Top 10 Attractions in Fujairah

Top 10 Attractions in Fujairah

Al Bidiyah Mosque
Located on the mountainous coast of Al Bidiyah, 30 km north of Fujairah, Al Bidiyah Mosque is the oldest historical place of worship in the country. The architectural design of the mosque dates back to 400 years and its construction is considered by many to be unique. With no minaret and only four domes of unequal sizes supported by a central pillar, the mosque is unlike the other well-known mosques in the region.
Al Bithna Fort
Dating back to the 18th century, the historical fort used to be a major defence structure that overlooked Wadi Hum and the surrounding terraces from a military standpoint, playing a significant role in protecting the local community from invaders.
Bull Butting
Taking place every Friday on the Fujairah Corniche, Bull Butting is a popular ancient sport, which is more or less a ‘Bull Sumo fight’. Introduced to the region by the Portuguese, the competition is watched by thousands of residents and visitors alike.
Fujairah Fort
"Built in 1670, the historical Fujarah Fort was used by the military to protect the local community from invaders and is the only standing stone building along the coastline of Fujairah. The fort was constructed using rock, gravel and clay amalgamated by a lime-based binder, which were the only available raw materials in the area at that time. A part of the fort was damaged in the early 20th century by a British bombardment, but was later renovated and restored. "
Fujairah Museum
Located only five minutes from Fujairah International Airport, the Fujairah Museum a must-see place to revisit Fujairah’s historic past through several antiquities and artefacts found by archaeologists, from pre-Islamic artefacts to folkloric medicines – all on display. Another unique exhibit is a collection of 2,200 year-old Ostrich egg shells that were once used as bowls by the city’s earliest inhabitants.
Fujairah Heritage Village
A heritage village that is located close to the Fujairah Fort, has an array of kitchen utensils, farm tools, traditional fishing boats made from palm fronds and many other household tools and instruments used by the region’s earliest inhabitants in the bygone era, giving an insight into the traditional lifestyle of the local communities many years ago.
Sheikh Zayed Mosque
A significant landmark in the city is the Sheikh Grand Mosque, which is the second largest mosque in the country. The mosque completed its construction only recently and is named after the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.
Wadi Wuraya National Park
Wadi Wuraya is the first mountain range in the UAE that was declared a protected zone by the Emirates Wildlife Society in Association with World Wide Fund for Nature. The mountain range was once a home to Bedouins for 2,000 years. Providing crucial habitat for the Arabian Tahr (rare species of mountain goats), caracal lynx, Arabian Leopard, spotted eagle, blue-tailed lizard, humpbacked fly and the Gerra barreimmiae (a fish indigenous to the Wadi), the park is one of the most-visited tourist places in Fujairah
Khor Kalba
Khor Kalba is a mangrove swamp on the bay of Khor Fakkan in the town of Kalba. The 5-km long green belt is home to the oldest natural mangrove forest in the region, a diverse array of marine life forms and different species of birds. In an effort to conserve its rich biodiversity, Sheikh Sultan Bin Mohammad Al Qasimi, the Ruler of Sharjah declared it a protected zone. The Sharjah Investment and Development Authority is planning to develop the area as an ecotourism resort.
Al Ain Madhab Gardens
Located at the foothills of Hajjar Mountains, the Al Ain Madhab Gardens is a 50-hectacre recreational complex that has pools of warm sulphuric water pumped into swimming pools, a public park with a playground, and the ruins of Heritage Village and other remarkable old forts in its vicinity. The place makes for an ideal relaxation spot for tourists.

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