Low cost weekend in Paris: a guide to the must-see visits

Low cost weekend in Paris: a guide to the must-see visits

From the top of Notre-Dame de Paris
During your low cost weekend in Paris, a hotel in the heart of the Capital lets you make the most of the city’s attractions. Whether they are near the Eiffel tower, the Grands Boulevards of the Bastille, Ibis hotels are there to provide you with hassle-free accommodation near the places you visit.
An outing on the Champs-Elysées
Famous for its gargoyles and the hunchback dreamt up by Victor Hugo, the cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris is the country’s most visited monument. The building is a masterpiece of Gothic architecture with its rose windows and lace-work towers. Visitors can climb them for a better view of the steeple and the rooftops of Paris, and can also tour the archaeology crypt to view its remains from the antique period.
You can’t visit Paris without taking a walk down the loveliest avenue in the world. Between the Concorde and the Arch of Triumph, shops, restaurants and mythical venues like the Lido and Fouquet’s follow close on each other’s heels. The Champs-Elysées is alive and bustling for shopping and outings day and night. Visit the nearby Grand Palais and its glass and metal nave, or enjoy the collections at the Beaux-Arts museum in the Petit Palais.

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