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All amenities

Room amenities

  • Automatic wake up call
  • High-speed Internet in your room
  • Iron at reception
  • Operator wake up call
  • RJ 11 outlet
  • RJ 45 outlet
  • Satellite/cable colour TV
  • Sweet Bed
  • WiFi in your room
  • Work desk in all rooms

Bathroom amenities

  • Hair dryer in bathroom
  • Shower


  • Audible smoke alarms in rooms
  • Deadbolts and/or locks in rooms
  • Emergency info in rooms
  • Keycard-operated door locks
  • Security peephole
  • Smoke alarm in room


Around the Hotel

Business stays

  • Business & financial district

    IFSC&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
  • Company

    AIB BANK BUSINESS CENTRE&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    AN POST DUBLIN MAIL CENTRE&npsb;(6.44km / 4mi)
    ANGLO IRISH BANK&npsb;(12.87km / 8mi)
    ASHFIELD COMPUTER TRAINING&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    CELLULAR WORLD&npsb;(4.83km / 3mi)
    COCA COLA BOTTLERS IRELAND&npsb;(1.61km / 1mi)
    EDEN TRAINING&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    EIRCOM&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    EURO FROZEN FOODS LTD&npsb;(6.44km / 4mi)
    FAS TRAINING & EMPLOYMENT&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    GALLAGHER BOXTY&npsb;(4.83km / 3mi)
    GLANBIA CONSUMER FOOD&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    GOOGLE&npsb;(12.87km / 8mi)
    GREENSTAR LTD&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    GRIFFINS PHARMACY LTD&npsb;(4.83km / 3mi)
    HENKEL LOCTITE IRL LTD&npsb;(4.83km / 3mi)
    IBM&npsb;(6.44km / 4mi)
    INGENICO IRELAND&npsb;(1.61km / 1mi)
    IPASS&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    IRISH BROADBAND INTERNET&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    JACOB FRUITFIELD FOOD GROUP&npsb;(4.83km / 3mi)
    JOHN PLAYER & SON&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    JOHNSON & JOHNSON IRELAND&npsb;(4.83km / 3mi)
    JOHNSTON LOGISTICS LTD&npsb;(4.02km / 2.5mi)
    KALDI COFFEE LTD&npsb;(4.02km / 2.5mi)
    LEVER FABERGE IRELAND&npsb;(4.83km / 3mi)
    MEDITEC MEDICAL&npsb;(4.83km / 3mi)
    MERCEDES&npsb;(4.83km / 3mi)
    METEOR MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    MOR&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    MUSGRAVE ROBINHOD&npsb;(4.02km / 2.5mi)
    NATIONAL BASKETBALL ARENA&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    NATIONAL IRISH SAFETY ORG.&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    NATIONAL LEARNING NETWORK&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    NESTLE LTD&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    NEW BAWN PHARMACY&npsb;(4.83km / 3mi)
    NEWCASTLE LIONS PHARMACY&npsb;(6.44km / 4mi)
    O2 IRELAND&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    QUALTEC&npsb;(19.31km / 12mi)
    R&A BAILEY & CO&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    REPAK LTD&npsb;(0.32km / 0.2mi)
    ROBT ROBERTS LTD&npsb;(4.83km / 3mi)
    RTE&npsb;(4.02km / 2.5mi)
    SAGGART PHARMACY&npsb;(6.44km / 4mi)
    SIAC CONSTRUCTIONS&npsb;(0.64km / 0.4mi)
    SISK&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    SUBARU IRL IM AUTOMOTIVE LTD&npsb;(4.83km / 3mi)
    THE HEALY GROUP&npsb;(4.02km / 2.5mi)
    TOYOTA&npsb;(5.63km / 3.5mi)
    TRULIFE&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    UPS&npsb;(4.83km / 3mi)
    VEOLIA&npsb;(0.5km / 0.31mi)
    VHI HEALTHCARE&npsb;(12.87km / 8mi)
    VODAFONE&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    VOLVO CAR IRL LTD&npsb;(4.83km / 3mi)
    WHYATT&npsb;(6.44km / 4mi)
  • Convention centre

