Top 5 Things to do in Salmiya

Top 5 Things to do in Salmiya

Known as one of the most populated areas of Kuwait, Salmiya is a major cultural and commercial centre of the country. Whether you are visiting Salmiya for the first time or planning a short trip, Salmiya is packed with activities that won’t disappoint you:

Kuwait Scientific Centre
Spanning over 80,000 square metres of area, the Kuwait Scientific Centre (KSC) provides a stimulating atmosphere in a fun environmental educational setup to bring awareness to Kuwaiti residents and tourists about the preservation and protection of the diverse ecosystems and the rich heritage of the country. KSC houses - the largest aquarium in the world, with a holding capacity of 100 different species of fish, shark and other marine animals in a 1.5 million liter tank; an IMAX theatre; an interactive learning centre for kids, Discovery Place; a Dhow (traditional wooden boat) Harbour and a gift & souvenirs shop.
House of Mirrors
As the name suggests, House of Mirrors is a building constructed using 77 tonnes of mirrors and 102 tonnes of cement. The project is a part of the residence of the late renowned Kuwaiti artist, Khalifa al-Qattan, who owned the building that has now been turned into an epic piece of art by his widow, Lidia al-Qattan, who spent a large part of her life creating mosaics with mirrors on the walls, ceiling and the floors.
Souk Al-Mubarakiya
One of the most famous tourist destinations in Salmiya to acquaint oneself with the traditions and culture of the city is Souk Al-Mubarakiya, which is the largest souk in Al-Safat Complex. The souk has gold and silver jewellery shops, fruits and vegetables shops, antique shop, shops selling carpets, ethnic clothes, dates, spices, Kuwaiti souvenirs and traditional food items.
Visitors can take a tour of the shopping street of Salmiya where some of the most famous malls are located: Sharq Mall, Avenues Mall, 360 degrees Mall, Al Fanar Shopping Complex, Laila Gallery, Marina Mall and many more.
Kuwait Towers
One of Kuwait’s most significant and world famous cultural landmark are Kuwait Towers, which is a cluster of three towers in Kuwait city. The towers were built in the late 70s was partly damaged during the Iraqi army invasion. The towers have cafés, a lounge, reception hall and a restaurant.
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