Sightseeing and sunbathing all in one at the foot of the Mont Blanc

Sightseeing and sunbathing all in one at the foot of the Mont Blanc

Enjoy the beauty of the old town
Set in an outstanding natural landscape, Geneva is the leading tourism destination in Switzerland. It is a vibrant, attractive city that you’ll be able to discover at an affordable cost.
Lake Geneva, the city’s iconic feature
Wandering the streets of Geneva’s Old town, discover the many historical treasures that the city displays on every corner. Among the most renowned are the Saint-Pierre Cathedral and the Reformation Wall - erected in tribute to the great leaders of the Reformation. Entry to permanent collections in all 14 of Geneva’s municipal museums is free of charge all year round. Go and visit the Olympic Museum, the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum or the MEG - Geneva Ethnography Museum with its extraordinary collection covering more than 1,500 different cultures. The United Nations headquarters is also one of Geneva’s foremost attractions and cannot be missed.
At the Bain des Pâquis, the city’s famous bathing area on the western shore of Lake Geneva, you’ll be able to swim all year round for an affordable fee. A hammam, sauna and Turquish bath are also at your disposal. Once relaxed and refuelled, go explore the Pâquis area, the most cosmopolitan and popular part of town. To enjoy a quick lunch on a sunny terrace, The Buvette bistro or the Paradis terrace, on the Turrettini quay, are the perfect places. Then treat yourself to a lovely cruise on board the picturesque “Mouettes”, yellow taxi shuttle boats operating on the lake. With the “Geneva Transport Card”, which will be handed to you at reception, you’ll enjoy free public transport in the city. And you will be able to compose your itinerary using the free WiFi internet connection of your hotel.

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