Your cheap weekend in Avignon, a gorgeous way to take a break

Your cheap weekend in Avignon, a gorgeous way to take a break

Stepping into Avignon’s past
Who could say no to a cheap weekend in Avignon? Let us give you a few accommodation tips, for totally tranquil holidays. We recommend the ibis Avignon Centre Gare hotel for its perfect location next to the railway station.
Culture walks in the City of Popes
It’s easy to get to the île de la Barthelasse from your hotel. This island stands in the middle of the Rhone. Its green banks offer ideal views over the city walls and Palais des Papes, as well as the Pont Saint-Bénézet, Avignon’s famous bridge. A river shuttle can take you back to the historic district. Make sure you explore every bit of the pedestrianised centre. You’ll find charming squares shaded by plane trees, narrow little streets which feel like rocky gorges, and calades, picturesque passageways paved with pebbles from the Rhone. Take a walk along the Rue des Teinturiers or on the Place des Corps-Saints. There more than anywhere else, you’ll feel like you’ve stepped back in time…
Avignon’s museums find their home in listed buildings, and as such visitors come as much for the architecture as for the collections. You will notice the ornamentation of the old Jesuit school which now hosts the ancient artworks of the Musée Lapidaire. You’ll be very keen to see the Provençal culture within the Palais du Roure once you’ve stepped into its elegant entrance. The Musée Calvet’s marble staircases will take your breath away. This former grand town house has a wide range of ancient paintings and sculptures. Another way to celebrate Avignon’s culture is to come to its major annual events like the theatre festival, the Médiévales des Carmes medieval weekend or Hivernales contemporary dance festival.
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Blue skies are the perfect backdrop to your cheap hotel in Avignon
When you take a cheap holiday in Avignon, you can extend your stay!
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