Low cost hotel on the Colline du Château in Nice: explore the heart of the city

Low cost hotel on the Colline du Château in Nice: explore the heart of the city

A park on the ruins of the old castle
If you’d like to explore the city’s history and enjoy its outstanding scenery during your stay in Nice, the Colline du Château is the place to be. The Ibis hotel in the Vieux Port district at the foot of the hill is your ideal home base.
Outstanding viewpoints
The hill overlooking the bay of Nice now features a lovely park, but for seven hundred years, from the 11th to the 18th century, a fortified castle stood there, outlining the citadel’s silhouette. After resisting many sieges, it was finally destroyed in 1706 by order of Louis XIV. The pathways and gardens on the hill were laid out during the 19th century. From your low cost hotel near the Colline du Château in Nice, you have easy access to Place Garibaldi near the Vieux Port, or you can take the stairway near the Quai des Etats-Unis. Because the climb is fairly steep, a lift is also at your disposal.
The parkland on the Colline du Château are a favourite venue of locals and tourists seeking the shade of the tall trees and vast open walking areas. A waterfall built on the ruins of an ancient tower provides a little relief from the summer sun. The site’s main attraction are the splendid panoramas it provides. From the hilltop terrace, you can admire the harbour and the whole city. Near the stairways on the Bellanda tower, a viewing terrace opens out over the Baie des Anges and the rooftops of Nice, with the hillsides encircling the town as a backdrop.
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