Uncover the Netherlands in all four seasons!

Uncover the Netherlands in all four seasons!

This article takes you on a tour through four seasons in the Netherlands. Each brings with it countless possibilities and activities that are unique and above all fun! Read more below!

The Netherlands is home to a temperate maritime climate, meaning the average temperatures between different seasons are closer together compared to a continental climate. The country hardly ever endures extreme heat or cold. Despite this however, the four seasons can be properly felt, seen and experienced. This article happily takes through all seasons to show the eye-catching beauty of the Netherlands no matter which time of the year!
Winter delights
Winter is the darkest season in the Netherlands with the least number of daylight hours. In Amsterdam however, a delightful solution was found to tackle the dark, aptly named the Amsterdam Light Festival. Beautiful and illuminating creations can be found all over the city. These artworks are designed especially for the festival by different artists to form a truly unique outdoor exhibition experience! The festival takes place from late November to mid-January. The holiday season also comes to life this time of year when Christmas markets pop up all over the country. Annual Christmas markets are found in different parts of Amsterdam like Museumplein, which features the Ice*Amsterdam skating rink. Enjoy winter wonder right in the middle of the city! The rink is open from mid-November till February.
Spring variety
Spring is a very versatile month. It can get cold, but can also be quite pleasant. It can rain, but can also remain fairly dry. It's therefore wise to arm yourself with a list of activities you can choose from depending on the weather. Utrecht is an ideal place to experience the best spring has to offer, either indoors or out. With good weather, stroll around the city and admire the many boutiques and shops found in Utrecht downtown. The more adventurous types can even go canoeing on its canals for a unique take on the city! There's plenty to do even when the weather turns. Historical and contemporary art can be found in the Centraal Museum, or head to the Beatrix Theater for the latest stage entertainment.
Summer comfort
Summer is by far the hottest time of year in the Netherlands where temperatures can reach a scorching 30 degrees. Getting a refreshing break from the heat and swelter of the city is definitely a must, and The Hague is simply perfect for this! The sun, sand and sea are just a short tram ride away. Enjoy a good selection of drinks and food in one of the many cafés near the Pier after a cooling dip in the North Sea!
Autumn colours
This is the season when nature's greenery gradually subsides to make way for the beautiful earthy colours of autumn. Rotterdam is a great place to enjoy the colourful changing of the season in its many city parks, like the Dakpark located near the port. From here you not only have a stunning view of the natural environment, but an amazing look over the harbour as well. The Zuiderpark is also worth a visit. It is one of the largest city parks in the Netherlands and boasts numerous hiking and biking trails, playgrounds, a wetland, forest, meadows and water.
So pick your favourite season in the Netherlands for a fun-filled adventure!
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