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All amenities

Room amenities

  • Air conditioning
  • Automatic air control
  • Automatic wake up call
  • High speed transmission line (paying)
  • Iron at reception
  • Manual temperature control
  • Operator wake up call
  • Satellite/cable colour TV
  • Sweet Bed
  • WiFi in your room

Bathroom amenities

  • Accessible bathroom
  • Bathtub
  • Hair dryer at reception
  • Hair dryer in bathroom
  • Toilets


  • Audible smoke alarms in rooms
  • Emergency info in rooms
  • Keycard-operated door locks
  • Smoke alarm in room


Around the Hotel

Business stays

  • Company

    ALSTOM&npsb;(0.1km / 0.06mi)
    ATOOL&npsb;(4km / 2.49mi)
    AUTO GRILL&npsb;(1.4km / 0.87mi)
    BANQUE POPULAIRE&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    BBA REMAN&npsb;(1.2km / 0.75mi)
    BEUCHAT&npsb;(8km / 4.97mi)
    BIOTECH GERMANDE&npsb;(4km / 2.49mi)
    BOURBON OFFSHORE&npsb;(6.5km / 4.04mi)
    CENTRE LUMINY&npsb;(6.4km / 3.98mi)
    DUNE&npsb;(4km / 2.49mi)
    EDF&npsb;(2.6km / 1.62mi)
    EQUESTRE PASTRE&npsb;(3.6km / 2.24mi)
    FF RANDONNEE&npsb;(2.4km / 1.49mi)
    GAN&npsb;(1.4km / 0.87mi)
    GNFA&npsb;(4km / 2.49mi)
    INFA PACA&npsb;(4km / 2.49mi)
    L'ATELIER DE LA MER&npsb;(4km / 2.49mi)
    MARINE MARCHANDE&npsb;(2.3km / 1.43mi)
    ONET&npsb;(4.8km / 2.98mi)
    ORSUD&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    RTE&npsb;(0.1km / 0.06mi)
    SPIE&npsb;(0.49km / 0.3mi)
    WESTINGHOUSE&npsb;(0.1km / 0.06mi)
    YCPR&npsb;(4km / 2.49mi)
  • Convention centre

    FOIRE DE MARSEILLE&npsb;(3km / 1.86mi)
    GOLDEN TULIP&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    PALAIS DES CONGRES&npsb;(3km / 1.86mi)
    PALAIS DU PHARO&npsb;(8km / 4.97mi)
    PARC CHANOT&npsb;(2.5km / 1.55mi)
    VILLA MASSALIA&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
  • Exhibition centre

    PARC CHANOT&npsb;(3.5km / 2.19mi)


  • Clinic/hospital

    CLINIQUE CLAIRVAL&npsb;(4km / 2.49mi)
    LA CONCEPTION&npsb;(7.4km / 4.6mi)
    SAINT JOSEPH&npsb;(3km / 1.86mi)
    SAINTE MARGUERITE&npsb;(3.5km / 2.17mi)
  • Embassy

    CONSULAT D ALGERIE&npsb;(0.5km / 0.31mi)
    CONSULAT JAPON&npsb;(0.5km / 0.31mi)
    CONSULAT LIBAN&npsb;(0.5km / 0.31mi)

Culture & Theatre

  • Cinema district

    BONNEVEINE&npsb;(0.28km / 0.17mi)
    LA VALENTINE&npsb;(10.9km / 6.77mi)
    LE PRADO&npsb;(2.9km / 1.8mi)
  • Museums

    FRAC&npsb;(10.2km / 6.34mi)
    HISTOIRE MARSEILLE&npsb;(10.5km / 6.52mi)
    MAC&npsb;(0.3km / 0.19mi)
    MUCEM&npsb;(10.3km / 6.4mi)
    MUSEE BORELY&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    MUSEE CANTINI&npsb;(6.5km / 4.04mi)
    MUSEE DE LA MOTO&npsb;(16.9km / 10.5mi)
    MUSEE DES MONNAIES&npsb;(10.3km / 6.4mi)
    MUSEE DOCKS ROMAINS&npsb;(10.2km / 6.34mi)
    REGARDS DE PROVENCE&npsb;(10.2km / 6.34mi)
  • Opera/symphony/concert hall

    OPERA DE MARSEILLE&npsb;(9km / 5.59mi)

History & Nation heritage

  • Historic monument

    CATHEDRALE LA MAJOR&npsb;(9.7km / 6.03mi)
    LA VIEILLE CHARITE&npsb;(10.1km / 6.28mi)
    LE CHÂTEAU D'IF&npsb;(14km / 8.7mi)
    LE FORT ST JEAN&npsb;(10.3km / 6.4mi)
    LE FORT ST NICOLAS&npsb;(9km / 5.59mi)
    NOTRE DAME LA GARDE&npsb;(8km / 4.97mi)
    PALAIS DU PHARO&npsb;(9.3km / 5.78mi)
    PALAIS LONGCHAMP&npsb;(9.1km / 5.65mi)

