Low cost weekend in Nantes: take a guided tour through the harbour town

Low cost weekend in Nantes: take a guided tour through the harbour town

Relaxing in the botanical gardens
Whether you choose an Ibis hotel in the city centre or near the station, your low cost weekend in Nantes will be an opportunity to easily explore the city and its treasures from north to south. Follow the guide!
Talking a walk through the city centre
The botanical gardens are home to tropical plants and flowers from around the globe and are a place where visitors can relax during their low cost stay in Nantes. Its greenhouses shelter precious botanical collections and are free to visit.
Along the banks of the Loire
The city’s historical heart beats near the Bouffay quarter, dating to medieval times. The narrow streets bordered by antique buildings are definitely worth seeing. The more recently developed Graslin quarter is where it’s all happening (theatre, opera, shopping, etc.), with the Place Royale, the elegant Passage Pommeraye, and more.
Before reaching the Île de Nantes, the Memorial to the abolition of slavery on the banks of the Loire invites reflection on the history of this old French slave trading town. Prepare to be amazed by the astonishing creatures at Machines de l’île, a universe inhabited by mechanical giants and strange constructions, for the greatest enjoyment of old and young alike.

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