Stop off in the Loire region for cheap holidays in Tours

Stop off in the Loire region for cheap holidays in Tours

Old Tours
If you want to enjoy a whole range of pleasures, go on a cheap holiday in Tours: not only can you relax on the banks of the Seine, you can explore the town’s heritage too. Our three ibis hotels are ideally located near our team’s recommended sites.
A royal residence
Discover the historic heart of the French Kingdom’s ancient capital. You’ll be impressed by the Renaissance-style town houses, which are opulent reminders of Tours’ rich history. The old town also has ancient remains and superb wood-panelled medieval buildings.
Saint-Gatien cathedral
The château was originally designed as a small fort. It was successively altered between the 11th and 15th centuries. Of these early days only the towers remain: they’re attached to an 18th-century building. The building is partially listed.
An important centre for pilgrimage
Like many religious buildings, Saint-Gatien cathedral was built over the foundations of ancient sanctuaries. As the years went by, it was often extended and embellished. That’s why Roman, Rayonnant Gothic, Flamboyant Gothic and Renaissance styles are all visible.
Take a break among the greenery
Tours was a major centre for pilgrimages in the Middle Ages. The faithful came to pay homage to St Martin. Saint-Martin basilica was constructed in the 19th century where an 11th-century building whose nave had collapsed had stood. A reconstruction of St Martin’s tomb is inside its crypt.
While you’re on holiday in Tours, go to the botanical gardens. They were first opened in 1843 and are dotted with greenhouses and medicinal plants. Tortoises, flamingos and wallabies roam its enclosures.
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