Things to do in Amman

Things to do in Amman

Amman, the capital city of Jordan is one of the top cultural tourist destinations in the world. Known as the ‘The White City’, Amman has a wide range of attractions dating right from the Roman Era to present day activities. Here is our round-up of the top things to do in Amman.

Visit the Citadel
Located in the heart of the modern town of Amman, Citadel is a historical reminder of ancient Jordan and houses three important individual monuments – Temple of Hercules, The Byzantine Church and Umayyad Palace Complex – that are a prominent feature in the city’s landscape with their grandiose architectural designs, dating back to the Middle Bronze Age.
Visit the Dead Sea
Considered to be the lowest point on the surface of the planet and one of the saltiest water bodies in the world, the Dead Sea is a 50-mile long hypersaline lake that is devoid of any aquatic life forms. Continuous evaporation of this stagnant lake has led to crystallization of salt and other minerals from the Jordan River making it denser than water. It is so dense that those who swim in it can never drown as the density of the lake keeps them afloat. The Dead Sea is very popular for its therapeutic properties and it is said that the lake’s minerals salts and the characteristic dark brown, sticky mud around it were used as cosmetics by Cleopatra and the Egyptian embalmers used it in the process of mummification.
Shop at Souk Jara
One of the most vibrant parts of the city is Souk Jara, which is a weekly flea market that sells a wide range of Jordanian artefacts, antiques, handicrafts, street wear, textiles etc.
Visit Mount Nebo
For a more biblical feel of the city, tourists can explore the panoramic views atop Mount Nebo, which is an 817m high ridge in Jordan that was also a burial place of Moses.
Visit Madaba
A place that is famous for its collection of Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics housed in the Church of St. George. One of the most popular Byzantine-era mosaics is the one depicting the map of the Holy Land.
Visit the Royal Automobile Museum
This museum is dedicated to the history of automotive collection of King Hussein, King of Jordan, who was an avid car enthusiast and had a private collection of over 70 classic and vintage automobile and motorcycles, from the 1920s until his death in the year 1999.

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