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All amenities

Room amenities

  • Air Conditioning
  • Air conditioning
  • Iron at reception
  • Manual temperature control
  • Operator wake up call
  • Satellite/cable colour TV
  • Sweet Bed
  • WiFi in your room

Bathroom amenities

  • Accessible bathroom
  • Hair dryer in bathroom
  • Shower
  • Toilets


  • Emergency info in rooms


Around the Hotel

Business stays

  • Company

    ENTREMONT&npsb;(0.5km / 0.31mi)
    MAHLE&npsb;(7.6km / 4.72mi)
    SALOMON&npsb;(6km / 3.73mi)
    SNR - NTN&npsb;(1.5km / 0.93mi)
  • Convention centre

    HOTEL NOVOTEL ATRIA&npsb;(0.5km / 0.31mi)
    L'IMPERIAL PALACE&npsb;(3km / 1.86mi)
  • Exhibition centre

    HALL DES EXPOSITIONS&npsb;(2km / 1.24mi)
    PALEXPO&npsb;(4.6km / 2.86mi)


  • Clinic/hospital

    CLINIQUE D'ARGONAY&npsb;(8km / 4.97mi)
    CLINIQUE GENERALE&npsb;(0.6km / 0.37mi)

Culture & Theatre

  • Art and Culture

    CITIA&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    FONDATION SALOMON&npsb;(0.7km / 0.43mi)
    LA TURBINE&npsb;(2km / 1.24mi)
  • Cinema district

    DECAVISION - PATHE&npsb;(0.7km / 0.43mi)
  • Museums

    CHÂTEAU ANNECY&npsb;(0.35km / 0.22mi)
    ECOMUSEE ST JORIOZ&npsb;(6km / 3.73mi)
    FILM D'ANIMATION&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    MUSEE PACCARD&npsb;(9km / 5.59mi)

History & Nation heritage

  • Historic monument

    CHÂTEAU DE CLERMONT&npsb;(28km / 17.4mi)
    CHÂTEAU DE MENTHON&npsb;(12.4km / 7.71mi)
    CHÂTEAU THORENS&npsb;(20km / 12.43mi)
    EGLISE NOTRE DAME&npsb;(0.4km / 0.25mi)
    EGLISE ST FRANCOIS&npsb;(0.5km / 0.31mi)
    EGLISE ST MAURICE&npsb;(0.5km / 0.31mi)
    EGLISE ST PIERRE&npsb;(0.3km / 0.19mi)
    LA VISITATION&npsb;(1.2km / 0.75mi)
    MONTROTTIER&npsb;(9.9km / 6.15mi)
    PALAIS DE L'ISLE&npsb;(0.5km / 0.31mi)
    PORTE SAINTE CLAIRE&npsb;(0.4km / 0.25mi)

Parks & Leisure

  • Botanical gardens

    JARDINS DE L'EUROPE&npsb;(0.75km / 0.47mi)
    JARDINS SECRETS&npsb;(17km / 10.56mi)
  • Casino

    CASINO D'ANNECY&npsb;(3km / 1.86mi)
  • Concert hall

    L'ARCADIUM&npsb;(3.3km / 2.05mi)
    L'ARENA&npsb;(52km / 32.31mi)
  • Other attractions

    LE MOON BAR&npsb;(3km / 1.86mi)
    LE POP PLAGE&npsb;(3km / 1.86mi)
  • Tourist attraction

    CROISIERE&npsb;(0km / 0mi)
    FORET EPOUVANTAIL&npsb;(27km / 16.78mi)
    HAMEAU DU PÈRE NOEL&npsb;(27km / 16.78mi)
    MARCHÉS&npsb;(0.2km / 0.12mi)
    PONT DES AMOURS&npsb;(0.9km / 0.56mi)
  • Zoological park

    PARC DES BICHES&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)


  • Golf course

    GOLF DU LAC&npsb;(12km / 7.46mi)
    GOLF DU LAC ANNECY&npsb;(12km / 7.46mi)
    ST MARTIN BELLEVUE&npsb;(11km / 6.84mi)
  • Sports centre

