Take a culture bath in Lucerne, lovely and picturesque medieval city

Take a culture bath in Lucerne, lovely and picturesque medieval city

The walls and the old town
From the centre of Lucerne, you can perfectly explore the town on foot since it is only 18 square miles! The old town shows a rich history and holds many unusual discoveries.
The famous bridges of Lucerne
Founded in the twelfth century, Lucerne has preserved in its urban landscape many vestiges of its medieval past. The most visible are the ramparts topped by a wooden frame which offer a beautiful view over the city. Leave the ramparts to walk the streets of the old town and admire the Kornmarkt square – which hosts the City Hall – or the Weinmarkt square - which served as the theatre for accession of the citizens to the Swiss Confederation in 1332.
Cross the river via the Kapellbrücke, the oldest covered wooden bridge in Europe, built in 1333. Under his height, triangular paintings depict major the events in Swiss history. In the middle of the bridge stands the Wasserturm: this octagonal water tower was originally part of the wall surrounding the city. During a turbulent history, the building was used successively as a watchtower, archive room, treasure room, but also prison cell and torture chamber... A little further, another bridge attracts attention. This is the Spreuerbrücke, dubbed "The Bridge of the Danse of the Dead" because it houses 67 paintings on wood by Kaspar Meglinger illustrating the macabre dances. In its extension, you will see an amazing dam functioning with wooden needles, which raised or lowered by hand, can regulate the water level of Lake Lucerne. Do not miss a visit to the Jesuit Church, work of art from the Baroque era. Finally, stop at the Rosengart Foundation, which houses, among others, art works by Pablo Picasso and Paul Klee.

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