Low cost hotel in Montreuil: things to discover just outside Paris

Low cost hotel in Montreuil: things to discover just outside Paris

The church of Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul, home of kings
Looking for a place to stay near Montreuil? Three Ibis hotels are ideally located for visiting this town and its closely-guarded heritage. One of them is located in the very heart of the town in the City Hall area while the other two are situated just outside Montreuil, near Paris.
Discovering Montreuil’s past
Make the most of a stopover at your low cost hotel in Montreuil to visit one of the oldest religious buildings in Ile-de-France: the church of Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul. The church stands in the town’s historical quarter and dates back to the Middle Ages, as illustrated by its steeple and choir. At this time, French kings would come and worship at this church and Charles V was even christened there. The church has experienced many transformations through the centuries, including the construction of the great nave in the 15th century, which gives it the interesting aspect of an architectural record.
A glimpse of Montreuil’s history portrayed by artists is on display in the Town Hall. The building hosts a dozen works of renowned painters such as Paul Signac and Claude Charles Bourgonnier. The latter’s painting “Montreuil aux pêches” shows the famous orchards that have been the pride of the town since the 14th century thanks to their abundant fruit production. A few of these orchards remain and are now open to visitors. Other discoveries await you in Montreuil, including some from its movie-making past like the old Pathé studios which flourished during the early 20th century. The building and its glass roof are now listed historical monuments. Now called Espace Albatros, the venue pursues its cultural role by hosting resident artists.

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