Where to Eat - Restaurants in Riyadh

Where to Eat - Restaurants in Riyadh

Residents of Riyadh and food enthusiasts in particular are spoilt for choice when it comes to options of good restaurants in the capital city. Restaurants in Riyadh offer cuisines from all over the world, paying high attention to aesthetic details like décor and ambience.

Fairouz Garden
A Lebanese restaurant with a pleasant outdoor seating arrangements. The restaurant also offers Saudi Arabian cuisine and is located near Anoud Tower.
Assaraya Turkish Restaurant
Located in the Olaya district of Riyadh, Assaraya is a family-friendly Turkish restaurant that is popular for serving very big portions of food for an affordable price.
Nafoorah Seafood Restaurant
Offering a wide variety of classic seafood and fish recipe, Nafoorah is a casual dining restaurant for family. The dishes are from Middle Eastern ad Mediterranean cuisine, and make for a mouthful of food for lovers of seafood.
Indian Corner
To enjoy a great Indian style mean, head to the Indian Corner, which will definitely satiate lovers of Indian cuisine. The restaurant has an elaborate menu, with grilled Indian meat dishes being the most popular among the customer.
Flamingo Restaurant
Located on Olaya Main Road, Flamingo Restaurant is a family-friendly Lebanese and international food restaurant, offering a wide variety of delicious Lebanese food in a stylish and sophisticated atmosphere.
Zataar W Zeit
The casual & urban Middle Eastern eatery is one of the most popular Lebanese restaurants in the country. Serving up all kinds of Levantine dishes at bargain prices. The place has a very trendy and urban ambience.

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