Bruges: the city of romance and chocolate

Bruges: the city of romance and chocolate

Wonder where the most romantic spots are in Bruges? Curious to try the best chocolate in the city? Read on for inspirational tips in the ever-impressive Bruges.

The historic centre of Bruges is well preserved and emanates a unique medieval ambience. Furthermore, located in West Flanders, the city is also known for being one of the most romantic in the world. Its reputation for chocolate is both historic and outstanding. Combine the two and double the pleasure during your city trip!
Enchantment on the Markt
The look and feel of Bruges is reminiscent of a fairy tale. Built in the 13th century, the Belfry for example remains one of the city’s most valued constructions to this day. The Belfry is found in the ever-pleasant market square of Bruges: de Markt. From the Markt, head for a classic yet intimate carriage ride to the Begijnhof.
Natural beauty in the Begijnhof
The Begijnhof is both captivating and tranquil. To this day, the court is inhabited and maintained by nuns of the Order of Saint Benedict. Make the Begijnhof your starting point when discovering the winding streets and alleys of Bruges.
Bruges: the Venice of the north
"The canals, or reien, of Bruges are highly recommended to see as well. Waterways meander through the city centre, exposing the best spots that are otherwise hidden. The characteristic canals of Bruges lend it the nickname ‘Venice of the North’. Chances are that you’ll encounter some of the numerous swans that inhabit the channels. Legend has it that swans have remained in Bruges since the 15th century as a reminder of the rebellion against Maximilian of Austria. Consider a romantic stroll over the old city wall, or ‘Brugse Vesten’, if you’d rather steer clear of the city. The route along the parapet includes idyllic parks, bridges and old city gates."
Chocolate galore
Nothing tops off a romantic getaway than a generous portion of tantalizing chocolate. Bruges is known as the city for chocolate, boasting over 50 chocolatiers who still create treats in a time-honoured way. Be sure to pay one a visit and indulge yourself after a romantic walk downtown. In line with city legend, try the Brugsche Swaentjes, a titbit named after the plentiful amount of swans found in Bruges. Visit the ‘Spegelaere Chocolaterie’ on the Ezelstraat 94 for Brugsche Swaentjes and Brugse Kasseien. Head to ‘The Old Chocolate House’ on the Mariastraat 1 for sultry chocolate milk that will leave you thirsting for more.
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