Your made-to-measure plans for cheap holidays in La Rochelle

Your made-to-measure plans for cheap holidays in La Rochelle

The old port
The capital of Charente-Maritime always enchants visitors with its many undeniably marvellous historic sites. With its colonnaded streets and grand town houses, La Rochelle has the feel of a living museum. If you’re coming to La Rochelle for a cheap holiday, let us give you a few tips for exploring this dynamic city and its thrilling history.
Three sisters
The old port is overlooked by towers and has been an important place for La Rochelle residents since the 13th century.It’s now used for mooring pleasure boats and is one of the town’s liveliest areas. Its grand clock was erected in the 14th century and marks the gateway to the old city.
The town hall
The famous Saint-Nicolas, La Chaîne and La Lanterne towers proudly stand over the old port. The fact that these now-listed buildings and clock exist is a testament to the town’s wealthy history as a maritime and trading base.
The Saint-Sauveur district
The wonderfully well preserved town hall is also a listed building. Of its medieval constructions, the Gothic interior now remains. The corps de logis has classic Renaissance architecture with some Italian influences.
Maison Henri II
The Saint-Sauveur district is named after its church, which welcomed many faithful. The district has plenty of beautiful timbered homes. It also has other religious centres to admire, including Les Dames Blanches chapel and the cloister, where Protestants set up a church.
When you’re on a cheap holiday in La Rochelle, visit the Maison Henri II. It’s not far from our three ibis hotels. This 16th century building will surprise you. Its first-of-its-kind design hides the corridors which link the two neighbouring buildings.

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