Treat yourself to a cheap but bucolic weekend in Strasbourg

Treat yourself to a cheap but bucolic weekend in Strasbourg

Stroll the green banks of the Grande Île
Give in to temptation and go on a cheap weekend in Strasbourg!You won’t break your budget if you book an ibis hotel. Choose one near the old districts. We recommend three that are within walking distance of the old city.
Take in the culture of a historic city
Step onto the Grande Île, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and you’ll find a shimmering world of canals and tree-lined banks. Take your time in this “Petite France” district so you can see the timbered houses. Carry on walking along the banks of the Ill then take the gorgeous Rue de Maroquin to get to the Place de la Cathédrale. This is where the famous Christmas market happens. Fancy looking out over the old town’s square and rooftops? You’ll see this stunning view if you climb Notre-Dame cathedral’s 332 steps up to its platform. Afterwards, go to Quai des Bateliers and you should soon see Saint-Paul church: it seems to float on the water by the Pont Royal bridge.
To the north of the Grande Île, the Imperial German district is an unusual area with grand avenues, palaces, theatres and unexpected historical sites. You’ll discover the majestic Palais du Rhin on the Place de la République, and the Neo-Classical columns of the Théâtre Municipal are not far away either. Go down Rue du Général-Rapp and you’ll pass an amazing Art Nouveau building known as the Maison Egyptienne.It owes its name to the eastern-style fresco of its façade. We recommend walking on to the Parc de l’Orangerie as you’ll see storks wandering freely and you can even take a rowing boat across the lake at the park’s centre.

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