Treat yourself to a cheap weekend in Bordeaux

Treat yourself to a cheap weekend in Bordeaux

Walks in the bustling old town
What could be better than a cheap weekend in Bordeaux? It has plenty of cheap hotels, but the two ibis hotels which we recommend have the advantage of being located just 5 minutes from the historic centre.
Marvel at Bordeaux’s historic sites
Walking the streets and squares of old Bordeaux is always a pleasure. Cars are not allowed down the elegantly straight Rue Sainte-Catherine, making it all the better for you to see its many boutiques. The Place du Palais is also pedestrianised and you can sit beneath its trees and admire the panorama of the Porte Cailhau. The surrounding streets lead you towards the Place des Capucins, where you will be swept up by the warm ambiance of the market which takes place every morning, whatever the season. Follow the narrow streets to reach the Rue du Parlement-Saint-Pierre: its little restaurants with their terraces will make your mouth water.
When night falls, you will discover the magic of Place de la Bourse reflected in the mirror pool. The buildings take on a golden hue in the light of the street lamps. A good time to watch the Port de la Lune is as the light comes up in the morning. For the best vantage point over this UNESCO World Heritage district, cross the Garonne and look at it from the other side of the river on the Quai des Queyries. Mid-morning, head towards the buildings in the historic centre. You will see the impressive façade of Saint-André cathedral and its Pey-Berland bell tower. In the afternoon, go to the park near Place des Quinconces. As it sparkles through the treetops, sunlight subtly illuminates the lawns and flower beds below.
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