Low cost weekend in Metz in imperial Lorraine

Low cost weekend in Metz in imperial Lorraine

Avenue Foch
Explore one of Lorraine’s most beautiful treasures, namely its capital - Metz. Spend a low cost weekend in Metz, a city to be discovered on foot. Follow our advice and visit the five must-see places located just a few metres from your hotel.
The former hôtel des arts et métiers
This charming avenue provides a pleasant walkway between the old town and the imperial quarter. Villas from the early 20th century are the standing witnesses of the styles in fashion at the time. The neo-classical, the neo-Renaissance and the neo-baroque styles are expressed in the villas Bleyler, Linden and Lentz.
A break in the leafy shade
During your walk, stop in front of the maison des corporations, which gives onto avenue Foch. This superb pink sandstone building was built between 1907 and 1909 in a neo-Renaissance style. It used to house the trade court and the labour court.
Make your low cost weekend in Metz even more enjoyable by taking a walk in the botanical gardens. The 4 hectares of this landscaped park include rose gardens, endemic species, and water features. The hothouses, created especially for the 1861 Universal Exhibition, and the Frescatelly pavilion are really worth the detour.

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