Low cost holidays in Montreuil: a modern town with a history

Low cost holidays in Montreuil: a modern town with a history

Listed religious heritage
A stay in Montreuil is a low cost way to explore the eastern suburbs of Paris. One of the town’s advantages is its location right next to the French capital, while offering an environment on a human scale plus a wealth of visiting opportunities. Three Ibis hotels await you for your low cost holidays in Montreuil.
Great low cost visiting ideas
The town of Montreuil owes its name to a small monastery, or monasteriolum in Latin, that had stood on the site since the Merovingian period. The church of Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul now stands in its place, and is a listed historical monument. Its construction began in the early 12th century and continued through the centuries. Visiting it is a trip through the ages of religious architecture: essentially Gothic in design, the choir and the steeple date to the Middle Ages, while the nave was added in the 15th century and the Sainte-Geneviève chapel in the 19th century.
Enjoying a leisurely walk in search of remains of its rich industrial past is a great activity idea for low cost holidays in Montreuil. In Bas-Montreuil, old factories now house artist’s workshops, while factories like the Pernod or Chapal plants stand witness to flourishing 19th century business. The town was also a movie-making hotspot and was home to some of the first film studios. The old Pathé Albatros studio, where masterpieces of the silent film industry were shot, is now one of Montreuil’s key artistic attractions. What’s even more astonishing is that there are still orchards to discover in the Saint-Antoine quarter. Some of the peach orchards that once supplied the kingly tables from the 14th century onwards have been preserved and provide a pleasant scene for a walk.

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