Parks & Leisure

  • Botanical gardens

    LE PARC LONGCHAMP&npsb;(9.1km / 5.65mi)
    PARC BORELY&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    PARC DU CENTENAIRE&npsb;(4km / 2.49mi)
    PARC PASTRE&npsb;(3km / 1.86mi)
  • Casino

    CASINO DE CASSIS&npsb;(18.4km / 11.43mi)
  • Concert hall

    CABARET ALEATOIRE&npsb;(10km / 6.21mi)
    CABARET LE CYCLOPE&npsb;(4km / 2.49mi)
    DOCK DES SUDS&npsb;(10.4km / 6.46mi)
    ESPACE JULIEN&npsb;(8km / 4.97mi)
    LE SILO&npsb;(15km / 9.32mi)
    ZENITH LE DOME&npsb;(10.7km / 6.65mi)


  • Golf course

    PARC BORELY&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
  • Sports centre

    MOVING&npsb;(1.5km / 0.93mi)
    PALAIS DES SPORTS&npsb;(3.7km / 2.3mi)
    STADE VELODROME&npsb;(3.7km / 2.3mi)
  • Stadium

    STADE VELODROME&npsb;(3.7km / 2.3mi)

Surrounding area

  • Beach area

    PLAGE DES CATALANS&npsb;(9.8km / 6.09mi)
    PLAGE DES GOUDES&npsb;(6km / 3.73mi)
    PLAGE DU PRADO&npsb;(2.5km / 1.55mi)
    PLAGE DU PROPHETE&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    POINTE ROUGE&npsb;(3.5km / 2.19mi)
    PRADO&npsb;(2km / 1.25mi)
  • On the beach

    CALLANQUE MORGIOU&npsb;(3.6km / 2.24mi)
    CALLANQUE SORMIOU&npsb;(3.7km / 2.3mi)
    CALLANQUE SUGITON&npsb;(6.4km / 3.98mi)
    CALLELONGUE&npsb;(7.6km / 4.72mi)
    PORT CALLELONGUE&npsb;(7.6km / 4.72mi)
    PORT DES GOUDES&npsb;(6km / 3.73mi)
    PORT LA MADRAGUE&npsb;(4.6km / 2.86mi)
    PORT POINTE ROUGE&npsb;(2.8km / 1.74mi)

Tourist info

  • Special tourist area

    ESCALE BORELY&npsb;(2km / 1.25mi)
    VIEUX PORT&npsb;(6km / 3.75mi)
  • Tourist information

    OFFICE DE TOURISME&npsb;(8km / 4.97mi)


All hotel services

Offered Services
Paying Services


  • Ramp access
  • Reduced mobility facilities
  • Wheelchair access


  • Badminton
  • Boules/petanque
  • Outdoor unheated pool

Business Services

  • Safe deposit box at reception
  • WIFI in the communal areas
  • WiFi access
  • WiFi in your room
  • Wireless Internet connection


  • Bus/coach parking area
  • Paying car park
  • Paying car park

Business Services

  • Fax machine


Customer Reviews

Partnership with



If you go to Marseille for the fjords (calanques) or the beach this is a good location. The rooms are fine, the general service too. Breakfast is excellent including the service. I would return here if I am in the region.

shona w


Great hotel located outside the centre of Marseille only a €20 cab fare away and a 20-30min walk or a €10-15 cab fare. The hotel has a 24hour bar and reception desk and the rooms are cosy with great comfy beds. Modern interiors and basic but everything you need for a short break. Our air con didn't work but didn't seem a problem. Shower gel provided and plenty of towels also. Opposite the hotel is a shopping centre with a macdonalds, cafes and shops and a great big Carrefour, so convenient! We came as a group of three staying for the Euro's and couldn't fault the hotel, quiet area with no trouble at all! Would return was a perfect weekend away at such a great price!

Carlos B


First, I believed that the breakfast was included. Second, Ibis do not have change with other Ibis hotels. I had to return one day before. I lost a night of hotel that could have changed to another hotel in another city on returning to Spain. In other words, not convenient.

Eric R


I had a pleasant stay. The amenities were basic but all I required as I just needed the hotel as a base. The bed was comfortable and was kept well by the staff. I would come again if I have the same requirements.



As usual with the Ibis hotels, the complete package is good. Nothing extra but good value for the money with good facilities.The service is good as always. A bit negative was the breakfast. It seems to differ between the Ibis hotels. At this hotel it was a bit less, almost like a Ibis budget breakfast i think.



Very impressed with staff. I was with my young family and they were helpful and smiley. Small but well appointed rooms. Very comfy beds with good mattress toppers. Good security and open car park. Would recommend as a short stay hotel. Did not use the bar or swimming pool.


Ibis Hotel

ibis Marseille Bonneveine Route des Calanques



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