Live life in the sun during a cheap holiday in Besançon

Live life in the sun during a cheap holiday in Besançon

Visit Besançon on a trip up the River Doubs
You can live life at your own pace in Besançon, a lush green town known for its friendly atmosphere. Stay at a hotel in the town centre for instant access to the old town and its river. We recommend the ibis Besançon Centre Ville hotel for its ideal location and cheap prices.
The picturesque old town
Fancy a trip up the leafy banks of the River Doubs? Cycling is the perfect way to cover this 20km stretch. You can get to the Promenade Chamars in just a few minutes from your hotel. The plane trees that line the river are some of France’s tallest. Then you might head for the citadel. It won’t be long before you spot the entrance to the river tunnel that goes under the hill. Follow it to get back to the Doubs at the top of the Chardonnet bridge. You’ll get a lovely view of the river which cradles the town in one of its meanders. Once you’re at the Saint-Paul windmill river base, you can take a break and admire the boats moored there.
At the end of La Grande Rue, Saint-Jean cathedral will surprise you with its rich architectural heritage which is both Roman and Baroque. Admire the frescos and gilding of its apse and see if you can spot the astronomical clock beside a painting of the Virgin Mary. If you wait a while, you’ll see the clock’s automata come to life. They depict scenes from Christ’s resurrection. Continue your walk down past the ancient homes and gorgeous window displays of Rue des Granges. You won’t regret stepping inside one of the pâtisseries - a local Comte brioche or salinois aux pommes apple cake will add an extra touch of deliciousness to your holiday in Besançon without hurting your budget.

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