The best city trips in the Netherlands

The best city trips in the Netherlands

There’s plenty of choice in the Netherlands when looking for a fun weekend break. Options include multi-cultural Rotterdam, shopping paradise Utrecht and chilling at the beach in The Hague. Read our tips below!

The Netherlands is relatively small in size but has ample choice when it comes to city trips. Each with their own specialty and character. Most tourists head for Amsterdam but we have three great alternatives for a fun weekend break in the Netherlands. Enjoy the multicultural identity of Rotterdam, soak up that salty air on the beaches of The Hague or shop to your heart's content in historic Utrecht!
Multi-cultural Rotterdam
Rotterdam is a city that carries its multi-cultural heart with pride. This also gives the city its unprecedented character. Rotterdam’s culinary choice is perhaps the best way to taste this diversity. There are all sorts of eateries scattered throughout the city, serving up dishes from every corner of the globe. Meram for example is situated on the Afrikaanderplein and serves a Turkish-Mediterranean inspired cuisine. Or try Nina’s for a flavourful explosion from her Antillean-Surinamese kitchen. To top it off, the third largest market in the Netherlands is held on the square every Wednesday and Saturday! Besides the Dutch sweets and treats, you take a sensory trip around the world with endless colours and aromas the market is known for.
A breath of fresh air in The Hague
The Hague has much to offer for the wandering visitor. The delightful city centre is filled with plenty of sites and sounds in the form of museums, cafes and remarkable shops. And the beach is right around the corner! Escape the summer heat of the city and dip into the cool and breezy serenity of the seaside. Or let your hair hang loose and take in the salty air in the middle of autumn! Take a long and leisurely stroll along the dunes and finish the day in one of the many beach bars or restaurants. Unwind in trendy Patagonia Beach for a taste of its international kitchen and relaxed atmosphere or spice things up with Brazilian beats at Copacabana.
Uncover a shoppers haven in Utrecht
The historic city of Utrecht has a rich variety of eloquent boutique shops. The standards are high when it comes to apparel, but the same goes for the various coffee houses like The Village and Blackbird. Both provide to the city’s exceptional diversity by combining design with an excellent cup of coffee in an ambient setting. The Village is found on the Voorstraat, one of the most noteworthy streets in Utrecht. The bustling area has an abundance of trendy shops like Revenge where you can score an amazing outfit AND get your haircut! Walk out feeling revitalised with a completely new look. For those who get a kick out of timeless artefacts, head over to Giensch and admire the wealth in selected vintage items. Unique purchases are guaranteed in Utrecht!
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