    CCD DUBLIN&npsb;(8km / 4.97mi)
    CITY WEST&npsb;(2.41km / 1.5mi)
    CITYWEST HOTEL&npsb;(7km / 4.35mi)
    RED COW COMPLEX&npsb;(0.8km / 0.5mi)


  • Clinic/hospital

    COOMBES WOMEN HOSPITAL&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    CRUMLIN&npsb;(6.44km / 4mi)
    TALLAGHT&npsb;(6.44km / 4mi)

Culture & Theatre

  • Art and Culture

    GUINESS STORE HOUSE&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    JAMESSON DISTILLERY&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    NATIONAL MUSEUM OF IRELAND&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
  • Museums

    DUBLIN CASTLE&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    GUINESS STORE HOUSE&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    MUSEUM OF IRELAND&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
  • Opera/symphony/concert hall

    CITY WEST&npsb;(2.41km / 1.5mi)
    CROKE PARK&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    LANDSDOWNE STADIUM&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    LEOPARDSTOWN&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    MALAHIDE CASTLE&npsb;(12.87km / 8mi)
    POINT DEPOT THEATER&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    PUNCHESTOWN&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    RDS&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    THE MARQUEE PHOENIX PARK&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)

History & Nation heritage

  • Historic monument

    CHRISTCHURCH&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    DUBLIN CASTLE&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    KILMAINHAM JAIL-GAOL&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    MOLLY MALONE&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    SPIRE&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    ST PATRICK CATHEDRALE&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    TRINITY COLLEGE&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)

Parks & Leisure

  • Amusement park

    BOWLING TALLAGHT&npsb;(4.02km / 2.5mi)
    KARTING&npsb;(1.61km / 1mi)
  • Botanical gardens

    JAPANESE GARDEN&npsb;(32.18km / 20mi)
    WICLOW MOUNTAINS&npsb;(24.14km / 15mi)
  • Concert hall

    02 THE POINT&npsb;(10km / 6.21mi)
    CITY WEST&npsb;(2.41km / 1.5mi)
    CROKE PARK&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    GAITY THEATER&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    LANDSDOWNE STADIUM&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    LEOPARDSTOWN&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    MALAHIDE CASTLE&npsb;(12.87km / 8mi)
    OLYMPIA THEATER&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    POINT DEPOT THEATER&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    PUNCHESTOWN&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    RDS&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    THE ACADEMY&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    THE MARQUEE - PHOENIX PARK&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
  • Entertainment and theatre

    CITY WEST&npsb;(2.41km / 1.5mi)
    CROKE PARK&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    GAITY THEATER&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    LEOPARDSTOWN&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    MALAHIDE CASTLE&npsb;(12.87km / 8mi)
    OLYMPIA THEATER&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    POINT DEPOT THEATER&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    PUNCHESTOWN&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    RDS&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    THE ACADEMY&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
  • Mall and Shopping Centre

    ABBEY STREET&npsb;(9.66km / 6mi)
    ARNOTTS&npsb;(9.66km / 6mi)
    BLANCHARDSTOWN&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    BROWN THOMAS&npsb;(9.66km / 6mi)
    CLERYS&npsb;(9.66km / 6mi)
    DUNDRUM&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    GRAFTON STREET&npsb;(9.66km / 6mi)
    IKEA&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    JERVIS&npsb;(9.66km / 6mi)
    LIFFEY VALLEY&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    SQUARE TALLAGHT&npsb;(4.83km / 3mi)
    THE MILLS CLONDALKIN&npsb;(1.61km / 1mi)
  • Racetrack

    LEOPARDSTOWN&npsb;(8.05km / 5mi)
    PUNCHESTOWN&npsb;(25km / 15.54mi)


  • Golf course

    BALLYMANA GOLF COURSE&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    CITY WEST GOLF COURSE&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    FINSTOWN GOLF COURSE&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    GLENVILE GOLF COURSE&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    GRANGE CASTLE GOLF COURSE&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    HAZEL GROVE GOLF COURSE&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    HERMITAGE GOLF COURSE&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    LUCAN GOLF COURSE&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    NEWCASTLE GOLF CENTER&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
    NEWLANDS GOLF COURSE&npsb;(0.8km / 0.5mi)
    SAGGART GOLF COURSE&npsb;(3.22km / 2mi)
  • Sports centre

