Let your heart melt for Neuchâtel, a city carved into a slab of butter...

Let your heart melt for Neuchâtel, a city carved into a slab of butter...

Exploring the old town
At the heart of the Jura, Neuchâtel invites you to discover its rich cultural and architectural past. It is a city quite accessible on foot or bicycle, where you can have fun on a low budget.
Activities around the lake
Soak up the sweet atmosphere of the city admiring the street facades of yellow stones that inspired Alexander Dumas to declare the city was cut from a slab of butter. To the delight of tourists, the town has set up "Neuchâtelroule" bicycle-renting stations in various locations. Among the must-see attractions: the Place des Halles, with its old trading hall of the sixteenth century and the beautiful collegiate church of the twelfth century. For a journey back in time, enjoy free tours of the medieval castle of Neuchâtel, which adjoins the church. At lunchtime, go to the Port of Saint-Blaise, with its cheap and cheerful bistros. Or set up a picnic in a garden and indulge a sweet tooth at Antica Gelateria Fiorentina, the popular local ice cream parlour.
Lake Neuchâtel is the largest lake set exclusively in Switzerland. It offers plenty of activities and tours that will appeal to all. In summer, you won’t be able to resist a swim in its crystalline waters. For a unique experience, take the path that leads from Hauterive to the pretty pebble beach of Saint-Blaise, nestled in an unspoiled natural setting. With the "Jura -Pass" which will be provided upon arrival at your hotel, you will have free access to all public transport in the tourist area of the Canton - a perfect opportunity to go explore the charming towns surrounding Neuchâtel. With free Wifi access in your hotel, you will be able to create your itinerary as you wish.

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