    PARC DES SPORTS&npsb;(2km / 1.24mi)
    PATINOIRE D'ANNECY&npsb;(4km / 2.49mi)
    PISCINE L'ÎLE BLEUE&npsb;(3km / 1.86mi)
    PISCINE MARQUISATS&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    VITAM PARC&npsb;(36km / 22.37mi)
    ACCROBRANCHE&npsb;(15km / 9.32mi)
    BUN J RIDE&npsb;(31km / 19.26mi)
    CANOE KAYAK&npsb;(2km / 1.24mi)
    CANYONING&npsb;(77km / 47.85mi)
    CHIEN DE TRAINEAUX&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    ESCALADE&npsb;(4km / 2.49mi)
    KITESNOW&npsb;(19km / 11.81mi)
    KITESURF&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    LUGE ÉTÉ&npsb;(19km / 11.81mi)
    LUGE HIVER&npsb;(19km / 11.81mi)
    MINI GOLF ANNECY&npsb;(4km / 2.49mi)
    MONTGOLFIERE&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    MOTONEIGE&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    PADDLE&npsb;(6km / 3.73mi)
    PARACHUTE&npsb;(48km / 29.83mi)
    PARAPENTE&npsb;(21km / 13.05mi)
    PECHE&npsb;(3km / 1.86mi)
    PEDALOS&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    PLONGEE&npsb;(2km / 1.24mi)
    QUAD&npsb;(14km / 8.7mi)
    RAFTING&npsb;(77km / 47.85mi)
    RANDONEES&npsb;(15km / 9.32mi)
    RAQUETTE&npsb;(2km / 1.24mi)
    SEGWAY&npsb;(2km / 1.24mi)
    SKI ALPIN / DE FOND&npsb;(19km / 11.81mi)
    SKI JOERING&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    SKI NAUTIQUE&npsb;(5km / 3.11mi)
    SPEOLOGIE&npsb;(4km / 2.49mi)
    STAGE SURVIE NATURE&npsb;(23km / 14.29mi)
    VELO&npsb;(1km / 0.62mi)
    VIA FERRATA&npsb;(20km / 12.43mi)
    VTT&npsb;(20km / 12.43mi)

Surrounding area

  • Beach area

    PALGE DE ST JORIOZ&npsb;(11km / 6.84mi)
    PLAGE D'ALBIGNY&npsb;(3km / 1.86mi)
    PLAGE D'ANGON&npsb;(16km / 9.94mi)
    PLAGE DE DOUSSARD&npsb;(19km / 11.81mi)
    PLAGE DE DUINGT&npsb;(14km / 8.7mi)
    PLAGE DE LA BRUNE&npsb;(8km / 4.97mi)
    PLAGE DE MENTHON&npsb;(11km / 6.84mi)
    PLAGE DE SEVRIER&npsb;(7km / 4.35mi)
    PLAGE DES MARQUISATS&npsb;(1.5km / 0.93mi)
    PLAGE DU PLANT&npsb;(7km / 4.35mi)
    PLAGE MUNICIPALE DE L'IMPERIAL&npsb;(3km / 1.86mi)
  • Lake

    LAC D'AIGUEBELETTE&npsb;(56km / 34.8mi)
    LAC D'ANNECY&npsb;(0.5km / 0.31mi)
    LAC LEMAN&npsb;(48km / 29.83mi)

Tourist info

  • Special tourist area

    AIGUILLE DU MIDI&npsb;(103km / 64mi)
    CASCADE D'ANGON&npsb;(16km / 9.94mi)
    COL DE LA FORCLAZ&npsb;(20km / 12.43mi)
    DENTS DE LANFON&npsb;(17km / 10.56mi)
    LA TOURNETTE&npsb;(25km / 15.53mi)
    LE MONT BLANC&npsb;(110km / 68.35mi)
    LE MONT VEYRIER&npsb;(11km / 6.84mi)
    LE PARMELAN&npsb;(18km / 11.18mi)
    LES GORGES DU FIER&npsb;(12km / 7.5mi)
    MASSIF DES BAUGES&npsb;(37km / 22.99mi)
    MER DE GLACE&npsb;(103km / 64mi)
    PLATEAU DES GLIERES&npsb;(34km / 21.13mi)
    ROC DE CHERE&npsb;(15km / 9.32mi)
    SIXT FER A CHEVAL&npsb;(87km / 54.06mi)
    VIEILLE VILLE D'ANNECY&npsb;(0.1km / 0.06mi)


All hotel services

Offered Services
Paying Services


  • Bathroom doors 32 inches wide
  • Reduced mobility facilities
  • Wheelchair access


  • Boat excursions

Business Services

  • Safe deposit box at reception
  • WIFI in the communal areas
  • WiFi in your room
  • Wireless Internet connection


Customer Reviews

Partnership with

Debarah G


We enjoyed our stay at Ibis Annecy Centre Vieille. We certainly felt like we were right in the center of activity with the local farmer's market in the square next to the hotel! Rooms were clean and comfortable. Staff was super helpful - great advise regarding places to eat. The breakfast at the hotel was very good ($10 US) and worth the cost. Lots of variety and all the coffee you could drink! Parking garage next door was very convenient.



Good/great location Hotel tiered and in need of refurbishment. Rooms small but just adequate. Public Car Parking may be a problem in the busy season as there are no reserved spaces for hotel. Breakfast adequate but nothing special, would recommend eating elseware



Very good location and comfortable hotel. Only downside was encountering a grumpy bar attendant who demeanour and attitude was pretty ordinary. Despite this we enjoyed our stay in Annecy and found the old town magical

Ann F


We were undecided as to find a hotel overlooking the lake or one in the old town. I'm now convinced this was the right choice. We're not talking super luxury here but, bright, modern, comfortable, an underground car park next door and couldn't be better positioned in the old town with an abundance of bars, restaurants and some nice little shops. It's to be noted our stay is early October, it could be oppressive with tourists in season.

Hawkins P


We enjoyed our stay at this hotel. It's location in the centre of town was excellent for restaurants the station and the market. Being English we presumed that milk would be supplied for our early morning cup of tea in the room, but we had to go to reception everyday to ask for milk in advance. Other than that small quirk everything was great.