    CLONDALKIN SWIMMING POOL&npsb;(1.61km / 1mi)
  • Stadium

    ARENA TALLAGHT&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    CROKE PARK&npsb;(9.66km / 6mi)
    LANDSDOWNE STADIUM&npsb;(9.66km / 6mi)

Surrounding area

  • Beach area

    BLACROCK&npsb;(19.31km / 12mi)
    MALAHIDE&npsb;(22.53km / 14mi)
    PORTMANOCK&npsb;(22.53km / 14mi)
  • Lake

    BLESSINGTON&npsb;(9.66km / 6mi)
    BLESSINGTON (POULAPHOUCA)&npsb;(26km / 16.16mi)
    GLENDALOUGH&npsb;(9.66km / 6mi)


All hotel services

Offered Services
Paying Services


  • Bus/coach parking area
  • Private enclosed outdoor parking
  • Private outdoor parking


  • Bathroom doors 32 inches wide
  • Ramp access
  • Reduced mobility facilities
  • Wheelchair access

Business Services

  • Fax machine
  • High-speed Internet
  • Internet connectivity
  • Safe deposit box at reception
  • WIFI in the communal areas
  • WiFi access
  • WiFi at the hotel
  • WiFi in your room


  • Gift shop/newspaper shop


Customer Reviews

Partnership with



The hotel is a typical Ibishotel, but the room was rather big. A second chair would have been very handy though! Now one of us had to sit on the bed; and with such a large room, there would have been place enough. The hotel is rather far from the centre of town, but there is a direct tram going there (on 5 minutes walking distance). In the night there was some disturbance when people came home, slamming the doors. The first night the fire-alarm even went on suddenly, which was a bit frightening. Fortunately it stopped soon... The restaurant is okay, but a bit simple.

Lane B


Lovely staff. Good location. Quiet at night. Room 319,matress cover had what appeared like urine stains. Black hairs in the bathroom sink. Dark brown "carpet" very off putting considering the condition of the bed linen. Not good ! Window could Not be closed as stays were broken. Blackout blind badly stained



I have been to the hotel many times over recent years. We don't always have breakfast but anytime we have it has been excellent. The staff are both friendly and helpful. It is run very well. It has excellent access to public transport as well.



Received a very warm and efficient welcome from the girl on reception. Wound up having to contact her a couple of times from the room for an extra duvet, wifi issue, etc. and she was at the door within 5 minutes with the extra duvet and an extra pillow to boot! We stayed in the newly refurbished rooms, and while minimal in design, we appreciated the aesthetic and cleanliness. Our small dog slept soundly on the floor next to the bed, didn't wake up once! Did not avail of the buffet breakfast but it smelled good as we were leaving. The M50 was a bit of a nightmare at 8:30 a.m., but that is to be expected. So, just allow about 45 minutes to get to the airport and you should be fine. Great value for money. Will definitely use this property in future.



Having stayed at the Ibis Red Cow from 8th - 10th of Dec 2017 , we found the hotel to offer an exceptional experience, cleaniless was of a very high standard, and the staff were extremely courteous and professional, we found our stay to be a very positive experience, and will be doing a return visit soon, thank you to all,



We have stayed in ibis hotels all over Europe so we had no hesitation in picking the ibis Hotel in Dublin for our weekend break before the Christmas rush. As usual we were made welcome on our arrival and throughout our stay. The room was clean comfortable and warm. We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in Dublin and being in the ibis was the icing on the cake.



On arrival the staff were great helphing us to find where we needed to go the following day. The room was a large, clean twin room. Very close to the Luas station. I would thoroughly recommend this hotel and would definately stay here again



Lovely Room, a propriety for family Well located, 20 minutes from City Centre and 25 minutes to airport Great Service, all the staff are friendly great bar, lovely food nothing bad to report I really enjoyed



Always like the Ibis for value and consistent quality,,,, there are plenty of options for food and snacks,,, rooms are warm and the heat is easily controlled,,,,maybe there could be more lighting in the car park and direct access by secure keypad or something from the back car park area ?



