The luxury of contemplation on the banks of Lake Lugano

The luxury of contemplation on the banks of Lake Lugano

A postcard landscape
The shores of Lake Lugano are an irresistible invitation to lovely strolls and sunbathing and it is a mere fifteen-minute walk to the picturesque city centre.
An abundant cultural wealth
Lugano enjoys an exceptional location on Lake Lugano, encircled by Monte San Salvatore to the south and the eastern Monte Brè, with the Alps as a backdrop. Its lush vegetation, pedestrian streets and lake with turquoise waters give it an incomparable charm that will make any ride a real delight. To better enjoy the beauty of the city, take the cable car from Cassarate suburb to climb the Monte Brè. A breath-taking panorama awaits you at the top. From there, take the footpath that joins the village of Brè and enjoy the open artistic course displaying works by local artists such as Pascale Gilardi and Luigi Taddei, as well as Swiss and Hungarian painters, Wilhelm Schmid and Josef Birò. During the summer evenings the funicular remains in service until late so you can enjoy the magical sight of the city lights reflecting in the lake.
Complete your visit with a stop at the San Lorenzo Cathedral, a building registered and protected as "cultural asset of national importance". Its facade in white stone and marble is a masterpiece of Lombard Renaissance and houses magnificent Baroque frescoes and works of art. By joining Via Canova, stop by the Museo Cantonale d'Arte that celebrates the artistic heritage of the Canton of Ticino and also houses works of famous artists including Klee, Degas and Pissarro.

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