Stand out in style with meetings in Poitiers

Stand out in style with meetings in Poitiers

Poitiers is a French City of Art and History, but also has its fair share of contemporary, futuristic buildings. Sample this diversity for yourself and host a meeting in some off-beat spaces. A large collection of different hotels makes bringing your colleagues together as easy as can be. There are 10 ibis hotels here, including one designer hotel.

Innovative meetings in the heart of Poitiers
If you're seeking to convince your colleagues to consider new markets, Poitiers is the perfect place to get talking. The city centre boasts traces of an array of different eras, from the Middle Ages to the present day. Get one step ahead of the competition and bring your partners together in the Carré Bleu room: the façade here is evocative of some of Le Corbusier's designs. Hold your financial partners' interest by introducing them to the ancient Benedictine abbey, now a venue for contemporary art exhibitions. Get everyone on board at the Théâtre Auditorium, featuring geometric, futuristic lines dreamt up by Portuguese architect Carrilho da Graça.
Designer spaces for your corporate events
It's said that art boosts productivity in the work place. Test the theory for yourself with a quirky meeting room in Poitiers. Renowned for its venues in which works of art by emerging artists are displayed, the Galerie Louise Michel lets you combine aesthetics and business. The same applies to the ibis Styles in Poitiers, where the rooms truly stand out from the crowd thanks to their inspiring and original frescos. The hotel welcomes you in to its two modular rooms where both the layout and design can be reworked to suit you: the perfect opportunity to put your company's stamp on the event in a striking, elegant and memorable way.
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