Market shopping in Rotterdam

Market shopping in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is known far and wide for its rich history in trade. Find good buys, great bargains and mouth-watering goodies in the markets of Rotterdam! Come to know why Rotterdam’s markets are unlike any other.

Rotterdam is a city founded on trade and is still regarded as the most important harbour in Europe today. Goods from all over the world travel through Rotterdam’s port. Some continue their journey onwards and some end up being traded on the market! A smart way to spend less while in Rotterdam. Almost every district has its own market with an array of different and affordable specialities. From antiques to exotic fruit and everything in between: you name it, the Rotterdam markets have it!
Did you know...
  • ...that there is a market open every day of the week in Rotterdam except for Monday? Affordable items are ready for the picking in one of the 14 markets practically every single day!
  • on the Binnenrotte (over 400 stalls) and Afrikaanderplein (over 300 stalls) make up some of the biggest markets in The Netherlands?
  • ...that you can purchase everyday products at very low prices in neighbourhood markets? Everything from make-up on sale, to fruit, to delicacies from overseas.
  • ...(fresh) produce is at its cheapest towards the end of the day? Vendors slash prices to clear everything out before they call it a day.
The cheapest markets of Rotterdam
A multicultural neighbourhood market is found on the Visserijplein in Rotterdam-West twice a week. On Thursdays and Saturdays, a wide assortment of products is sold here at discount prices. An ‘unwritten’ rule states that vendors shouldn’t sell similar products, resulting in an extremely diverse amount of goods! Another price-friendly market is found in the district of Ommoord on Wednesdays. Smaller compared to that on the Visserijplein, it does however have a vast selection of produce. It stands out as a very amicable market thanks to its chatty crowd and social atmosphere. Both are relatively cheaper given their location further away from the city centre. Free parking is available at the Ommoord.
The biggest markets of Rotterdam
The grand Binnenrotte market is open on Tuesdays and Saturdays in the city centre of Rotterdam. Ideal in part due to its convenient location close to the shopping district and the indoor market in the Markthal. Friendly vendors and an organ player create an easy and enjoyable vibe. Whether you need daily groceries, fresh fish, plants, clothing or accessories, find it all at the Binnenrotte! There is even a second hand section offering affordable items and antiques. Tasty bites like roti and stroopwafels are available on the Blaak side of the market. Head to the other end for clothing and second hand stalls.
The smallest markets of Rotterdam
Looking for that something special? For the collectors among you, Wijde Kerkstraat has a (comic) book market on Tuesdays and Saturdays. This small market is comprised of just a few stalls yet is big on offer. Ample opportunity to rummage around cardboard boxes, mingle and share your hobby with other collectors. Also check out the rare stamp and coin market on the Nieuwemarkt just around the corner!
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