Retrace the steps of Erasmus in Basel, the Swiss cultural capital

Retrace the steps of Erasmus in Basel, the Swiss cultural capital

Popular things to do and see in Basel
The streets of Basel historical centre are largely car-free, which makes it very enjoyable to wander about. Due to the city’s dimensions, you can easily go all over on foot. To explore further, taking public transport won’t cost you anything with the Mobility Ticket- it allows you to take any public transport for free during the entire duration of your stay. It is a great opportunity to discover the unique architectural heritage of Basel where medieval half-timbered houses juxtapose contemporary buildings designed by renowned architects. Famous ghosts haunt the streets of Basel. Walk in the footsteps of Erasmus towards the Cathedral of Notre Dame, which houses the tomb of the philosopher. The building itself is a real gem, with its red sandstone facade and its combination of Romanesque and Gothic architectural elements.
On sale at the Tourist Office, the "Basel Card" allows you to enjoy significant reductions in many museums, restaurants and shops, with the added bonus of a tour of the city, entrance to the zoo and participation the "City Treasure Hunt" for free. The treasure hunt is a fun way to learn more about the history of Basel and access its secret corners and hidden gems. With free WiFi in your hotel, you’ll be able to check online for the list of places and attractions covered by the "Basel Card " and inquire about timetables. Finally, this card also allows you to free crossing of the river by ferry. The view of the city from the lake has no equal!

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