My experience was great in this hotel: clean rooms, friendly staff that can get you directions and shopping tips, the coffee tastes very good (which is not always the case). The hotel is right in the middle of the old town which is wonderful for tourism and shopping, especially fpor a short stay. Literally everything is at a 500m radius around the hotel.

Lyn W


Ideally situated in the old town - possibly the best Ibis Hotel we've stayed in. The bed was comfortable, the staff tried hard to sort the problem with our room lights but as it was late we suggested it was fixed the following day, which it was. There is a public car park beside/underneath the hotel which is very handy; just make a note of which entrance/exit you use as we found it easy to get lost when we first arrived. The car park is locked overnight but once you pay and put your ticket in the barrier the outer doors open, even at 5am. Definitely a hotel we'd stay in again.

Martin H


The Ibis, Annecy Centre Ville,is situated in the Old Town and offers an excellent base to explore the town and lake. Annecy itself is a lovely town and we like to visit each year on our way back from the south of France or Italy. The lake and surrounding countryside is beautiful and breathtaking; either a tour boat or a self-drive motor boat are highly recommended. The hotel itself offers comfortable accommodation and stands on the banks of the River Thiou. If you have a riverside room the gentle sound of the water is very soothing. A few rooms have small balconies. Breakfast is very good and whilst the hotel does not have a restaurant of its own, it is close to a wide range of restaurants to suit all budgets.



This hotel could not be better sited in relation to the old town of Annecy. The greeting at reception was very welcoming, and the staff throughout our stay could not have been more helpful. Although the rooms are quiet small, they are clean, and very comfortable. I would have no hesitation in returning to this hotel, or recommending the excellent breakfast.

Lindasue S


This hotel, its location, and its staff is as good as it gets. The staff speaks several languages, fluently, is incredibly helpful and welcoming. The location is right on the waterway, has a fabulous breakfast, and wonderful little bar for late at night. A big plus is that parking is available if you have a car in the garage next door. The beds are



Our Xmas and NY had to be cancelled due to my mother in law having to go into ICU and on Life support, we had booked and paid for this hotel on advance purchase and yes we know you cannot get a refund etc etc, but due to the circumstances we asked if we could postpone and perhaps use the booking at another date NO was the answer, we asked if they could perhaps speak to a manager and see if they may have some leniency, we even sent e-mails as well We have heard nothing. Very disappointed with the Accor group responses generally I.E. not getting any replies to multiple e-mails, having booked other hotels with different chains who have happily changed or extended our booking period it must just be the Accor Group who have no heart.



this IBIS hotel met most of our needs. Staff was friendly, room small but everything was there. Beds good and bathroom well equipped. Mean and clean. Situated in the very center of Annecy with restaurants on walking distance.



You could not find a better placed hotel for exploring Annecy, especially with the underground public car park underneath. The hotel itself is excellent value for money, clean, comfortable with all the amenities needed for a short stay. The staff were also very friendly and helpful. All in all a very pleasant experience.



My wife an I always stay in this hotel whenever we travel to Annecy. The staff are always so friendly and welcoming, it is ideally situated, the rooms are always good value and quiet, especially the ones overlooking the river. Finally the all you can eat breakfast is brilliant and sets you up perfectly for the day ahead.



Wonderful location and excellent terms. Do not search the best! Ibis is our lovely hotel. Annecy is one of our lovely town. All flowers, situation most romantic. A lake is magnificent. Arrive necessarily!



The best Ibis I've ever stayed at. Great location, close to many restaurants being located on the edge of the "old town". The only criticism I have concerned the cleaning of the room. We were there for six nights and on two of the days we had to wait until after 3pm for our room to be cleaned even though the cleaner was next door at 1pm. They have to go where they are told by their manager. To us it seemed like firefighting, responding to who shouted the loudest. I think they need more staff to clean the rooms. Being in our 70's we enjoy a siesta after lunch.



Friendly service, but no real Concierge Service being able to help you find the right restaurant. Rooms are very small and the second level where we stayed smelled like a ferry. Nice hang out area and great location, city-wise. Easy parking (parkingspaces in the cellar at €1 per hour.

Martin H


This Ibis hotel is located in the old town, a few minutes walk from the lake. It is comfortable and clean and some rooms have a view over the river Thiou, one of the shortest in France. We have stayed here on a number of occasions and have always been pleased with the excellent value for money. This year we had a balcony room as well as a river view. It serves a good breakfast and is next door to a covered public car park. There are many decent restaurants within easy walking distance.



Great riverside location - just a short walk from the train station, into the old town and to the lake. Very comfortable room. Air con not so effective, but able to open balcony door to get a breeze. One of the best breakfasts we have had in terms of quality and options, and able to cater for gluten intolerance. Very helpful and friendly staff.



Location v. good, staff v.good, breakfast v. good but lousy air-con in the rooms!! It was set to the min. of 10C all day/night but was most inefficient!! Reception told me whole hotel like this but 'this has been an exceptionally hot summer'!!!


Ibis Hotel

ibis Annecy Centre Vieille Ville



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