Excellent staff friendly and efficient. The restaurant needs a better choice of dishes. The room was comfortable and well serviced, again with very pleasant staff. The hotel needs a shuttle service to the red cow tram stop

Kathryn D


The staff were very efficient and friendly. The room was very comfortable. The location near the luas is ideal for travelling into the centre of town. I would highly recommend this hotel. I didn't have time to have breakfast but I'm sure it would have been excellent.



Pleasant staff. Within 10 minutes of Red Cow Luas tram stop. Nice out of city break. Nice ambience, pleasant rooms. Only gripe is the WiFi isn't brilliant. Constant requests to resign into network. Otherwise a ok place



great location, easy access to city centre, great way out back from Dublin. would definitely use Ibis again, great service, great selection at the breakfast bar. the staff made our stay after visit to 3Arena very enjoyable



The room was large and clean, the view from our room looked over the rear car park, away from the traffic of the busy N7. It served its purpose of a place to sleep, we did not use the food facilities, but the buffet breakfast from past visits was of a good quality.



the hotel was ok but overpriced the rooms as advertised as having a queen size bed large screen TV and it didn't at €110 a night overpriced if you pay by cash you will have to give a €100 deposit which I was not told until I arrived at the property



Enjoyed an overnight trip to Dublin. The location was ideal for where I was visiting. Food was excellent and good value. Staff very helpful and pleasant. Hope to return with family soon as I was upgraded to a family room which was excellent

Donal F


As to be expected from an IBIS, only better. good standard of room, service was ok , although busy with coach parties. Food much better than experienced at other IBIS. Easy to find and to get to, only real disadvantage is the lack of a gym, otherwise I would probably stay there more often.

Heidi C


I understood from the IBIS website that there was a direct shuttle service between the airport and the hotel, this turned out not to be the case. The bus brings you to the nearest Luas station, which is a 7 minutes walk to the hotel (possibly more when you are lugging bags and Luggage around). Upon arrival at Dublin Airport, there was no clear indication on where to find the bus to IBIS hotel, nor what type of bus I was looking for. I tried to call the hotel twice, but got an automatic response instead of a real person that could have explained. (I couldn't understand the message as there was a lot of noise at the bus station) It is only thanks to very helpful airport and bus company staff that I finally got on the right bus. There is only 1 bus per hour, and I did not know the timetable before arriving at the (correct) bus stop - so had to wait 45 minutes. Big room, good bed and pillows. Clean; private bathroom... Expensive breakfast (€10,50 per day), especially when you are not a big eater, and in my case, vegetarian and lactose intolerant, which does not leave many options :-( No communication between reception and cleaning personnel: cleaning personnel showing up shortly after 9 AM already (so no sleeping in), or even barging in without knocking while I was in the room (happened twice to me!) Snack menu is supposed to be available all day: I tried to order linguini at 6 pm, had to wait until 6.30 to order because "the kitchen wasn't ready", then received penne instead of linguini, without informing me beforehand that they were "out of linguini" or giving me the chance to change my order (I was specifically looking forward to the linguini, I can eat penne anywhere). Afterwards, they charged €11.95 while the snack menu said €10. When I pointed this out, the bill was corrected. Late check-out was only possible until 2pm instead of 5pm as it says on the website, but it still cost me €25 extra! During these extra 2 hours, I couldn't even get a rest because cleaning personnel kept showing up, asking me what time I was leaving. Not the best way to make a guest feel welcome! I ended up leaving an hour early because I felt so uneasy and chased out of my room :-(.



I booked a room with a late check in and when I arrived the only person there was the cleaner, he said the receptionist/ person in charge has walked out and there was no replacement and he or anybody else had no access to the system to issue keys for rooms and nobody could issue keys and we would have to wait until 7am to get into our rooms. A few people turned up to get into their rooms and wee told the same thing and no other options were provided.



IBIS is good value for the traveller who does not want a hostel or a B&B. I failed to get the receptionists name on check -in but, she was really efficient. Dealt with two bookings one after another before us and then, without drawing a breath, she dealt with us... and with a cheerful smile.


Ibis Hotel

ibis Dublin



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