Things to do in Tehran

Things to do in Tehran

Tehran is the largest city of Iran and the third largest in the Middle East. This capital city of Iran dates back almost 7000 years and is today divided into 22 municipal districts. Tehran is cosmopolitan and has plenty of attractions and things to do for residents and visitors alike.

Azadi Tower
Probably the most famous landmark of Tehran, and formerly known as Shahyad Tower, Azadi Tower was originally built in 1971 as a gateway to Tehran. The monument is built from white marble and contains eight thousand blocks of stone. Azadi Tower is located at the centre of Azadi square and the entrance to the tower leads into the Azadi Museum.
Milad Tower
This large tower is the sixth tallest tower in the world standing at 435 metres. It took over 11 years to complete the construction and building of Milad Tower, and finally opened in 2008. Visitors frequent the tower not only for spectacular views of the city, but also to its revolving restaurant, observation deck, ancient coins museum and art gallery.
Treasury of the National Jewels
The Imperial Crown Jewels of Iran is a collection of precious stones, gems and jewellery and a famous attraction in the city. Currently housed at the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the jewels were kept away from public viewing for many centuries. Visitors are welcome all days of the week, except for the weekend and on public holidays.
Tehran Museum of Contemporary Art
Built under the patronage of the progressive Queen Farah Diba, the museum was unveiled in 1977 with nine major galleries and most of it is located underground. The museum holds a range of educational workshops and programs throughout the year.
National Botanical Garden of Iran
This 150 hectare botanical garden in Tehran is a centre for horticulture and plant taxonomy. Founded in 1968, the national botanical garden comprises of six lakes, two hills and over 160,000 plants. The garden includes varieties of plants of Iranian and non-Iranian origin and has areas where families can picnic and take walks.

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