Tips for your city trip to The Hague

Tips for your city trip to The Hague

The Hague is much more than just Scheveningen beach. Come to know The Hague’s culture, politics and nightlife with the following tips!

The Hague is the third largest city in the The Netherlands. Next to Scheveningen beach, The Hague also serves as the country’s political capital and the Dutch royal family call it home. This alone makes the city worth a visit. Get the most out of your trip including The Hague’s rich art and warm hospitality with these tips.
Kick-start the day
Start off the day on the Grote Markt, a former and historic market place found in the heart of the city. The square is currently a blend of cafés, restaurants and clubs, the perfect spot for a hearty breakfast as well! Café restaurant Zèta has delicious homemade creations on the menu. De Overkant close to the train station has daily goodies made fresh and sultry handmade cakes on offer. The impressive Grote Kerk can already be seen from the Grote Markt. The landmark Protestant church was built in the 13th century making it one of the oldest monuments in The Hague. Fun fact: the church has catered to a few royal weddings as well as both the King’s and Princess Amalia’s baptisms. Sooner opt for a cool breeze at the beach after breakfast? Then take tram 1 to Scheveningen. Once there, stroll over the boulevard, the Pier and harbour for fresh fish. Plenty of beach clubs along the seafront are perfect spots to satisfy your appetite. Booking Scheveningen as your base for your city trip may even be something to consider.
Culture at noon in The Hague
A perfect way to spend the afternoon in The Hague is by paying a visit to the Escher museum ‘Escher in Het Paleis’. Bewildering works of art by Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher are found in this permanent exhibition. Escher achieved fame through his imaginative art, playing with unconventional perspectives that tickle the mind. Over 150 of his prints are found in the Lange Voorhout Palace, hence the name ‘Escher in the Palace’. Loose yourself in the fantasy-rich and interactive exhibition ‘Kijken als Escher’ (Being M.C. Escher). Visit the political heart of The Hague at the Binnenhof. Tours are held at different times during the day and vary according to the political agenda. The Binnenhof is after all in full use by the very political minds that represent the Dutch constitution! Visit the Mauritshuis and Haags Historical Museum close by for an artistic impression of what The Hague has in store. If Dutch royalty has sparked your interest, visit Noordeinde Palace, the ‘working palace’ of the Royal House.
Nightfall in The Hague
After a busy afternoon soaking up the city’s culture, the time is ripe to taste its nightlife. Beach clubs in Scheveningen are popular destinations for food and drink, especially during the summer months. The Grote Markt in The Hague also has a generous amount of bars and clubs for the picking. Terraces are heated so wining and dining into the late hours of the evening is easy and comfortable. Head to Vavoom for lavish cocktails or the Zwarte Ruiter for a night amplified with rock’n’roll tunes. The Hague also has its own Chinatown, so in other words, tasty food for a sweet price!
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