Leave all your cares behind when you stay a cheap hotel in Bordeaux’s historic district

Leave all your cares behind when you stay a cheap hotel in Bordeaux’s historic district

Walk the cobbled streets of old Bordeaux
Bordeaux’s historic centre is worth the trip alone. Take the smart option of booking a cheap hotel in old Bordeaux. The ibis hotels recommended by our teams are great if you’d like to manage your budget but still stay close to the city’s main sites and historic monuments.
Stroll through a UNESCO World Heritage site
It’s easy to find your way in the historic centre: just look out for the bell towers on top of the roofs. Have you spotted a particularly needle-like steeple? It belongs to Saint-Michel basilica which overlooks the street lamps of the Place Meynard. Can you see a white steeple? That is in fact Saint-André cathedral’s detached bell tower. Climb the 300 steps for views of the old town from this construction now known as Pey-Berland tower. You might also like to explore secret little backstreets like the Rue des Bahutiers or the Rue du Chai-des-Farines And be sure to make a detour via the lively Rue du Parlement-Saint-Pierre which is packed full of little restaurants and cafés.
When you see the mirror pool in the Place de la Bourse, you’ll hardly be able to resist stepping onto it. And you can – the mist that rises off it in the sunlight is refreshing in hot weather. Here you are at the Port de la Lune, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Place de la Bourse leads to the Quais de la Garonne. You are sure to admire the beautiful classical architecture that harmonises all the area’s buildings. Not far from there is the Porte Cailhau gateway. Head there for a glimpse of Renaissance Bordeaux. Discover a corner of medieval Bordeaux at the Grosse Cloche. This is a former gateway topped by a belfry. In olden times, the bell rang out to mark the start of the harvest.
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