Visit the Pearl of Lake Geneva dynamic and attractive Lausanne

Visit the Pearl of Lake Geneva dynamic and attractive Lausanne

Origins of the Palais de Beaulieu
Displaying a profusion of cultural and tourist attractions combined with an outstanding landscape, the beautiful city of Lausanne has it all. Reflecting Lausanne cultural dynamism, the Palais de Beaulieu is a highlight of a tour of the city.
Events and activities
The Palais de Beaulieu is a vast complex, which hosts over 200 events and welcomes almost 600,000 visitors a year. The current Palais de Beaulieu is a reflection of a long tradition of fairs, trade shows and other festivities that took place in the area of Beaulieu right from the early nineteenth century, the North halls of the building having been inaugurated in 1921. Erected in the heart of beautiful gardens, it also houses a theatre built in 1954.
The Palais de Beaulieu vibrates with a constant buzz and offers a range of events to accommodate everyone: food, home and garden, antiques. It hosts the annual Comptoir Suisse, a family event over several days that aims to connect the city and the countryside and is filled with workshops, sporting events, concerts and rallies for schoolchildren. The highlight of the agricultural calendar, The three-day Swiss Expo brings together 400 breeders and more than 1,000 cows and heifers from all over Switzerland to take part in contests. Set in the Palais de Beaulieu, the Théâtre de Beaulieu is the largest theatre in Switzerland in terms of seats. Its interior is worth visiting for its 1950-inspired architecture.

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