Stay beside the Channel in a cheap hotel in Calais

Stay beside the Channel in a cheap hotel in Calais

A town to explore on the ‘Opal Coast’
Ready to set sail? Calais is your perfect destination. We recommend staying on one of the two ibis hotels at the heart of the town if you want a cheap hotel which is also central.
Delicious meals out on a budget in Calais
Calais has inherited some beautiful Flemish-style architecture. A prime example is the town hall on the Place du Soldat-Inconnu. Its belfry has UNESCO World Heritage status. Take the lift up to the panoramic balcony. You’ll see the whole of the ancient part of town, the port and the sandy shoreline. Beneath the belfry you can admire the Six Bourgeois de Calais. This moving set of statues was sculpted by Rodin to depict the surrender of Calais’ burghers during the Hundred Years’ War. Keep walking towards Place d’Armes. There you will spot Le Guet tower, the town’s most ancient monument. Make sure you come back as night falls to see the fountain lit up in vibrant colours.
Lots of Calais’ specialities are eaten as snacks. Grab a welsh rarebit, for example. Wash it down with a local beer such as Les Bourgeoises de Calais. You can enjoy your meal quite cheaply if you go to a café bar near Rue Royale. For gourmet picnics, we recommend you buy some delicious regional cheeses such as the intensely flavoured maroilles, rollot (which sometimes comes in a heart shape) or sablé de Wissant (a cheese refined in beer). As for dessert, you simply have to try a calais: you will adore this almond cake filled with coffee-flavoured cream. You’ll find them in every one of the town’s bakeries and pâtisseries.

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