clearly indicated but staying has been comfortable. Hotel restaurant offers a menu and a buffet which was reasonably priced. Cold buffet selection was endless. Didn't have breakfast as early flight but terminal was only 5 mins walk which was perfect. Room was Clean and tidy and couldn't hear airport noise from the room. We bookthe night and park package and was best option. Will use again


Ibis Hotel

ibis Paris Coeur d'Orly Airport



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