Low cost weekend in Montreuil: a town built on a human scale

Low cost weekend in Montreuil: a town built on a human scale

The walled orchard green spot
For a different way to explore the Paris region, choose a low cost weekend in Montreuil. There’s an Ibis hotel in the town centre plus two others on the edges of Paris. Located right next to convenient public transport, these hotels are highly practical for visiting the hidden treasures of this one-time worker’s town.
A low cost weekend in Montreuil can also be synonymous with a nature experience. The town has been renowned for its murs à pêches, its own special kind of orchard where the fruit ripens against sunlit walls, for a long, long time. A few of these orchards have been preserved in the Saint-Antoine quarter near the town centre and are open to visitors. Don’t hesitate to continue your walk through the nearby Parc des Beaumonts, which offers a beautiful panorama of Paris and the Bois de Vincennes.

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